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  1. gundy

    SQF Cheat Sheet

    Grat stuff IanBanks! Thanks a lot, perfect for when I happen to do scripting while offline (while on a train / plane / pub) and useful when I am not.
  2. The only way I was able to reproduce that was by setting "CONFIGURE > VIDEO > GENERAL > PIP" to "Disabled".
  3. It is planned for the ACE3 module currently in development. If it makes the first revision though is currently unknown.
  4. Hi, can you supply me with a test mission and steps to reproduce and I will look into it when I get back home (in about 24 hours). It would also be good if you had logging turned on (it is by default) and send me your RTP of just a reproduction session. Also please let me know if you reproduce this in the editor, single player, locally hosted MP or dedicated MP. Edit: I looked into it some more, but haven't found anything yet. The "correct" helmet or helmet cam item are only required for the unit to show up in the list of available helmet cams. Once they show up and clicked upon, the only thing that should prevent the picture from rendering is if the unit is in a vehicle and the 3rd person view has been disabled on the server / in the difficulty settings.
  5. Sorry Bumgie for the delay. cTab can already be used by all sides during TvT (since 2.1). And yes, that will still be the case when the ACE3 module is done. Still being worked on and lots to do.
  6. As always, thanks for running Armaholic and keeping things updated!
  7. Apologies, there were some issues with the released version of 2.2.0. So here is the 2.2.1 hotfix. Thanks @Raspu for helping to identify these issues. Until it pops up at the usual places, grab it here: GitHub Changelog 2.2.1 Added variable message decay to notification system (new-marker notifications are now shown for longer) Fixed error regarding the helmet cam icon when looking at a cTab-box placed with Zeus Fixed issue with notification system upon marker creation Marker menu will now stay inside the device screen boundaries Moved marker menu above brightness layer to allow it to show tool-tips properly Tweaked marker menu size on Android
  8. I am pleased to announce the release of cTab 2.2.0. Until it pops up at the usual places, grab it here: GitHub This will probably be the last stand-alone release of cTab as we are currently working at fully integrating cTab into ACE3 as a module. Changelog 2.2.0 Added ability to increase / decrease screen brightness of TAD (via BRT+/- rocker on lower right) Added ability to message oneself to take notes Added ability to switch interface position of TAD, Android and MicroDAGR in overlay mode from left to right default "CTRL + SHIFT + HOME") Added new and improved tablet interface background and 3D model, both made by Raspu Added night mode to Tablet, Android and MicroDAGR (switches automatically based on light conditions outside), graphics mad by Raspu Added night mode to TAD (switched via the DAY/NIGHT switch on the lower left), graphics mad by Raspu Added on-device notifications that will appear when for example a message has been received or a new marker was added Changed the way names are displayed in messaging to be more in line with Helmet Cam screen Changed to brighter MicroDAGR interface background, made by Raspu Changed to reworked Android and MicroDAGR 3D models, both made by Raspu Fixed icons in list of messages being black Fixed marker text alignment (some recent ArmA update changed the default from right to center) General performance improvements Immediately stop showing team-members when player is leaving the group. Note: When joining a new group it will take up to 30 seconds for any cTab carrying group members to appear Interactive mode (large interfaces) screen position will now be remembered and restored on load (can be reset to screen center using default "CTRL + SHIFT + HOME") Interface will now be closed if player is unconscious and ACE3 Medical is used Interface will now be closed if player lost the required device and ACE3 is used Minor interface tweaks No longer closes small MicroDAGR or Android interfaces when exeting a vehicle On-foot team members that have been assigned to a fire-team will now be coloured accordingly. If no fire team has been set, they will show up as the standard blue (slightly different colour than the blue fire team). Reclassified helmet cam item to show up as a generic item in Arsenal. You will find it by for example selecting your vest and selecting the "+" icon on the right side of the screen Speedup of interface startup Updated all device iventory icons to match, made by Raspu Media
  9. I guess it would help if you would post both the dialog config as well as the code you use to call it.
