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  1. lerun

    Analog collective and X55 Throttle

    Had the same problem with my X55. Do as poster above has suggests. I decoupled the throttle during mapping (split it in two and just bound the right one) and mapped just the collective raise (analogue) with -Y (at the top) and +Y (at the bottom). Clear out collective lower (analogue) . After that just lock the throttle together again. See if this helps on more fine grained throttle control.
  2. Hi I have not gotten VA to work this way. That is why I have not gotten rid of Articulate as of yet. Maybe I don't know enough about VA to get it to work.
  3. Thanks for the answer. The reason I was wondering, was that removing it seemed to fix the problem. Now I'm not saying that this is the reason, I'm just looking for advice. As I'm also using Head Range Pluss there might be something there that aggravates the condition. Thanks for a great mod!
  4. Have anybody tried track IR with this mod? When I use it, it seems to offset center to high. And if I reset the track IR view it will not center.
  5. lerun

    difference thrust accelerate for jets

    I have a HOTAS and found the best way to bind throttle was to only use increase thrust for planes. Bind both the axies of your throttle here. For me Y- is forward on my throttle, and Y+ is to decrease my throttle. So in increase thrust add both Y- and Y+, I have Y- on top and Y+ below this. For decrease thrust (which is brake) I bind something else, like a hat or for me I have a rotary dial on my throttle I bind here. This makes me able to control braking in increments. I use the same logic for helicopters. Though I bind nothing for decrease collective. Hope this helps...
  6. Thanks will try out the new version. I used Articualte before, and it allowed me to say everything I needed in one go about ordering squads. Though I had to wait a lot longer with the VA one. Nice work though!
  7. I run at 2560x1600 with viewD 3800, get around 30 - 60 fps depending on amount of action. My GPU (7990) is only running at 63% usage so there is a lot to gain there. My CPU is 4770k at 4.5Gh, have tried running it with 7 and 4 threads without it making a big difference. It is a beautiful game, to bad I cant get it consistent FPS :/ Have tested changing view and object from 3800 / 1800 to 2000 / 500 without seeing any difference in FPS (20 - 28). This is a mission in town with a bunch of AI's running around.
  8. Hi Not sure what it was in that instance, but I have a bunch of small utils running in the background. The benchmark is fine, running everything on ultra with no problems getting 55 fps average. There are just sometimes when flying that I get a short stutter of about 1 sec. This will maybe only repeat after a while, so I thought it might have something to do with how loading and unloading of textures is being handled. I'll try to turn the quality down one notch to see if this does anything for that particular stutter. Its cool to see somebody trying to help identify potential problem hotspots :)
  9. My run on altis benchmark. Win 8.1 Running on a I7 4770k @ 4.5 and HD 7990 For me it is most stutter free, once in a while a 1 sec stutter. But I think it has something to do with nvram flush WindowsVersion: 6.2 ServicePack: 0.0 Typ: Desktop process virt. address available: 3937 system physical RAM total: 16324 system physical RAM available: 13504 system committed limit: 32708 system committed peak: 12948 system committed current: 4227 system cache current: 4967 system handles: 29599 system processes: 83 system threads: 1185 system uptime minutes: 146 SeLockMemoryPrivilege: granted, huge pages enabled 0.000s: 0.048ms 2048k at:0xffc00000 Alloc LP ( 2M) 0.000s: 0.002ms 128k at:0x00240000 Alloc SP ( 2M) 0.016s: 0.171ms 8192k at:0xff400000 Alloc LP ( 10M) 0.531s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xff000000 Alloc LP ( 14M) 0.531s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xfec00000 Alloc LP ( 18M) 0.531s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xfe800000 Alloc LP ( 22M) 0.531s: 0.086ms 4096k at:0xfe400000 Alloc LP ( 26M) 0.766s: 0.093ms 4096k at:0xfe000000 Alloc LP ( 30M) 0.781s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xfdc00000 Alloc LP ( 34M) 0.781s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xfd800000 Alloc LP ( 38M) 0.781s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xfd400000 Alloc LP ( 42M) 1.172s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xfd000000 Alloc LP ( 