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  1. Im looking for help on how to keep the init script that I have wrote into the jets init line placed in the editor after it respawns. I have it synced to the vehicle respawn module but not sure where to go from there. does anyone have a suggestion? this is the script I have in the init. _scr = this addEventHandler ["incomingMissile", { [_this, X] execVM '\pook_SAM\scripts\incomingRWR.sqf'}];
  2. Jacobs9944

    F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    Love this mod Firewill. Im sure its documented somewhere but can someone point me in the right direction on what and how the ACMI Tacts and Cubic pod work? thank you.
  3. so my friends keep getting this message then gets kicked from the game, I checked and double checked that no DLC content is in the mission. I went through the mission sqm file to make sure no dlc content is in the mission but it still kicks them. any help would be grateful.
  4. looking for a script that can will let you build a object from a truck or container with scroll wheel or ace interact. so i would either drive a truck/ box to a location and scroll wheel on that object to build a TFAR radio tower. i have looked on forms and haven't had any luck. if someone know of something out there or can point me in the right direction. thx.
  5. Jacobs9944

    CUP Aircraft AWS Enhancement

    ok thx, great mod btw
  6. Jacobs9944

    CUP Aircraft AWS Enhancement

    Oh ok, well its just the Hellfire AGM they just added with these opinions. LOBL: Lock-On-Before-Launch, standard top attack. LOAL-DIR: Missile flies with a low altitude until acquiring a laser. LOAL-LOW: Missile immediately gains ~90m altitude. LOAL-HI: Missile immediately gains ~300m altitude. Your mod with the ability to change loadout in mission is something our community has been looking for a long time, it has everything we need except for the Hellfire K version.
  7. Jacobs9944

    CUP Aircraft AWS Enhancement

    I have a question. Are you planning on adding the Hellfire AGM 114K from ACE? if not, is there a way i could add them? Thank.
  8. Jacobs9944

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    how do you set the decals/numbers for the US M1A1/aircraft?
  9. Jacobs9944

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hello. I am hoping someone can help me understand how to set up the AGM respawn. Do i need a script or something in my mission file or should i be able to put down the respawn module in the editor and it work? I know this is probably a dumb question but i cant figure out how it works. can someone please help me? basically i want to respawn at base with the same equipment i died with. thank you.
  10. Jacobs9944

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Maybe i didn't make it clear, is there a way to edit the AGM mod to work in the way that im looking for, our clan has around 170 members and we have daily OPS that have around 40-60 players on at a time. I think AGM is a great mod but when you get injured on the battle field like broken legs or chest wounds, i doubt that a medic can just patch you up on the field and you are 100% in a real situation. So what im looking for is something to make that aspect a little more true to life where you have to by taken back to a field hospital or something. sorry for the confusion.
  11. Jacobs9944

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Im hoping someone can help me. Im looking for a script or anything really that will allow my clan to use medevac a little better. what i am looking for is a something like instead of the player dying they become unconscious or have some sort of bleed-out timer. Maybe something that the medics can patch up on the battle field but will need to be medevac out to become combat effective again. does anyone know of suggestions that could help me out?
  12. Where do I find the Thales TRC 9110 in the editor?
  13. Jacobs9944

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    how do you get the respawn to work, i cant get it to work.
  14. Jacobs9944

    F/A 18 Super Hornet for Arma 2 OA

    i am having trouble getting the GBU 38,31 and 32 (JDAM) to lock onto a gps/ins target. after i use the service menu and choose a custom loadout and then get into the air, none of the weapons will lock on to the target. i see the red square on the rader (red square being the gps target/waypoint that i put down, but bombs will not lock on. any ideas?