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  1. x hunter33

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Donating them? Youre funny lol
  2. Youve gotta be fucking kidding me... Are you really going to waste months of effort, lose your entire fanbase and disapoint the whole community over a disagreement???
  3. Id like to possibly submit a vehicle suggestion. Appart from the pelican, one of my favorite UNSC air vehicles is the D96-TCE Albatross. I always loved this vehicles just because of how unconventionnal it looks and in my opinion it would be a great asset to your mod. It can hold up to 4 M12 FAVs or two of them and a single scorpion (placed sideways), or simply a shitload of troops and supplies. It can even act as a mobile command post though i dont know how that would apply in game, maybe a mobile VAS? I found this model while browsing for pictures, its the extracted model from the Halo 2 map Relic. Of course as you already mentionned you cant use copyrighted material but it sure can serve as an excellent reference: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=5481 It is indeed a fairly low poly model, 1564 to be precise, but im sure it would be useful.
  4. Congrats on release. I must say i am extremely pleased with this mod so far and im happy you changed the pelican's handling but i think it now rolls, pitches and rotates too quickly. Could you maybe try it halfway in between the two? Edit: I flew around a bit more and the pitch is fine, rotation is definetly too fast and roll is slightly off, a bit too sensitive for my liking in my opinion.
  5. x hunter33

    Sukhoi Su-34

    How about the BF2 skin for the SU34? Its fairly similar to those of Opfor. The only thing would be to change the camo pattern to the hexagon one like the Neophron :) http://files.ea.com/downloads/eagames/official/battlefield2/mec/vehicles/su34.jpg (198 kB)
  6. x hunter33

    United States Air Force

    By god Deltagamer... WHAT. THE FUCK. I ask for one simple thing and what do you give me...? A hundred fucking times what i asked for!!! How wonderful Christmas is this year!!! :D Same goes to you gerald, nice job! Im waiting on fullerpj now :)
  7. x hunter33

    Tu-95MS (Remastered)

    There better be an option to open and close the lid... And flush!
  8. x hunter33

    United States Air Force

  9. x hunter33

    Boeing C-17 ArmA 3 Mod

    In a way, thats great news :D
  10. x hunter33

    United States Air Force

    It seems to be two rocket pods latched on the lower left side of the the cockpit, unknown if there are twin pods on the right side though. The pods look like 7 tubes M260 rocket launchers from the pictures and most likely fires Hydra 70 rockets though still unconfirmed at the time. Heres a link which has HD pictures and even a video though you can see much since the camera is above the pod. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2014/12/08/video-the-v-22-osprey-aircraft-is-now-armed-with-rockets/ Edit: I cant quite remember if youre planning on making the IDWS on the ospreys belly but imagine having that along with the pods and all 3 machine guns (ramp and sides) :) The paint scheme in the pictures is also quite nice though its marines.
  11. x hunter33

    United States Air Force

    Hey, i read about this today, the osprey can now be equipped with forward-firing rockets and missiles: http://www.bellhelicopter.com/en_US/News/PressReleases/NewsRelease/NewsRelease.html?ReleaseID=f37e8a25-90ed-4cae-a59b-ad5569bf3b5f
  12. x hunter33

    Map Wake Island

    Very nice, did you include the 98 Rock?
  13. x hunter33

    United States Air Force

    Hey beautiful!
  14. x hunter33

    Boeing C-17 ArmA 3 Mod

    It is possible to get in the cockpit but you have to be in a very specific position and location.