46M) 1.172s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xfcc00000 Alloc LP ( 50M) 1.172s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xfc800000 Alloc LP ( 54M) 1.172s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xfc400000 Alloc LP ( 58M) 1.719s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xfc000000 Alloc LP ( 62M) 1.719s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xfbc00000 Alloc LP ( 66M) 1.719s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xfb800000 Alloc LP ( 70M) 1.719s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xfb400000 Alloc LP ( 74M) 2.125s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xfb000000 Alloc LP ( 78M) 2.125s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xfac00000 Alloc LP ( 82M) 2.125s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xfa800000 Alloc LP ( 86M) 2.125s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xfa400000 Alloc LP ( 90M) 2.500s: 0.300ms 14336k at:0xf9600000 Alloc LP ( 104M) 2.500s: 0.711ms 34816k at:0xf7400000 Alloc LP ( 138M) 5.860s: 0.093ms 4096k at:0xf7000000 Alloc LP ( 142M) 5.860s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xf6c00000 Alloc LP ( 146M) 5.860s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xf6800000 Alloc LP ( 150M) 5.860s: 0.089ms 4096k at:0xf6400000 Alloc LP ( 154M) 9.110s: MFCA req. 11.406s: 0.093ms 4096k at:0xf6000000 Alloc LP ( 158M) 11.406s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xf5c00000 Alloc LP ( 162M) 11.406s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xf5800000 Alloc LP ( 166M) 11.422s: 0.089ms 4096k at:0xf5400000 Alloc LP ( 170M) 12.078s: 0.094ms 4096k at:0xf5000000 Alloc LP ( 174M) 12.078s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xf4c00000 Alloc LP ( 178M) 12.078s: 0.094ms 4096k at:0xf4800000 Alloc LP ( 182M) 12.078s: 0.093ms 4096k at:0xf4400000 Alloc LP ( 186M) 18.094s: MFCA req. 18.110s: 0.219ms 10240k at:0xf3a00000 Alloc LP ( 196M) 18.188s: 0.078ms 10240k at:0xf3a00000 Free ( 186M) 18.250s: MFCA req. 18.250s: 0.135ms 6144k at:0xf3e00000 Alloc LP ( 192M) 18.250s: 1.389ms 67584k at:0xefc00000 Alloc LP ( 258M) 18.297s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xef800000 Alloc LP ( 262M) 18.297s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xef400000 Alloc LP ( 266M) 18.297s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xef000000 Alloc LP ( 270M) 18.297s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xeec00000 Alloc LP ( 274M) 18.344s: 0.384ms 18432k at:0xeda00000 Alloc LP ( 292M) 18.406s: 0.387ms 18432k at:0xec800000 Alloc LP ( 310M) 18.422s: 0.390ms 18432k at:0xeb600000 Alloc LP ( 328M) 19.391s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xeb200000 Alloc LP ( 332M) 19.391s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xeae00000 Alloc LP ( 336M) 19.391s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xeaa00000 Alloc LP ( 340M) 19.391s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xea600000 Alloc LP ( 344M) 19.766s: 0.387ms 18432k at:0xe9400000 Alloc LP ( 362M) 19.781s: 0.134ms 18432k at:0xe9400000 Free ( 344M) 19.797s: 0.110ms 4096k at:0xea200000 Alloc LP ( 348M) 19.813s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xe9e00000 Alloc LP ( 352M) 19.813s: 0.089ms 4096k at:0xe9a00000 Alloc LP ( 356M) 19.813s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xe9600000 Alloc LP ( 360M) 19.844s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xe9200000 Alloc LP ( 364M) 19.844s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xe8e00000 Alloc LP ( 368M) 19.844s: 0.089ms 4096k at:0xe8a00000 Alloc LP ( 372M) 19.844s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xe8600000 Alloc LP ( 376M) 19.891s: 0.096ms 4096k at:0xe8200000 Alloc LP ( 380M) 19.891s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xe7e00000 Alloc LP ( 384M) 19.891s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xe7a00000 Alloc LP ( 388M) 19.891s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xe7600000 Alloc LP ( 392M) 19.922s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xe7200000 Alloc LP ( 396M) 19.938s: 0.100ms 4096k at:0xe6e00000 Alloc LP ( 400M) 19.938s: 0.093ms 4096k at:0xe6a00000 Alloc LP ( 404M) 19.938s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xe6600000 Alloc LP ( 408M) 19.969s: 0.097ms 4096k at:0xe6200000 Alloc LP ( 412M) 19.969s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xe5e00000 Alloc LP ( 416M) 19.969s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xe5a00000 Alloc LP ( 420M) 19.969s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xe5600000 