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  1. simply, it does not appear any AddAction. and even the icon on the dead. where is latest version ? thx dario
  2. Hello everyone, I want to know how to show only a portion of the map, where actually there will be the game. anyone can help me? thx Dario
  3. hello guys, We have tried in TvT, and revive, sometimes it does not work, does not show the icon on the player. and when he dies an OPFOR, shows an error of undefined variable. any solution? thx Dario google traslate
  4. but in "while true do" it takes a sleep ?
  5. Beautiful script, thank you very much;) I have a bug, when you come revive, the player can no longer run fast. you have a solution? thank you Dario p.s Google translator
  6. ok thx for the fast reply ;)
  7. Inside a script I have this code, so as I wrote all player in the game will display the message? _messaggio = { if ( isPlayer _killer && isPlayer _unit ) then {systemchat format ["%1 was injured by %2", name (_unit), name (_killer)]; }; }; publicVariable "_messaggio"; thx Dario
  8. I do not know if anyone still follows this topic but I have a question how do I call the variable deploy to use for other AddAction? thx
  9. Dariox

    random help

    ok!!!! thank you very much ;)
  10. I have a script that creates the sectors in random, but I would like once you chose the new field is removed from the new random. this is a part of the script if (isServer) then { sleep 8; if ((inizioW == 0) or (inizioE == 0 )) then { _random = ["Kavala", "Frini", "Ifestiona", "Galati", "Syrta", "Kore", "Orino", "Negades", "Neri", "Panochori", "Therisa", "Poliakko", "Alikampos", "Lakka", "Stavros", "Anthrakia", "Rodopoli", "Charkia", "Kalochori", "Dorida", "Chalkeia", "Pyrgos", "Sofia", "Molos", "Ioannina", "Panagia", "FireBase", "Zaros", "Factory", "Oreokastro", "Aggelochori", "Abdera", "Neochori", "Athira", "Paros"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; sleep 6; _mainpos = getMarkerPos _random; GlobalMainPos = _mainpos; publicVariable "GlobalMainPos"; Citta = _random; publicVariable "Citta"; for the next round restart the script , I would not want the usual city sorry for my english ( google traslate ) thx for any idea Dario
  11. a question, you can have a teleport from the base to the MHQ?
  12. Sorry guys, the MHQ deploy when I move it then there is no longer the AddAction, I would serve for TvT missions Thx Dario google traslate Sorry my error in description ;)
  13. ok Perfect. many thx for all :)