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    HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition]

    Awesome, this sounds fun. What would happen if I set RydHQ_BBAOObj = 4 , and also put RydHQ_AAO and RydHQ_ForceAAO from the original HAL as true for that leader?
  2. monyetswa2

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition]

    Tell me more. Are you saying you managed to get HAL to use air units to perform more advanced attacks? Pretty cool if true.
  3. monyetswa2

    Pooter's enhanced ASR AI

    If I wanted to keep conventional factions from performing sneaky-cheeky maneuvers, would it work if I put them in the skip array at the bottom of the userconfig file? For example: asr_ai3_main_skip_factions = ["CIV_F", "BLU_F", "OPF_F", "IND_F"]; // factions added here will not get the AI enhancements I wonder then could I load a different AI mod, like vanilla ASR AI3, for conventional forces, and exclude guerrilla factions? What could go wrong?