Alloc LP ( 424M) 20.016s: 0.096ms 4096k at:0xe5200000 Alloc LP ( 428M) 20.016s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xe4e00000 Alloc LP ( 432M) 20.016s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xe4a00000 Alloc LP ( 436M) 20.016s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xe4600000 Alloc LP ( 440M) 20.047s: 0.097ms 4096k at:0xe4200000 Alloc LP ( 444M) 20.047s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xe3e00000 Alloc LP ( 448M) 20.047s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xe3a00000 Alloc LP ( 452M) 20.047s: 0.089ms 4096k at:0xe3600000 Alloc LP ( 456M) 20.078s: 0.019ms 16k at:0x1d4e0000 Alloc SP ( 456M) 20.094s: 0.097ms 4096k at:0xe3200000 Alloc LP ( 460M) 20.094s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xe2e00000 Alloc LP ( 464M) 20.094s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xe2a00000 Alloc LP ( 468M) 20.094s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xe2600000 Alloc LP ( 472M) 20.141s: 0.097ms 4096k at:0xe2200000 Alloc LP ( 476M) 20.141s: 0.093ms 4096k at:0xe1e00000 Alloc LP ( 480M) 20.141s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xe1a00000 Alloc LP ( 484M) 20.141s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xe1600000 Alloc LP ( 488M) 20.172s: 0.097ms 4096k at:0xe1200000 Alloc LP ( 492M) 20.188s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xe0e00000 Alloc LP ( 496M) 20.188s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xe0a00000 Alloc LP ( 500M) 20.188s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xe0600000 Alloc LP ( 504M) 20.219s: 0.097ms 4096k at:0xe0200000 Alloc LP ( 508M) 20.219s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xdfe00000 Alloc LP ( 512M) 20.219s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xdfa00000 Alloc LP ( 516M) 20.219s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xdf600000 Alloc LP ( 520M) 20.235s: 0.020ms 16k at:0x1d4f0000 Alloc SP ( 520M) 20.250s: 0.097ms 4096k at:0xdf200000 Alloc LP ( 524M) 20.266s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xdee00000 Alloc LP ( 528M) 20.266s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xdea00000 Alloc LP ( 532M) 20.266s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xde600000 Alloc LP ( 536M) 20.297s: 0.097ms 4096k at:0xde200000 Alloc LP ( 540M) 20.297s: 0.089ms 4096k at:0xdde00000 Alloc LP ( 544M) 20.297s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xdda00000 Alloc LP ( 548M) 20.297s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xdd600000 Alloc LP ( 552M) 20.344s: 0.098ms 4096k at:0xdd200000 Alloc LP ( 556M) 20.344s: 0.089ms 4096k at:0xdce00000 Alloc LP ( 560M) 20.344s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xdca00000 Alloc LP ( 564M) 20.344s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xdc600000 Alloc LP ( 568M) 20.485s: 0.104ms 4096k at:0xdc200000 Alloc LP ( 572M) 20.485s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xdbe00000 Alloc LP ( 576M) 20.485s: 0.094ms 4096k at:0xdba00000 Alloc LP ( 580M) 20.485s: 0.096ms 4096k at:0xdb600000 Alloc LP ( 584M) 20.828s: 0.006ms 16k at:0x1d980000 Alloc SP ( 584M) 21.078s: 0.317ms 14336k at:0xda800000 Alloc LP ( 598M) 21.500s: 0.106ms 4096k at:0xda400000 Alloc LP ( 602M) 21.500s: 0.103ms 4096k at:0xda000000 Alloc LP ( 606M) 21.500s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xd9c00000 Alloc LP ( 610M) 21.500s: 0.093ms 4096k at:0xd9800000 Alloc LP ( 614M) 22.000s: 0.098ms 4096k at:0xd9400000 Alloc LP ( 618M) 22.016s: 0.093ms 4096k at:0xd9000000 Alloc LP ( 622M) 22.016s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xd8c00000 Alloc LP ( 626M) 22.016s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xd8800000 Alloc LP ( 630M) 22.766s: 0.226ms 10240k at:0xd7e00000 Alloc LP ( 640M) 22.844s: 0.098ms 4096k at:0xd7a00000 Alloc LP ( 644M) 22.844s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xd7600000 Alloc LP ( 648M) 22.844s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xd7200000 Alloc LP ( 652M) 22.844s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xd6e00000 Alloc LP ( 656M) 22.891s: 0.020ms 16k at:0x1d960000 Alloc SP ( 656M) 22.891s: 0.100ms 4096k at:0xd6a00000 Alloc LP ( 660M) 22.906s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xd6600000 Alloc LP ( 664M) 22.906s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xd6200000 Alloc LP ( 668M) 22.906s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xd5e00000 Alloc LP ( 672M) 23.313s: 0.100ms 4096k at:0xd5a00000 Alloc LP ( 676M) 