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    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Been closely examining all the planes in the Dev branch, everything is good except the To-201. I'm guessing the main gun on the Shikra is a Gsh-30mm auto cannon as it states Gsh on the top. I've record the time it takes to empty the 180 rounds, 21 seconds give or take human error, lets lower that to 20 seconds. Thats 540 rounds per minute. However the real live counterpart of the gun has a fire rate over 3 times faster? Why was this not picked up on earlier? the Gsh should have 1500-1800rpm. Further more, the thrust of the engines and its acceleration on the To-201. If the engines are so powerful, being able to accelerate faster then all other planes, how come it requires the longest take off runway out of the three fighters and the slowest recovery of energy in a turn? Another bug seen is the inability of the To-201 to take of from a run way.Please fix this. Another issue is: Why does the To-201 lose so much energy on turn? Having the most aerodynamic body and the most powerful engines demonstrated by the acceleration why does this happen? Can we get together as a community and tell Bohemia that we don't want a perfectly balanced game, we need the strengths and weaknesses to be realistic. RIP realism