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  1. zelectec

    Recon Scout XT

    Sorry when you took my critic wrong, but i tried to provide some objective view here. The model is wrong and not as the real world model. I even explained what is wrong so you could change it. Im fully aware of your model being WIP, but why do you post a WIP when you wont accept critics well? Also the video you show is not really a throwing grenade feature, it throws a grenade out of your body without playing anykind of animation. That is not even close to replace the current throw feature.
  2. zelectec

    Recon Scout XT

    The model looks not so good in my opinion. It is good on itself but based on its real life counterpart the wheels are wrong and only start bending inwards with the outher circle and not the first and inner circle. When you reproduce the real life wheels you could also safe some polys cause you have a weird mesh which is looking high poly but it isnt the real life form. The idea itself is cool, but i see many problems with ARMA 3. First of all the throwing animations of ARMA 3 itself. You have no real clue how far/where your grenade is going and you will never hit a window/door on first try. That means either you have many of such robots or you will end up with not really using the throwing feature. This vehicle has some kind of obstacle-climbing feature but not in the diameter of stairs. So what kind of obstacles are in ARMA 3 that arent as high as stairs? I know only of some kind of betonroads which do have some betoncorner which it could drive upon. Beside this i dont know of anything smaller then stairs and even buildings that are mostly flat build have some kind of stairs, when the evaluation of the terrain is different on some parts. I would choose a vehicle that can climb stairs or to some degree even higher obstacles. Cant look behind a wall? Throw/jump the vehicle inside the complex. It is a neat idea by the way. I would prefer this ;)
  3. Mhh the model itself looked ok but the textures just look horrid. Could you ask someone else for textures since this looks really bad.
  4. zelectec

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for your answer. Nice to see that all his work will get a use after all this time, but i have to ask. Are you gonna implement the aps with his code too? I got the LEDS 150 still somewhere and some other aps stuff. Would love to see them finally in ARMA 3, but they are mostly for the vanilla vehicles. So i dont know if you guys are only interested in shtora for russian forces or not even in any kind of aps active or passive. Do you have all the source files from Bakerman? I still have them somewhere if you require them. Greetings ( If Bakerman gave you permission, which is assume, cause u were on dropbox too )
  5. zelectec

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    He, I read that part about AIS but as far as i know the development is dead or? Would like to know the status or get a pm from someone of RHS if it is true, cause some work in AIS is from me and i wasnt asked.
  6. zelectec

    Armor Improvement System (AIS)

    Mainauthor left the modding community and im alone on AIS now. Im only the guy for models/textuires so all of his code is gone. I wont release any of his code since im not sure about his status.
  7. zelectec

    Community Ballistics

    Yeah i talked about all of this with him before......I told him he is doing "gods" work in sarcasm since the ticket got reviewed and he got so many good responses from the community in his thread. Your best bet would be to ask friendly some other guys here which allready downloaded it and try to reverse engineer. He shared all of his work so im pretty sure th ballistic calculator can stay with the community, but i wont release all of his AIS stuff. Im not sure what happened to Bakerman, but I hope he can clear all the stuff up that troubled him. One Suggestion would be......IF someone is willing to pickup where Bakerman left, then do it with the calculator you allready got from him and enhance the datasheets with more bullets/calculatons.
  8. zelectec

    The Ruins of AIS

    The real shit move was throwing 5 month of work just away with not even talking about it. Now im standing in the ruins and try to safe atleast something for the community.
  9. zelectec

    The Ruins of AIS

    Armor Improvement System which intended to enhance the armor gameplay
  10. Greatings Community, I was the guy doing the creative work in AIS, since this is now all gone im looking for someone who would be willing to pickup where Bakerman left. I allmost have none of his code, but i wont release in respect to bakerman. So the real problem is now, I have more then 28 different grenade-models, different retexture of vehicles, new sounds for vehicles, ballistic shields, and many other cray stuff. I will post some screenshots here and i hope someone is willing to pick me/it up. Sorry when i broke any forum rules as this is more of a request, but i only do it as i want to rescue the work that was done. http://imgur.com/a/lWA5N#0
  11. zelectec

    Community Ballistics

    I dont have any info on this and im used to his dedication to realism, so im not sure where this is coming from. Lets close this thread, please and get over it.
  12. zelectec

    Community Ballistics

    Im sorry to announce that Bakerman has left the modding community. I dont know what was the problem, but he just deleted all shared files of AIS and other mods. He was a guy with talent and knowledge and was willing to help the community but this is the end.
  13. zelectec

    [WIP] USAF Air Asset MOD

    Like i said in a post before, i would help out with textures, but there was never an answer. If the uv-cuts are allready done and you can solve that problem with peter regarding the accusations, then i would be fine with helping out. Send me a pm for details if you want to discuss the topic. peace
  14. zelectec

    Community Ballistics

    Awesome contribution to the community and thanks for your credit.