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  1. Hi, ive been searching for about two hours but I can't seem to understand how to do it. I am trying to activate some module only after some time when the mission has begun. I know that the Sleep function doen't work in the editior. So what I did is put a trigger to execute an sqf file but I cant write it correctly. If someone would be kind enough to help me; i have three module that I want to put to "sleep" for 120 second named "module1" "module2" "module3". Thanks!!
  2. Hi I am trying some stuff with the Alive mod. My problem is to create the BLUFOR_TAOR wich is a marker but not in the editor directly, but rather in game at the beginning upon the player choice of location. I have tired many time, but I am not that good with scripting. So i need to create a marker with a elipse shape with a specific name and get an object location. Can somebody help me? Thx
  3. thank you! I knew i've missed something, way t much stuff to look around in the cfgviewer. Thanks alot!
  4. For each unit I am searching, officer, rifleman etc, or is it available somewhere in the configviewer? Maybe ive missed something.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to edit the DUWS mission, so that it can be playable with the Canadian Forces, does somebody have a hint on where do I find the classname for CAF? Thank you!
  6. Is it possible to place down in the editor some military buildings and then ( I think ) with some gamelogic of some sort make the MP module recognize this location? Thanks!