23.313s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xd5600000 Alloc LP ( 680M) 23.313s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xd5200000 Alloc LP ( 684M) 23.313s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xd4e00000 Alloc LP ( 688M) 23.610s: 0.099ms 4096k at:0xd4a00000 Alloc LP ( 692M) 23.610s: 0.094ms 4096k at:0xd4600000 Alloc LP ( 696M) 23.610s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xd4200000 Alloc LP ( 700M) 23.610s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xd3e00000 Alloc LP ( 704M) 23.985s: 0.101ms 4096k at:0xd3a00000 Alloc LP ( 708M) 23.985s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xd3600000 Alloc LP ( 712M) 24.000s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xd3200000 Alloc LP ( 716M) 24.000s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xd2e00000 Alloc LP ( 720M) 24.406s: 0.142ms 6144k at:0xd2800000 Alloc LP ( 726M) 24.422s: 0.142ms 6144k at:0xd2200000 Alloc LP ( 732M) 24.422s: 0.140ms 6144k at:0xd1c00000 Alloc LP ( 738M) 24.422s: 0.138ms 6144k at:0xd1600000 Alloc LP ( 744M) 25.235s: 0.006ms 16k at:0x1d3a0000 Alloc SP ( 744M) 26.781s: 0.100ms 4096k at:0xd1200000 Alloc LP ( 748M) 26.781s: 0.094ms 4096k at:0xd0e00000 Alloc LP ( 752M) 26.781s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xd0a00000 Alloc LP ( 756M) 26.781s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xd0600000 Alloc LP ( 760M) 26.985s: 0.100ms 4096k at:0xd0200000 Alloc LP ( 764M) 26.985s: 0.096ms 4096k at:0xcfe00000 Alloc LP ( 768M) 26.985s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xcfa00000 Alloc LP ( 772M) 27.000s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xcf600000 Alloc LP ( 776M) 27.063s: 0.104ms 4096k at:0xcf200000 Alloc LP ( 780M) 27.078s: 0.100ms 4096k at:0xcee00000 Alloc LP ( 784M) 27.078s: 0.101ms 4096k at:0xcea00000 Alloc LP ( 788M) 27.078s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xce600000 Alloc LP ( 792M) 27.141s: 0.102ms 4096k at:0xce200000 Alloc LP ( 796M) 27.156s: 0.097ms 4096k at:0xcde00000 Alloc LP ( 800M) 27.156s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xcda00000 Alloc LP ( 804M) 27.156s: 0.094ms 4096k at:0xcd600000 Alloc LP ( 808M) 27.235s: 0.006ms 16k at:0x1d3c0000 Alloc SP ( 808M) 27.703s: 0.101ms 4096k at:0xcd200000 Alloc LP ( 812M) 27.703s: 0.098ms 4096k at:0xcce00000 Alloc LP ( 816M) 27.703s: 0.102ms 4096k at:0xcca00000 Alloc LP ( 820M) 27.703s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xcc600000 Alloc LP ( 824M) 28.250s: 0.311ms 14336k at:0xcb800000 Alloc LP ( 838M) 28.250s: 0.305ms 14336k at:0xcaa00000 Alloc LP ( 852M) 28.313s: 0.130ms 14336k at:0xcb800000 Free ( 838M) 29.110s: 0.309ms 14336k at:0xcb800000 Alloc LP ( 852M) 29.219s: 0.377ms 16384k at:0xc9a00000 Alloc LP ( 868M) 29.547s: 0.104ms 4096k at:0xc9600000 Alloc LP ( 872M) 29.547s: 0.096ms 4096k at:0xc9200000 Alloc LP ( 876M) 29.547s: 0.093ms 4096k at:0xc8e00000 Alloc LP ( 880M) 29.547s: 0.110ms 4096k at:0xc8a00000 Alloc LP ( 884M) 29.625s: 0.034ms 4096k at:0xc8a00000 Free ( 880M) 29.719s: 0.406ms 18432k at:0xc7c00000 Alloc LP ( 898M) 29.719s: 0.059ms 4096k at:0xc9200000 Free ( 894M) 30.375s: 0.035ms 4096k at:0xc8e00000 Free ( 890M) 32.156s: 0.397ms 18432k at:0xc6a00000 Alloc LP ( 908M) 36.156s: 0.007ms 16k at:0x1d700000 Alloc SP ( 908M) 36.485s: 0.407ms 18432k at:0xc5800000 Alloc LP ( 926M) 42.891s: 0.103ms 4096k at:0xc9200000 Alloc LP ( 930M) 42.891s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xc8e00000 Alloc LP ( 934M) 42.891s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xc5400000 Alloc LP ( 938M) 42.891s: 0.094ms 4096k at:0xc5000000 Alloc LP ( 942M) 51.047s: 0.106ms 4096k at:0xc4c00000 Alloc LP ( 946M) 51.047s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xc4800000 Alloc LP ( 950M) 51.047s: 0.089ms 4096k at:0xc4400000 Alloc LP ( 954M) 51.047s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xc4000000 Alloc LP ( 958M) 51.656s: 0.469ms 18432k at:0xc2e00000 Alloc LP ( 976M) 51.672s: 0.136ms 18432k at:0xc2e00000 Free ( 958M) 51.688s: 0.411ms 18432k at:0xc2e00000 Alloc LP ( 976M) 56.110s: 0.106ms 4096k at:0xc2a00000 Alloc LP ( 980M) 56.110s: 0.094ms 4096k at:0xc2600000 Alloc LP ( 984M) 56.110s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xc2200000 Alloc LP ( 988M) 56.110s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xc1e00000 Alloc LP ( 992M) 57.610s: 0.006ms 16k at:0x1d940000 Alloc SP ( 992M) 58.281s: 0.103ms 4096k at:0xc1a00000 Alloc LP ( 996M) 58.281s: 0.099ms 4096k at:0xc1600000 Alloc LP (1000M) 58.281s: 0.093ms 4096k at:0xc1200000 Alloc LP (1004M) 