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  1. Katzok

    [R3F] Logistics

    Nice work. [R3F] mission is still one of my favorites in arma 2 too
  2. OK i see, that script is absolutely disaster! I write "sqf" to my team vehicle init, but code shows up all vehicles on map and enemy too. Why? Can anyone fix?
  3. //It's looping code and after respawns markers not disappear, but can't read vehicle side. Any help? while {true} do { _x = vehicles; for "i" from 0 to (count _x) do { unit =_x select i; deleteMarker ("marker"+ (str i)); marker = "marker" + (str i); marker = createMarker [marker,getPosASL unit]; marker setMarkerType "dot"; marker setMarkerPos (getPos unit); marker setMarkerColor ("ColorGreen"); marker setMarkerText format ["%1",unit]; sleep 0.1; } };
  4. Hi kylania Im use that respawn and searched info about the code. Like other writing, then all works except init variant.
  5. F2k Sel: In scripting it's quite easy. Just place null=[this] execvm "movemarker.sqf" in each units init. // null=[this] execvm "movemarker.sqf" _unit = _this select 0; _marker_name = "marker" + str _unit; _marker = createMarker [_marker_name , getPosASL _unit]; _marker setMarkerType "b_air"; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorBlue"; while {alive _unit} do { _marker setMarkerPos getpos _unit; _marker setMarkerText format ["ALT %1", floor (GetPosASL _unit select 2)] ;// optional Altitude sleep 0.1; }; Okey, i'm get my dots now with names, but how not try, it will not loop if respawn. After respawns markers disappears. I'm understand nothing, but something code i get. At first marker green and if get killed, then is a red short time(until remove dead body), it works. That respawn staff i can't fix and find this >>>this<<< by Killzone_Kid for [{_i=0},{true},{_i=_i+1}] do { _unit = _this select _i; _marker_name = "marker" + str _unit; _marker = createMarker [_marker_name , getPosASL _unit]; while {alive _unit} do { _marker setMarkerType "dot"; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorGreen"; _marker setMarkerPos getpos _unit; _marker setMarkerTextLocal format ["%1",_unit]; sleep 0.1; }; if (!alive _unit) then { _marker setMarkerColor "ColorRed"} else {false}; sleep 0.1; };
  6. Hei F2k Sel! null=[this] spawn {_unit = _this select 0;while {alive _unit} do { _marker = createMarker ["", GetPosASL _unit]; _marker setMarkerType "Dot"; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorBlack"; _marker setMarkerPos getpos _unit; sleep 0.1; };}; I make wrong something? If i write script to all my vehicles init, then will on the map show only 1 marker there. How can fix that? Cheers!
  7. Hi F2k Sel! I like that script and make game more tactical, if will make mission without vehicles respawn. No 100% destroyed and if need, then vehicles repair. I tried with the tank different damages and it work, but problem is the tank takes damage even single pistol shot now, so the tank can destroy with rifle. How remove vehicle damage at rifle (to not disable AT damage) or is possible at all? An example BMP-2 // BMP-2 get all damages at the same time. this addEventHandler ["handledamage",{;(_this select 0) setDamage 0.4;(_this select 0) setHit ["pas_l", 1];(_this select 0) setHit ["pas_p", 1];(_this select 0) setDamage 0.8}]; // but need hit series. Hit 1. (_this select 0) setDamage 0.4;(_this select 0) setHit ["pas_l", 1] //half damage Hit 2. (_this select 0) setDamage 0.8;(_this select 0) setfuel 0.3;(_this select 0) setHit ["pas_l", 1];(_this select 0) setHit ["pas_p", 1] //stop move Hit 3. (_this select 0) setDamage 0.8;(_this select 0) setfuel 0;(_this select 0) setHit ["pas_l", 1];(_this select 0) setHit ["pas_p", 1] //destroyed. cool if can moment with flames? Perhaps can make limit SQF originally, that all player vehicles don't take more damage than 0.8 and not needed set hits individually? Cheers!
  8. You need activation trigger by enemy getPos your unit, something like: _trg = createTrigger["EmptyDetector",(getPos NAME)]; _trg setTriggerArea[100,100,0,false]; _trg setTriggerActivation["FORM","PRESENT",true]; _trg setTriggerStatements["this", "hint 'Enemy near'", "hint 'Enemy down'"];. I working and learn same time. As I was saying, that all stuff new for me and I not the best scripter. There is some guys, who make nice work and trying keep progress F2k, Suicide, Celery, Shuko...and so on. In some moment the forum badly throws over me. How old is Arma? As early eight years, but mass of topic scipts are just 5hit and does not help. Like one vehicle respawn script, i read forum: "good, nice, blabla..." and try it. Respawn yeah work, but disable some trigger repeat after respawn and nobody at users see or fix all these years, come on really wtf.
  9. I've read this posts yet two days and don't have answer. _VarName = "apc"; _veh SetVehicleVarName _VarName; _veh = [getPos mySpawnPos, 180, "BMP3", EAST] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle I know that make a mistake somewhere and I just do not write there. regards
  10. Hi all! I trying create "BMP3" vehicle with name. How to do that? [getPos mySpawnPos, 180, "BMP3", EAST] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle
  11. Saliut! Create two unit and name them un1 and un2. Empty mortar call Mor just .Then create waypoint and on act: this = execVM "getinmortar.sqf" getinmortar.sqf un1 SetUnitPos "middle"; sleep 2; un1 moveingunner Mor; un2 SetUnitPos "middle"; sleep 2; un2 moveincargo Mor; I hope that helps ---------- Post added at 01:34 ---------- Previous post was at 00:59 ---------- remove "moveInGunner" command There is eject command for this {_x action ["EJECT",Mor]; sleep 0;} foreach [un1, un2]; ---------- Post added at 01:41 ---------- Previous post was at 01:34 ---------- I think mounting static weapon systems is better solution, than attachTo things to unit I add your topic a vid. It script not finished, but can be used. Thanks to F2k Sel: >>>VIDEO<<<
  12. Thanks for your answer F2k Sel! Looks pretty nice, I'll try it.
  13. Will it run with Arma II as well?
  14. Hello Arma! Anyone? OK! I use old script and that a little better (with mag reloading), but need correct. Any help would be most welcome. Problem is script add every semi shoot a new magazine, correct is after 30 shoot add mag. this addeventhandler ["Fired",{if (_this select 1=="m16a4") then {_this select 0 addMagazine (_this select 5)}}] What is wrong? Thank you!
  15. Hello Arma! My mission go to ready, but not yet. Briefly- all joined players have own (AI) team to command. So as AI ammo ends fast i use in they init this addeventhandler ["fired", {(_this select 0) setvehicleammo 1}];, (AI never reload). It's not very nice if they shoot endlessly and without reloading (i don't like that). Next i find easy script mag.sqf //loop while {true} do { _this addmagazine "30Rnd_556x45_STANAG"; }; But now magazine runs unlimited. How to stop that and hold limited magazin (around as 5 magazine max)? regards