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  1. Anything on C-L-F Mods yet?
  2. Nice job, was looking forward to this update.
  3. Supporting, looking forward to an option soon.
  4. Thank you, I did in fact get the script to work and look forward to the actual addon release.
  5. Question: How exactly do you install this? I've made an @folder with an addon folder inside of that and dragged the folder in and ran the @ folder through A3 launcher but, I've tried this out with the F-35 and the A-10 and not getting any sort of option with the scroll menu, any idea?
  6. Tomcattg

    [R3F] Logistics

    Very nice very nice, any sort of ETA on that independent artillery?
  7. So any idea when the C-L-F Mods are going to be put into TFAR? I remember seeing something about it, going to be added to TFAR but, haven't seen any news about it. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?176591-C-L-F-Mods-Additional-backpacks-radios
  8. Confirming that there is some sort of conflict, looking forward to an hotfix.