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  1. I probably haven't played enough with the ACR in A2, but for me I don't necessarily see what's wrong with the ACR ones, I mean they seem to be pretty direct ports from A2, which is all I'm asking for. The BAF units on the other hand have had something done to them beyond just a port, akin to a quick fix which turned out pretty ugly. I personally don't know enough about what happened, hence why I asked, but I just can't see why most of the other uniforms have been ported fairly intact but not the British.
  2. Hey just wondering, what's up with the BAF uniforms? Seems like for the DPM ones (both MTPs seem fine), the pants are all good ports of A2, but the shirts are really low detail, except for the arm pockets which are consistent in appearance with the pants. The cuffs on the arms stand out the most, like the meshes seem overly big, and there aren't any baked in texture detailing on them. Sorry if it's a known issue being worked on right now, but I just haven't seen much mention of it honestly.
  3. 5harp5hot

    TMT Turkish Army Weapons and Wears

    Hey guys, would you ever consider porting over your Arma 2 soldier units instead of just reskinning A3 ones? Your A2 mod was so nice, I just think reskinning A3 assets is way too over done, and taking that extra time to make your units have that realistic gear from Arma 2 would really make this mod stand out.
  4. 5harp5hot

    German Addon Studio releases

    Thank you so much for releasing a unit addon that is actually authentic and uses A2 uniforms! I think it would be so perfect if there was German radio protocol for the units, I know for sure it's not in A2, but maybe Iron Front? Again thanks a bunch for your hard work, can't wait for this mod to expand further.
  5. Ah well, thanks for the info. Don't worry about porting missions, I wasn't asking for that!
  6. I've got a question that has been on my mind for a while, once all of CUP is released (Terrains, Vehicles, Units), assuming the classnames are going to be kept the same as A2, would it be possible to load up Arma 2 missions just like it was possible with the original All in Arma? I've been dying to play the 'Flashpoint' missions again in A3. Thanks for your hard work, I hope to see the first set of Units out soon!
  7. Hello! I was wondering if you guys would ever consider making M81 and DCU uniforms, the classics. I was originally expecting them to reside in your USA pack, but it turned out to be just solid colors. We're really lacking on good old style camos in Arma 3, so it would be amazing if you would at least consider. Thanks!
  8. 5harp5hot

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for your responses! So it seems that the 'Adler' is in fact a real copy of the Eagle-AIII. Even with this knowledge, I still think it's going to bother me when I see a Russian wearing the same backpack as me the US soldier :D As for the Falcon-II reskin request, I guess I'll just search around and see if anyone has made an MTP camo assault pack that matches close enough to RHS' OCP.
  9. 5harp5hot

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'd like to ask about the backpacks, is the UBMTS backpack a real thing? It looks exactly like an Eagle A-III. Is it place holder for another backpack for the Russians (Besides the Sidor)? Also if you can, could you please make a skin in OCP and UCP for the Falcon-IIs?
  10. 5harp5hot

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Man I could not agree with you more. I really like the look of mid-iraq war style US army with their bulkier armor, BDUs and glorious strapped knee pads... Anything close to that would be a god send. ---------- Post added at 01:29 ---------- Previous post was at 01:13 ---------- Just wondering, have you guys decreased the buff-ness of the US army uniform? The vanilla A3 stuff seem to be fitting better since the new update!: http://i.imgur.com/mOLZGGZ.jpg (132 kB) To be honest though, I was kind of saddened that your 'modern' style uniform almost looked like it could have fit in with the 2035 atmosphere once I paired it with the other NATO stuff, I was hoping for it to look way out of place with the hyper modern aspects of A3.
  11. Hey there, any alternate downloads other than Armaholic? My download speed there has been abysmal lately.
  12. 5harp5hot

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Hey Leight, thanks for the update! I've noticed that you have a few great quality direct A2 ports, such as the ChDKZ Bardak, ChDKZ Commander fatigues, not to mention your entire Afghan Militia faction too. So I was wondering if you would consider doing more ports from A2, and going even as far as replacing some of your existing factions with a direct A2 port (i.e. ChDKZ). That would be absolutely amazing. On the same lines, I'm curious, does porting units from A2 take more time than creating your own content?
  13. 5harp5hot

    [SP](RHS) RHS Showcases

    Cool! Your thread got me wondering about if Arma 3 was to be set in modern times but in the same setting. I wish someone would make a total modification that wasn't a reskin, but an expansion (similar to RHS) that would represent all the factions in A3 in modern times, the current day Greek Military, the current day Iranian army, even the rebels could do some work, the US wouldn't need to be touched since we already have RHS! Some things we can only dream of. (sigh)
  14. 5harp5hot

    [SP](RHS) RHS Showcases

    Thanks for this! This will be even better once RHS finishes their USMC faction (Especially those plain SPCs!). Noticed on the Infantry showcase the rest of your team still have the A3 optics instead of ACOGs n' shit, kind of bothered me, but not a huge deal.
  15. 5harp5hot

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Happy Victory Day! Just wanted to say that the US infantry weapons really have had a lovely sound improvement, hopefully the RU weapons will also get some love in their sounds also!