58.297s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xc0e00000 Alloc LP (1008M) 63.781s: 0.104ms 4096k at:0xc0a00000 Alloc LP (1012M) 63.781s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xc0600000 Alloc LP (1016M) 63.781s: 0.090ms 4096k at:0xc0200000 Alloc LP (1020M) 63.781s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xbfe00000 Alloc LP (1024M) 66.750s: 0.412ms 18432k at:0xbec00000 Alloc LP (1042M) 69.860s: 0.115ms 4096k at:0xbe800000 Alloc LP (1046M) 69.860s: 0.111ms 4096k at:0xbe400000 Alloc LP (1050M) 69.860s: 0.112ms 4096k at:0xbe000000 Alloc LP (1054M) 69.860s: 0.114ms 4096k at:0xbdc00000 Alloc LP (1058M) 72.078s: 0.414ms 18432k at:0xbca00000 Alloc LP (1076M) 72.094s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xbe400000 Free (1072M) 72.875s: 0.016ms 16k at:0x1db40000 Alloc SP (1072M) 72.922s: 0.448ms 18432k at:0xbb800000 Alloc LP (1090M) 76.813s: 0.105ms 4096k at:0xbe400000 Alloc LP (1094M) 76.813s: 0.097ms 4096k at:0xbb400000 Alloc LP (1098M) 76.813s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xbb000000 Alloc LP (1102M) 76.813s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xbac00000 Alloc LP (1106M) 93.297s: 0.105ms 4096k at:0xba800000 Alloc LP (1110M) 93.297s: 0.096ms 4096k at:0xba400000 Alloc LP (1114M) 93.313s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xba000000 Alloc LP (1118M) 93.313s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xb9c00000 Alloc LP (1122M) 103.235s: 0.041ms 4096k at:0xba000000 Free (1118M) 104.438s: 0.416ms 18432k at:0xb8a00000 Alloc LP (1136M) 122.828s: 0.111ms 4096k at:0xba000000 Alloc LP (1140M) 122.828s: 0.104ms 4096k at:0xb8600000 Alloc LP (1144M) 122.828s: 0.099ms 4096k at:0xb8200000 Alloc LP (1148M) 122.828s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xb7e00000 Alloc LP (1152M) 149.344s: 0.048ms 6144k at:0xd2800000 Free (1146M) 149.406s: 0.049ms 6144k at:0xd1c00000 Free (1140M) 149.406s: 0.053ms 6144k at:0xd1600000 Free (1134M) 149.406s: 0.055ms 6144k at:0xd2200000 Free (1128M) 149.813s: MFCA req. 151.375s: 0.147ms 6144k at:0xd2800000 Alloc LP (1134M) 151.375s: 0.140ms 6144k at:0xd2200000 Alloc LP (1140M) 151.375s: 0.139ms 6144k at:0xd1c00000 Alloc LP (1146M) 151.391s: 0.138ms 6144k at:0xd1600000 Alloc LP (1152M) 156.141s: 0.080ms 10240k at:0xd7e00000 Free (1142M) 156.485s: 0.034ms 4096k at:0xdde00000 Free (1138M) 156.500s: 0.044ms 4096k at:0xdda00000 Free (1134M) 156.500s: 0.038ms 4096k at:0xdd600000 Free (1130M) 156.500s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xde600000 Free (1126M) 156.500s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xdf200000 Free (1122M) 156.500s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xdc600000 Free (1118M) 156.500s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xdfa00000 Free (1114M) 156.500s: 0.035ms 4096k at:0xdee00000 Free (1110M) 156.500s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xdfe00000 Free (1106M) 156.500s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xe2200000 Free (1102M) 156.500s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xdf600000 Free (1098M) 156.500s: 0.045ms 4096k at:0xe0e00000 Free (1094M) 156.500s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe2a00000 Free (1090M) 156.500s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe3a00000 Free (1086M) 156.516s: 0.038ms 4096k at:0xe0600000 Free (1082M) 156.516s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xe1200000 Free (1078M) 156.516s: 0.033ms 4096k at:0xe0200000 Free (1074M) 156.516s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xe1e00000 Free (1070M) 156.516s: MFCA req. 156.516s: 0.134ms 18432k at:0xeda00000 Free (1052M) 156.516s: 0.134ms 18432k at:0xec800000 Free (1034M) 156.531s: 0.034ms 4096k at:0xd7600000 Free (1030M) 156.531s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xd6e00000 Free (1026M) 156.531s: 0.040ms 4096k at:0xd7200000 Free (1022M) 156.547s: 0.476ms 67584k at:0xefc00000 Free ( 956M) 156.547s: 0.033ms 4096k at:0xdea00000 Free ( 952M) 156.563s: 0.035ms 4096k at:0xe0a00000 Free ( 948M) 156.563s: 0.034ms 4096k at:0xe2600000 Free ( 944M) 156.563s: 0.134ms 18432k at:0xeb600000 Free ( 926M) 156.563s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe9200000 Free ( 922M) 156.563s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xe3600000 Free ( 918M) 156.563s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe1600000 Free ( 914M) 156.563s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xe1a00000 Free ( 910M) 156.578s: 0.040ms 4096k at:0xdd200000 Free ( 906M) 156.578s: 0.033ms 4096k