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  1. Hi All, I was looking for an overview of the crate capacities of all vehicles in Arma 3 but I only found this list related to Arma 2 which has a complete overview of the carrying capacities of all vehicles, crates and backpacks for Arma 2. Does anybody know if there is a similar list available for Arma 3? I am specifically looking for Vehicle crate capacities. Many thanks, BDZ
  2. Hi all, I want to use the AISS2 scripts in a scenario but there are no explanations or tutorials on using them. Do I only need to call one of the scripts which will call all the other ones? Please help if you have used the scripts before! Thanks, Bo
  3. Hi, I have installed the AISS 2 mod, and I think it is amazing! However, while in play the player is now being assigned "random" tasks by the game. This messes with the scenarios etc. How do I turn this off in AISS? Thanks! BZ
  4. GREAT SCRIPT! Question: Arma 3 automatically opens the AI parachutes at about 250m. Does anybody know how to force the AI to open their chute at a lower elevation? I tried it by editing the fn_halo script to: if (!isPlayer _unit) then { [_unit,_autoOpen] spawn { private ["_unit","_autoOpen"]; _unit = _this select 0; _autoOpen = _this select 1; if (_autoOpen) then { waitUntil {(getPos _unit select 2) < 150 || animationState _unit == "para_pilot" && alive _unit}; _unit action ["OpenParachute", _unit]; //open parachute if 150m above ground }; waitUntil {animationState _unit == "para_pilot"}; }; }; I was hoping this would force the AI to auto open their chutes at 150m but Arma opens them already at a higher elevation.
  5. BoldWin

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    @gienkov That worked! (It takes them a while though... and they tend to crash at some point during the engagement) Thanks alot. I only tested this with OPFOR for now. It only works effectively when the attack helicopter reinforcement unit is already in the chopper (New Unit --> OPFOR --> Air --> Kajman). I found that if you put down an empty Kajman and two pilots (grouped, one higher rank than the other and with the UPSMON reinforcement code in the highest rank, etc...), they will eventually board the chopper and fly to the marker area calling for reinforcement but will want to land in that area somewhere first before engaging the enemy. The AI pilots are the worst! They have a tendency to crash expensive military hardware! @Grumpy Thanks but I wasn't looking for a paradrop... I don't think that works for Arma 3? But I will test the air cavalry in UPSMON as well though!
  6. BoldWin

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    I can't get the reinforcement to work for a helicopter complete with crew, and two pilots and an empty helicopter. The reinforcement just move to the upsmon marker area as soon as the mission starts without being called. I tried using nowp and nomove but then they just stand there eventhough they are called repeatedly. Also tried putting the "nowp" or "nomove" before, and after the "reinforcement" call in the code. Has anybody got this to work?
  7. This is really sad... Has anybody got this to work on Stratis? When I copy everything to the Stratis map something goes wrong and I cannot preview it.
  8. Great script!!! One slight issue: attaching it the bottom of a boat is very tricky. The placement area is very small and it takes alot of time moving around to find it. Anyway of improving this? Thanks :-)
  9. TPW, Thanks a bunch. I figured it out last night. (Yes I admit I'm addicted) Ofcourse its in tpwfall.... daaa.... Yes I used the scripts and edited out the freefall sound. :-D
  10. TPW, no worries! I got it to work but without your mod running. Add this to the description.ext: class CfgMusic { tracks[]={}; class intro { name = ""; sound[] = {\music\intro.ogg, db+5, 1.0}; }; }; Then add a trigger, make it large, ie 500 x 500, so the player unit won't leave it while free falling: On ACT: 5 fademusic 1; playmusic "intro"; ON DEA: 5 fademusic 0; Save the trigger, group the player unit with it. Then open the trigger again and: Type: None Activation: Any Group Member, Once Voila! Like I said this does not work with your mod running. Once your freefall sound starts up it cuts out the music file. Question: where in your mod can I deactivate the freefall sound? Thanks
  11. TPW, This is one of the best mods out there, in my view. Thanks a bunch for your hard work! I'm making a mission where music plays at the start, but once in freefall I think your mod's freefall sound overrides my music track. Is there any way to work around this? Thanks, BZ
  12. Hi, great addon! ... But with me some of the rifleman options appear in their underwear! Has anybody else had this?
  13. I love this app! Makes commanding a lot easier. I don't know if this has been covered already. But it would be great if you could add the heal command when a medic is selected. For instance if unit #2 is the medic and unit #3 is injured: "2 heal 3" Now you still have to select the medic, point at the unit that is injured and select 1. Treat ...........