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  1. Does anybody know whether Tanoa is already indexed?
  2. Did groups ever get an Id before the Eden update? I looked at some of my .sqm - files that were created in the 2d editor and didn't find any Ids for groups. It used to look like this: class Groups { items=2; class Item0 { side="WEST"; class Vehicles { items=3; class Item0 { id=0; vehicle="B_Soldier_SL_F"; }; class Item1 { id=1; vehicle="B_soldier_AR_F"; }; class Item2 { id=2; vehicle="B_Soldier_GL_F"; }; }; }; class Item1 { side="WEST"; class Vehicles { items=1; class Item0 { id=3; vehicle="B_officer_F"; }; }; }; }; And that worked totally fine. But now it looks like deleyt described it; with entities that have datatypes and ids and stuff. Maybe that's the issue?
  3. Can you make a Mod out of this?
  4. Somehow it displays that there is no Tourniquet left even after I've used it.
  5. We're playing with several mods and all seems to work fine, exept the 'Target is unresponsive' and the 'Target has broken legs' screens are inverted. If you get knocked out and checked by a medic, he says that everythig is fine but never the less gives you epi so you can stand up again. If you now get checked by him, it says 'Target is unresponsive' allthough you're fine.