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  1. Hi poeple, I having trouble with a script that I know that have worked but i don't remember how it works By that script i want to be able to switch between two version of a weapon the M1903A1 from NIArms the scoped and unscoped version I know that it works because i tested it before but meanwhile i unistall arma 3 to free some space on my hard disk and some headhache with the editor here is the script _unit = _this select 1; if ("start" in _this) exitWith { Scope = true; _unit addAction ["Mount scope", "sight.sqf", [], 1, false, true, "", "_target == _this and !Scope"]; _unit addAction ["Dismount scope", "sight.sqf", [], 1, false, true, "", "_target == _this and !Scope"]; }; if (Scope) then { _unit removeWeapon "hlc_rifle_M1903A1_unertl"; _unit addWeapon "hlc_rifle_M1903A1"; _unit addmagazines ["hlc_5rnd_3006_1903",1]; Scope = false; } else { _unit removeWeapon "hlc_rifle_M1903A1"; _unit addweapon "hlc_rifle_M1903A1_unertl"; _unit addmagazines ["hlc_5rnd_3006_1903",1]; Scope = True; }; _unit selectWeapon (primaryWeapon _unit); i put this in the init of the playable unit : [_unit] execVm "sight.sqf" I give the name "scope" to the rifle that it will picked up to be used by player, but when i'm testing the mission it's saying me "error if : type Object expected bool" at line 8 of my script please help me, it's an important part for the beginning of my scenario
  2. ld-silverhawks


    Hi, It's a very nice mod :) great work :D I wish to know if you've got a command that i could put in the init box of the police unit to make them holster their pistol thanks
  3. I think that it can be a great addon but I've a problem: my computer don't find the hpp files but i got it. I don't understand it. did someone can help me please?
  4. ld-silverhawks

    FHQ Accessories pack

    Hi, I love it, its great to customize the Arma III with this Accessorie :). Do you plan to add some russian optic or scope like the Kobra EKP 18 or the PK-A? ---------- Post added at 18:17 ---------- Previous post was at 18:16 ---------- I think it's better to use scripting in the Arma III editor with the function " this addprimaryweaponitem "name of the accessory". you will be sure to have the scope mounted on your gun. :)
  5. ld-silverhawks

    Boeing/SOAR MH-47E ArmA III

    Hi, It's a nice mod, with a lot of functionalities, in particularly the radio coms ;) great job konyo in the display picture which are in the zip, we can see guys on a rope and a boat carried by the helo, it's pretty cool :) how can I do the same thing?
  6. ld-silverhawks

    benelli m4 super 90 pack by Purple

    your mod look like nice but I don't find where I can have the shotgun it the editor -_-', can you tell me where is it? thanks :)