at:0xde200000 Free ( 902M) 156.578s: 0.034ms 4096k at:0xe2e00000 Free ( 898M) 156.578s: 0.034ms 4096k at:0xd0a00000 Free ( 894M) 156.578s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xd0200000 Free ( 890M) 156.594s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xd0e00000 Free ( 886M) 156.594s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xce200000 Free ( 882M) 156.594s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xcd600000 Free ( 878M) 156.594s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xcf600000 Free ( 874M) 156.594s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xd1200000 Free ( 870M) 156.594s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xcfe00000 Free ( 866M) 156.688s: 0.035ms 4096k at:0xcfa00000 Free ( 862M) 156.688s: 0.038ms 4096k at:0xcea00000 Free ( 858M) 156.688s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe4200000 Free ( 854M) 156.922s: 0.033ms 4096k at:0xea200000 Free ( 850M) 156.938s: 0.038ms 4096k at:0xd0600000 Free ( 846M) 156.938s: 0.036ms 4096k at:0xd6a00000 Free ( 842M) 156.938s: 0.048ms 4096k at:0xd5200000 Free ( 838M) 156.953s: 0.281ms 34816k at:0xf7400000 Free ( 804M) 158.266s: 0.035ms 4096k at:0xd5600000 Free ( 800M) 158.266s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xd4200000 Free ( 796M) 158.328s: 0.036ms 4096k at:0xcee00000 Free ( 792M) 158.328s: 0.034ms 4096k at:0xd4e00000 Free ( 788M) 158.344s: 0.035ms 4096k at:0xfbc00000 Free ( 784M) 158.344s: 0.044ms 4096k at:0xd3200000 Free ( 780M) 158.344s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xf6000000 Free ( 776M) 158.344s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xf5c00000 Free ( 772M) 158.344s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xeb200000 Free ( 768M) 158.344s: 0.033ms 4096k at:0xef000000 Free ( 764M) 158.344s: 0.040ms 4096k at:0xef400000 Free ( 760M) 158.360s: 0.049ms 6144k at:0xd1600000 Free ( 754M) 158.360s: 0.055ms 6144k at:0xd1c00000 Free ( 748M) 158.360s: 0.057ms 6144k at:0xd2200000 Free ( 742M) 158.360s: 0.046ms 6144k at:0xd2800000 Free ( 736M) 158.360s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xb7e00000 Free ( 732M) 158.360s: 0.036ms 4096k at:0xb8200000 Free ( 728M) 158.360s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xb8600000 Free ( 724M) 158.360s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xba000000 Free ( 720M) 158.360s: 0.156ms 18432k at:0xb8a00000 Free ( 702M) 158.360s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xb9c00000 Free ( 698M) 158.360s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xba400000 Free ( 694M) 158.375s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xba800000 Free ( 690M) 158.375s: 0.043ms 4096k at:0xbac00000 Free ( 686M) 158.375s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xbb000000 Free ( 682M) 158.375s: 0.040ms 4096k at:0xbb400000 Free ( 678M) 158.375s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xbe400000 Free ( 674M) 158.375s: 0.161ms 18432k at:0xbb800000 Free ( 656M) 158.375s: 0.133ms 18432k at:0xbca00000 Free ( 638M) 158.375s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xbdc00000 Free ( 634M) 158.375s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xbe000000 Free ( 630M) 158.375s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xbe800000 Free ( 626M) 158.375s: 0.157ms 18432k at:0xbec00000 Free ( 608M) 158.375s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xbfe00000 Free ( 604M) 158.375s: 0.038ms 4096k at:0xc0200000 Free ( 600M) 158.391s: 0.042ms 4096k at:0xc0600000 Free ( 596M) 158.391s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xc0a00000 Free ( 592M) 158.391s: 0.034ms 4096k at:0xc0e00000 Free ( 588M) 158.391s: 0.038ms 4096k at:0xc1200000 Free ( 584M) 158.391s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xc1600000 Free ( 580M) 158.391s: 0.042ms 4096k at:0xc1a00000 Free ( 576M) 158.391s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xc1e00000 Free ( 572M) 158.391s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xc2200000 Free ( 568M) 158.391s: 0.034ms 4096k at:0xc2600000 Free ( 564M) 158.391s: 0.034ms 4096k at:0xc2a00000 Free ( 560M) 158.391s: 0.133ms 18432k at:0xc2e00000 Free ( 542M) 158.391s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xc4000000 Free ( 538M) 158.391s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xc4400000 Free ( 534M) 158.391s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xc4800000 Free ( 530M) 158.406s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xc4c00000 Free ( 526M) 158.406s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xc5000000 