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  1. monyetswa808

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    A few thoughts. First, I figured out that if you put the squads in the Chinooks by dragging them through the editor, then vanilla AI squad leaders fall in love with that chopper. If you try to eject them with scripts, the leader tells them to get back in, and the chopper hovers while they all reload. Doing the A2 way of this moveincargo chin1; seemed to fix that. Next, there are also ways that the command unassignVehicle has to be used, to get a certain effect. I'm not sure how HAL cargo system handles this. The coolest experience for me in HAL was when I saw troops get airlifted in onto a roof during a heavy urban battle. Would love to be able to repeat that.
  2. monyetswa808

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Updated RPTs from more testing. Below happens when I turn off Debug I and II for the enemy, but keep it on for my LeaderHQ Error Undefined variable in expression: ryd_ws_artymarks Error position: <RYD_WS_ArtyMarks};if (_Debug) then {> Error Undefined variable in expression: _debug Error position: <_Debug) then {_posM1 = getposATL (vehi> lots and lots and lots (like 50 per second) of: Destroy waypoint not linked to a target: Near target acquisition is slow and may even select friendly unit. Not displayed in game, just RPT. And finally: Error Undefined variable in expression: _gar Error position: <_gar) then {_alive = false};not (_alive> I've been playing around with new config variables. At RydHQD_DefRange = 0.1; my leader D makes his Def Center on himself, and his groups stay very close together, but he always sends them off to the nearest reverse slope (Abdera on Altis) about 500m away from the Def Center. Enemy sent in 1 mortar round and that was the end of his morale. RydHQ_ReconDistance = 0.1; RydHQ_AttInfDistance = 0.1; RydHQ_AttArmDistance = 0.1; RydHQ_CaptureDistance = 0.1; Very fun and useful for making them come into towns. Thanks for these!
  3. monyetswa808

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Thanks for explaining those. Is there a way I can do a check for the total number of remaining effective groups, like: when (¿) RydHQ_EffectiveGroups = 0 (?), or when the number of capable groups for any mission = 0, switch off HAL, and doMove all of them to a marker, for example? Also, straight from the RPT: 5:52:21 Warning Message: Radio message HAC_OrdConf1 not found and 19:54:41 Error in expression <etSkill ["spotTime",1] } foreach (units _gUAV); _excl = _HQ getVariable ["RydHQ> 19:54:41 Error position: <_gUAV); _excl = _HQ getVariable ["RydHQ> 19:54:41 Error Undefined variable in expression: _guav
  4. monyetswa808

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    What about : alternative ("Eastern Bloc" like) attack doctrine mode (?); (wip: 1.?) What was the idea for that? I've been playing HAL 1.23 on A3 1.68 all day and so far no errors. + I did not get stuck disembarking / boarding our truck yet (happened several times in HWS missions) + The UAV recon feature works great + I like the DefRange variable, making it smaller to keep everyone inside a town worked well The only thing I can't quite get is RydHQ_Berserk, where the LeaderHQ seems to still give up after the first few resets, even with Muu set to 0. I'm guessing he's looking for what to do with what he has, and if half of his groups are dead he can't quite figure out who to send where? I'm trying to configure a leader who will eventually send every last group to the target.
  5. monyetswa808

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Playing again this morning I saw in the asset lists that there are apex units in the Altis CSAT faction. These are the Qinlin cars, and predator-mask Chinese operators (viper). So its not an error with HWS faction select. Since my only issue with this is that I can't fire the apex guns, I guess there are a few options: 1. Somehow disable apex expansion 2. Stop specific units from spawning 3. Buy apex
  6. monyetswa808

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    So I just began playing this mission again for the first time since apex came out. I havent purchased apex so I have the demo units. Anyway I created a CSAT vs FIA 1:3 medium scale match and spawned as a marksman in a 5 man Chinese recon team, sitting in one of those new QingLing vehicles. No probrem, we get a recon task direct in the enemy area, so our sgt. commands our driver to head out. He yells nonstop chinese at the driver for the whole ride (great immersion) until 3 FIA guerillas run across the road and we hit the breaks. FIA manage to kill the sgt. the driver and the Qinlin swerved off the road. The gunner opened up and killed 2 FIA, then he got hit by a large round coming from across the valley. We drove right in the middle of the FIA assault. I was hit too and bailed, crawled to some bushes to heal, and looked for the last guerilla who had run off. I was put in charge of the team, which was just me and pvt. Ping Yong Chang, who I ordered to take cover in the shack across the road. I hopped in the minigun to see if I could engage the trucks across the valley, but all I got was SHIFT+P, purchase apex now! I couldn't shoot the gun. At that point pvt. Chang was freaking out and refused to take over the minigun. We then got smacked in a huge grenade barrage and that was it. My question is, how can I limit the spawned units to vanilla a3? Is there something I can type in the init to limit factions? The Apex CSAT faction is "OPF_T_F" I believe.
  7. monyetswa808

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Maybe another thing to look into before the next update could be the cargo system. As I understood, HAL will assign far away waypoints to an infantry group, and the infantry group will decide to take an empty vehicle, or will board an occupied vehicle with empty spaces, move with it to the waypoint and disembark. It seems I can't get that action. My infantry groups (vanilla AAF) will walk by foot to waypoints 4-5 km away, when there are all kinds of empty and occupied vehicles available nearby (within the "search" raidus). In debug, i can see the group's path marked with several short waypoints (this is with the default PathFinding variable). Maybe this makes him think he doesnt need a vehicle, but with PathFinding =0; = 100; = 5000; I get the same result. Any ideas?
  8. monyetswa808

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Just a quick request for next version: Can you make the "Garrison" function - search for house position part have a variable radius? I think the default is 300m radius. I want to garrison certain groups not so far from the leaders starting pos. Thanks, and great work B)
  9. monyetswa808

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    For you guys looking for using HAL with spawn systems, you might want to check out EBSS; its for ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead. It worked well with HAC (A2 version) and perhaps the scripts can be working with HAL too. If not maybe you can reverse-engineer it to see how it collected spawned units to give to HAL LeaderHQs.
  10. monyetswa808

    Mediterranean Alliance Mod

    I really love projects like this. The Mediterranean part sort of bugs my autism though. They said that Malden Islands (everon / nogova / kolguyev / malden) were somewhere towards the Baltic sea. The Bistudio Community wiki for Malden says the closest NATO base was West Germany. It used to say Estonia was the closest base, as this guy seemed to notice. They all have a northern feel to them. In the Baltic area there would also be Taviana for Opfor, and great islands like Thirsk, Japahto, Kulima, Vostok, Pomegratskaya, possibly Varkgaard, Pantera, Fapovo, Ovaron, Cicada (all A2 islands).
  11. monyetswa808

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Its been a while since I got a chance to Arma and the first thing I want is to get back into HETMAN, so I had a few questions about HAL: - I saw you wrote somewhere in the HWS thread that we don't need RHQ Config arrays for addon units anymore? Did you implement that successfully? That would save some time :D - I saw you wrote back in A2 HAC, something about setting attack helicopters to hover at a distance, and use guided missiles instead of flying straight at the target. Any success in that?