  10. Hi, you need to some small tweaks: First, add the onLoad property to your display to set a uiNamespace variable that will contain the display object when the display has been loaded. class Display_RANK { idd = 20010; duration = 20; fadeIn = 0; fadeOut = 0; onLoad = "uiNamespace setVariable ['myDisplay', _this select 0];"; class controls { class DOF_RANK_Pic : DOF_RscPicture { idc = 20010; text = ""; x = 0.785 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.015 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.044687 * safezoneW; h = 0.092 * safezoneH; }; }; }; Then use that display object stored in the uiNamespace variable "myDisplay" to fetch the control object for the picture control and use that with the ctrlSetText command. 1 cutRsc ["Display_RANK","PLAIN"]; ((uiNamespace getVariable ["myDisplay", displayNull]) displayCtrl 20010) ctrlSetText "\a3\ui_f\data\map\Diary\signal_ca.paa"; The syntax for ctrlSetText that you were using is I believe only valid for dialogs. The above example however is valid for both displays and dialogs. Hope that helps.
  11. Sorry for the huge delay, my forum notifications got tangled up in the spam filter. For units to show up in the list of helmet cameras, you either have to add the "ItemcTabHCam" item to the units inventory (not the vehicle), or have the class name of the helmet the unit is wearing added to the definition of camera enabled helmets. Here are the helmet classes for most of the vanilla pilots: "H_PilotHelmetFighter_B" "H_PilotHelmetFighter_I" "H_PilotHelmetFighter_O" "H_PilotHelmetHeli_B" "H_PilotHelmetHeli_I" "H_PilotHelmetHeli_O" You can find them yourself by calling hint str (headgear _unit); in the debug console. To add the "ItemcTabHCam" item to the pilot of a vehicle, use the following in the vehicles init (if it comes with a pilot): (driver this) addItem "ItemcTabHCam"; Be aware that the helmet cam implementation currently doesn't deal well with units inside of vehicles. If the server allows 3rd person, you will get a 3rd person camera. If 3rd person is not allowed, you won't get a camera picture while the unit is inside the vehicle. Place one in the editor with yourself inside and execute the following into the debug console: hint str (typeOf vehicle player); You could also have a look at the config viewer (accessible from the debug console) to figure out class inheritance. Quite often the same vehicle will have multiple variants and instead of adding each individual variant, you could just define the one they all inherit from. Units are listed in the helmet cam screen by their group ID, followed by name. You specify them by using "setGroupID" and "setName" commands.
  12. Well, yes, I have not yet invested in a mechanism that continuously keeps checking the players inventory or hooked into the various events that could result in a changed inventory. To be honest I am not too worried about this bit at the moment. Just added a function in the next version that hooks into the "playerInventoryChanged" event from ACE3 and does exactly what you are asking for. At least that way I am not creating extra workload, but it will only work when ACE3 is used at the same time (made it so its not mandatory). ---------- Post added at 18:33 ---------- Previous post was at 18:25 ---------- Thanks for these, will add them to the list of future things to work on. Yep, very easy to make that change, will have that in the next version.
  13. Well, yes, I have not yet invested in a mechanism that continuously keeps checking the players inventory or hooked into the various events that could result in a changed inventory. To be honest I am not too worried about this bit at the moment. cTab has multiple interfaces (Tablet, Android, MicroDAGR, FBCB2, TAD) and some of them (Android, MicroDAGR, TAD) have the specific ability to stay opened while walking / running using the none-interactive (small) variant of that interface. If I understand correctly you would want cTab to check if someone is moving and then auto-close the interface? Keep in mind that both the Android and MicroDAGR devices can be worn on your forearm close to your wrist, so it could be deemed realistic to have the ability to look at it while moving.
  14. gundy

    Mine Detector not making a difference

    I have created two new tickets since the initial one was a bit misguided due to my lack of understanding of the issue at the time. See BI ticket 23925 for a request to have a "Misc. Item" classification that works with Arsenal. Currently some mods (ACE3 being one of them) classify generic items as mine detectors with a detection range of "-1" just to have them show up in Arsenal as there is currently no other way known. This is neither slick nor without its problems (see issue below). See BI ticket 23926 for a request to have the mine detector with the best detection range chosen instead of the first. The function figuring out the mine detection range of a unit seems to stop looking through your inventory once it finds a mine detector and uses the detection range of that item. So if an item with a detection range of "-1" was added to your inventory before the actual mine detector, your overall detection range would be "-1" (in other words like having no mine detector). Hope this is in everyone's interest. Please up-vote.
  15. Not really. Do you have a copy of your RPT to share? cTab requires the current version of CBA to be loaded. Have you tried to only load CBA and cTab?