Free ( 522M) 158.406s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xc5400000 Free ( 518M) 158.406s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xc8e00000 Free ( 514M) 158.406s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xc9200000 Free ( 510M) 158.406s: 0.135ms 18432k at:0xc5800000 Free ( 492M) 158.406s: 0.133ms 18432k at:0xc6a00000 Free ( 474M) 158.406s: 0.134ms 18432k at:0xc7c00000 Free ( 456M) 158.406s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xc9600000 Free ( 452M) 158.406s: 0.119ms 16384k at:0xc9a00000 Free ( 436M) 158.406s: 0.106ms 14336k at:0xcb800000 Free ( 422M) 158.406s: 0.107ms 14336k at:0xcaa00000 Free ( 408M) 158.406s: 0.035ms 4096k at:0xcc600000 Free ( 404M) 158.422s: 0.033ms 4096k at:0xcca00000 Free ( 400M) 158.422s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xcce00000 Free ( 396M) 158.422s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xcd200000 Free ( 392M) 158.422s: 0.043ms 4096k at:0xcda00000 Free ( 388M) 158.422s: 0.035ms 4096k at:0xcde00000 Free ( 384M) 158.422s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xce600000 Free ( 380M) 158.422s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xcf200000 Free ( 376M) 158.422s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xd2e00000 Free ( 372M) 158.422s: 0.047ms 4096k at:0xd3600000 Free ( 368M) 158.422s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xd3a00000 Free ( 364M) 158.422s: 0.043ms 4096k at:0xd3e00000 Free ( 360M) 158.422s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xd4600000 Free ( 356M) 158.422s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xd4a00000 Free ( 352M) 158.422s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xd5a00000 Free ( 348M) 158.438s: 0.034ms 4096k at:0xd5e00000 Free ( 344M) 158.438s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xd6200000 Free ( 340M) 158.438s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xd6600000 Free ( 336M) 158.438s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xd7a00000 Free ( 332M) 158.438s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xd8800000 Free ( 328M) 158.438s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xd8c00000 Free ( 324M) 158.438s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xd9000000 Free ( 320M) 158.438s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xd9400000 Free ( 316M) 158.438s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xd9800000 Free ( 312M) 158.438s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xd9c00000 Free ( 308M) 158.438s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xda000000 Free ( 304M) 158.438s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xda400000 Free ( 300M) 158.438s: 0.104ms 14336k at:0xda800000 Free ( 286M) 158.438s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xdb600000 Free ( 282M) 158.453s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xdba00000 Free ( 278M) 158.453s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xdbe00000 Free ( 274M) 158.453s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xdc200000 Free ( 270M) 158.453s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xdca00000 Free ( 266M) 158.453s: 0.038ms 4096k at:0xdce00000 Free ( 262M) 158.453s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xe3200000 Free ( 258M) 158.453s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe3e00000 Free ( 254M) 158.453s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xe4600000 Free ( 250M) 158.453s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe4a00000 Free ( 246M) 158.453s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xe4e00000 Free ( 242M) 158.453s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xe5200000 Free ( 238M) 158.453s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xe5600000 Free ( 234M) 158.453s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe5a00000 Free ( 230M) 158.453s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xe5e00000 Free ( 226M) 158.469s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe6200000 Free ( 222M) 158.469s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xe6600000 Free ( 218M) 158.469s: 0.041ms 4096k at:0xe6a00000 Free ( 214M) 158.469s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xe6e00000 Free ( 210M) 158.469s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe7200000 Free ( 206M) 158.469s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xe7600000 Free ( 202M) 158.469s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe7a00000 Free ( 198M) 