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  1. I've had similar issues but it might be the combination of mods and not so much ALIVE spawning the units. I've just had a rough time getting anything to properly load up on the LHD and Nimitz. (Even things like tanks and vehicles just for ambiance.)
  2. I have some what of a little request. Can you please have the AI transport pilots turn off their collision lights while they are on a mission. Numerous times the AI has shot blackhawks out of the air because the AI leaves the lights on. CAS seems to do this just fine but that helo you want to pick you up in well nope it is an bullet magnet. Just a small thing...
  3. Place a marker down on the map and label it respawn_west . I have had this happen many times when you will just respawn on your body. I found its because i did not have a respawn point set. If you place that marker down in the editor you will spawn on that marker whenever your killed.
  4. I actually have used that before as well. With AISS though anything spawned in after mission start will fall under its control. So even if you use the CAS from it performs the first pass great but after that AISS has complete control and it no longer functions. I do agree on the CAS though it is a much more realistic system. I don't think it will conflict with ALIVE but I know AISS will. I really hope you continue working with the AI though mikey. (Even if not in AISS.) You definitely have a way with the combined arms aspect of combat.
  5. Not complaining at all I also like to live through missions most of the time. Unless that is i specifically design a mission as a Kobayashi Maru. I was just thinking that from a realism perspective that's what people wanna do is eliminate the enemy usually with everything at their disposal. Personally if you don't wanna get artillery dropped on your head don't put it in the mission. But honestly that's just my personal preference and how I would work on mission design. Also sound tactical decisions on the battlefield that would prevent or allow you to engage the artillery before you get it dropped on your head. I dunno just rambling. I like Red armys suggestion. If its too much not a problem oh well. But I'm gonna see if I can't get the alive modules to function. That right now is the only major downfall of AISS that I could see, losing control over spawned in units for things like CAS and transport. Wish i could code but even basic configs are about all I can do atm.
  6. The Alive module does spawn the units. However you are not directly syncing the AISSExclude to the units themselves just the module. I have tried it and even though you do sync it the unit still is under AISS' control.(Its spawned in after the server loads.) I will try this again tonight to see if I can get it to exclude the ALIVE combat support. I have tested AISS with ASR AI 3 on a dedicated server and it seemed to workout pretty well. Units spawned in with either Zues or MCC tend to go right under AISS control. Its pretty nice if you don't have the time to setup ALIVE to run a full mission. Only problem I've encountered is that there is no way to exclude units you spawn in with Zues or MCC (if you want them to be player controlled) or those under the ALIVE combat support. It functions a lot like MCCs GAIA does but I think AISS responds quicker with more firepower. But from what I've tested it works fairly nicely. I haven't gotten artillery dropped on my head as much as I would have like to see but its still pretty good. (I always find it funny that the AI doesn't try to obliterate the other side with as much firepower as they can bring to bear. From what I've seen AISS does this with air support but for whatever reason artillery just takes a back seat. Maybe I'm not placing enough.)
  7. Raytesh

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    I dunno about 1 body being very quiet but maybe its the specific sound used. But one body with flies would be normally pretty quiet depending on how long the body has been there. And it definitely shouldnt be audible over the sound of gunfire and explosions. Unless your laying on the body. :butbut: I think it might be just the specific sound used. It sounds more like horseflies than the types of flies which typically lay their eggs on decaying animals. But that's just my perspecitive on the flies.
  8. Make sure you have the userconfig setup for @L_ES. (Drag it out of the @L_ES into your ARMA 3 directory.) I'm pretty sure this happened to me when I accidentally cleared my userconfig and forgot to reinstall the userconfig for this and tried to play the game with it on. It will most definitely crash once you start a mission without the the userconfig.
  9. Raytesh

    VCOM AI Driving Mod

    Next is to fix the way pilots fly! If you can do this with the way AI drive I could only imagine what you could do with pilots in a CAS/transport mod. Its brilliant, if it hasn't been said enough. Edit: TBH i think the infantry AI needs to learn to say away from a moving vehicle more so than you fixing the driving AI from running over people.
  10. Very nice. I forgot that arma already has the speed of sound built into it. Either way I'm looking forward to hearing myself get shot at. :)
  11. Raytesh

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    BP is there a way u can turn down or remove the flies noise from recently dead people. It is just really loud if you start getting a few bodies pulled up on top of each other. It really starts to sound more like a hornets nest than flies. If it's in there for reasons like breaking point then I'll survive. Just was wondering as its probably the most noticeably out of place sound for me atm.
  12. Raytesh

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    The AGM mod is what allows the Javelin to use top down attack mode as its an AGM feature. They just made it compatible with that feature.
  13. I have looked so far in the editor and in game but is there a way to turn the medical system off?? From what I can tell it is always running. I second this. Go play the game.
  14. Raytesh

    VCOM AI Driving Mod

    I think my problem might be related to RHS and alive and this mod. Once again I'm still trying to figure out what causes it. Its bad because it feels like the AI pilots are constantly back peddling and rubber banding back and forth like 1/2 seconds at a time. (If it wasn't for this the flight would be flawless. I also saw AI drivers do the same thing.) I will solve this problem and figure out whats causing it! I doubt very much its this mod but something of something in my mod list. Just wondering if it was happening to anyone else. ---------- Post added at 23:07 ---------- Previous post was at 23:03 ---------- Anything that makes the AI better and functions with spawned in units from MCC or Zues makes the game infinitely better in my opinion. There are so many behaviors that need to be addressed to make things flow smoothly. Especially in the realm of AI combat support for those of us without large groups of people to fill the CAS or transport roll. But that's just my opinion. :)
  15. Raytesh

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Woo! What all did you patch/change?