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    if i wanted to have calls for different kill houses to pop up targets could i radio instead of to alpha radio bravo?
  2. i uploaded some mods to my server for my milsim unit and added the mods to the command line to get them to enable but when i restart the server the server fails to start. the only mod that works is CBA_A3 and when i disalble the mods the server works and anyone help me debug this ?
  3. I have a arma 3 Tactical Realism Server and my public mission works just fine and gets called perfect but when i try and call my training missions or operation mission the server doesn't even call the mission and in the server browser the server just says creating and arma 3. there is no mission name and no coop identifier does anyone know what this could be and i also tried adding a description.ext file and that worked but then stopped working and I've checked and the server has no mod dependencies does anyone know what the problem could be?
  4. jacob1

    Server can't load map

    i am having the same issue on my server how did you fix this issue because when i put the mission in the file browser and call the file view the server config file it dosent properly load the mission and just says creating in the server browser
  5. Hello, on one of the dedicated servers i rent and run i was having issues with the server crashing so i created a whole new mission with new scripts and that fixed the crashing issue until my friend whos in my milsim unit joins the server then out of nowhere the server will crash and force disconnect would anyone know what is happening ?
  6. Hello, I am Captain Tavcar of the 34th infantry TRU i would like to let everyone know that the 34th infantry TRU is now recruiting. if you are interested in a Arma 3 mil sim unit with extensive knowledge, intelligent and friendly staff and looking for tons of fun come see us on our team speak and steam page Teamspeak: Ts67.light-speed.com:3600 Steam Page:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/34THIDTRU
  7. How do i take off the spawning of random enemies all over the map?
  8. I run a Patrol ops nato server and after three missions the games server resets and says mission complete is there any way to stop this from happening like setting the mission numbers higher so this dosent happen?