158.469s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xe7e00000 Free ( 194M) 158.469s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe8200000 Free ( 190M) 158.469s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xe8600000 Free ( 186M) 158.469s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe8a00000 Free ( 182M) 158.469s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xe8e00000 Free ( 178M) 158.469s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe9600000 Free ( 174M) 158.469s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xe9a00000 Free ( 170M) 158.469s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xe9e00000 Free ( 166M) 158.485s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xea600000 Free ( 162M) 158.485s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xeaa00000 Free ( 158M) 158.485s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xeae00000 Free ( 154M) 158.485s: 0.033ms 4096k at:0xeec00000 Free ( 150M) 158.485s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xef800000 Free ( 146M) 158.485s: 0.047ms 6144k at:0xf3e00000 Free ( 140M) 158.485s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xf4400000 Free ( 136M) 158.485s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xf4800000 Free ( 132M) 158.485s: 0.031ms 4096k at:0xf4c00000 Free ( 128M) 158.485s: 0.032ms 4096k at:0xf5000000 Free ( 124M) 158.485s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xf5400000 Free ( 120M) 158.485s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xf5800000 Free ( 116M) 158.485s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xf6400000 Free ( 112M) 158.500s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xf6800000 Free ( 108M) 158.500s: 0.041ms 4096k at:0xf6c00000 Free ( 104M) 158.500s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xf7000000 Free ( 100M) 158.500s: 0.121ms 14336k at:0xf9600000 Free ( 86M) 158.500s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xfa400000 Free ( 82M) 158.500s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xfa800000 Free ( 78M) 158.500s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xfac00000 Free ( 74M) 158.500s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xfb000000 Free ( 70M) 158.500s: 0.038ms 4096k at:0xfb400000 Free ( 66M) 158.500s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xfb800000 Free ( 62M) 158.500s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xfc000000 Free ( 58M) 158.500s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xfc400000 Free ( 54M) 158.500s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xfc800000 Free ( 50M) 158.500s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xfcc00000 Free ( 46M) 158.500s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xfd000000 Free ( 42M) 158.516s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xfd400000 Free ( 38M) 158.516s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xfd800000 Free ( 34M) 158.516s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xfdc00000 Free ( 30M) 158.516s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xfe000000 Free ( 26M) 158.516s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xfe400000 Free ( 22M) 158.516s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xfe800000 Free ( 18M) 158.516s: 0.039ms 4096k at:0xfec00000 Free ( 14M) 158.516s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0xff000000 Free ( 10M) 158.516s: 0.075ms 8192k at:0xff400000 Free ( 2M) 158.516s: 0.020ms 2048k at:0xffc00000 Free ( 0M) 158.516s: regAllocTotalDur: 29.015ms LOCstat: 25624/28668:89.4% TLSLeft: 2
  10. Sure I might have been a bit harsh in the wording. Though the "dont listen to others" comment is referring to if the 7990 is a good performance / price card, and the bashing it got in a previous post. It is and that's why the "bad" wording post, though I do apologize for the hasty and bad taste in wording .
  11. Don't listen to the others, they don't know what they are talking about. I run the 4770k and 7990. Overclocking to (CPU @ 4.3 , GPU 1100/1600) i run the single player at 60 ++ fps with everything cranked up. It auto-detected ultra settings out of the box, and the viewing distance was excellent (cant remember the exact number). Using SMAA (high) i get the best performance and the graphics just blows me away. Just remember to turn V-sync off. The 7990 can have some throttling issues, but it can be fixed with using MSI Afterburner or flashing a custom bios. Remember to turn off ULPS (can do it in settings of afterburner) (sorry could not post links)