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  1. Hello, I have noticed Arma 2/OA ALT-TABBING slowly/with a delay and black screen in the process ever since i switched from Windows 7 to 10. A2/OA would ALWAYS alt-tab instantly while my PC was on Win7 and ever since switching to 10 these problems have started, this bothers me a lot as i like to be able to switch between things quickly. :( I have talked to a friend running Win10 and he is able to confirm A2 + some other games that he used to be able to alt-tab in/out of instantly on 7 being slow and delayed on Win10. I presume this is a microsoft issue, and it seems like there are some other people also experiencing similar issues with several games. Feel free to post in this steam discussion: http://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/541907867752526246/ I guess it's windowed mode for the time being, anyone else noticed this problem since switching to Windows 10?
  2. Markokil321

    Unable to install Arma 2/Operation Arrowhead

    The latest (1.63) OA/CO builds are STEAM only (due to shutdown/switch from GameSpy), so i assume that could be a reason as to why you're having trouble installing them from the website. If you have a STEAM account, you are able to redeem both the A2 and OA key via 'Activate a Product on Steam' and should then be able to install/run both games fine from there. Personally i have no experience with Windows 10 and haven't heard any feedback from others on whether the games work with it or not, but i would recommend you try installing both through STEAM first if you haven't already. On a side note, very much looking forward to W10! :cool:
  3. Would you be able to so something in regards to these messages seen in client and server.RPT. (using beta branch, though messages were also seen before that) 16:33:47 Warning: looped for animation: ca\anims\characters\data\anim\sdr\mov\erc\wlk\non\non\amovpercmwlksnonwnondf.rtm differs (looped now 0)! MoveName: amovpercmstpsnonwnondnon_amovpercmstpsraswpstdnon 16:33:47 Warning: looped for animation: ca\anims\characters\data\anim\sdr\mov\erc\wlk\non\non\amovpercmwlksnonwnondf.rtm differs (looped now 1)! MoveName: amovpercmrunsnonwbindf_rfl 17:24:41 Warning: looped for animation: ca\anims\characters\data\anim\sdr\mov\erc\stp\non\non\amovpercmstpsnonwnondnon_amovpercmstpsraswpstdnon_end.rtm differs (looped now 0)! MoveName: amovpercmstpsnonwnondnon_amovpercmstpsraswpstdnon_end
  4. Awesome work Goliath, have downloaded v1.0.0.24 and will report any issues found. ;) Quick question, (i understand this version may be the 'final' one, but wanted to ask about this anyway incase you decide to ever add more fixes) removeMagazinesTurret /setVehicleAmmo 0 will 'force lock' your screen facing forward and will no longer allow you to move the gun/your view around. This bug only occurs with Helicopter turrets, Land vehicles do not have this problem. Reproduce: 1. Get into a UH1Y gunner, 2. run: vehicle player removeMagazinesTurret ["2000Rnd_762x51_M134",[0]] 3. Observe what happens to your view/screen. Clearing vehicle ammo is a big part of a current popular mod, and this bug is pretty frustrating. Would be awesome if someone could somehow resolve this.
  5. Hey Goliath, Have come across this recently: https://dev.withsix.com/issues/76065 - extra thread: http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/33045-releasefix-bugs-unconscious-and-invisible-for-ai-humanity-boost/ Haven't been able to test/confirm myself yet, but was just wondering whether this is possibly something you would be able to check out/resolve in CorePatch. Thanks for all your great work!
  6. Thank you again goliath, especially for fixing Bitter Chill and the CCP feature Nr. 67651. Awesome work mate! I'm very happy if CorePatch would be integrated into OA officially.
  7. I have in the past had issues with refresh rate changing when using ALT + ENTER to switch between windowed and full-screen. It would switch from 60 to 30 every time i changed back to full screen, i still believe its driver/GPU related issue? But ye making the change there will fix it.. until it reoccur's :eek:
  8. Just came across this now, thanks for all your work these years .Kju!! :) Hoping someone is able/willing to continue development of these projects in the future at some point.
  9. Awesome dude, great work!! :cool:
  10. Markokil321

    ArmA 2: OA Pre-EoL Update - Thank you!

    For the people willing to contribute in the discussion regarding this OA Update, join this public Skype group set up by Dwarden. Arma 2: OA pre-EOL (end-of-life) update done right: skype:?chat&blob=iRmkMwVHquGqTjcraHdsABzkSXXatQTHhm-Rv4BELk3Ai3J9PUu-MXLWHSMEy_hSuhhzoB93eftZ
  11. Hello all, I write this as a long time player and supporter of all the ArmA releases, i have have not spent much time on the forums until recently but have been playing ever since OFP. I would like to say a big thank you to Dwarden and everyone else in the team that were able to organize this Pre EoL update for Arma 2: OA. Arma 2 has always been my favorite of the series up to now, and it would have been very sad to have seen the end of life come with so many critical unresolved problems and bugs. I will be looking forward to this update (and am sure very many others will too) and i really hope BIS allocates the needed and required resources / staffing into this to pull off the update properly and the 'right' way - ARMA 2: CO/OA DESERVES A PROPER CLOSING CHAPTER!!! I will gladly help out in the testing/feedback of any beta patches for this update that get released (if this path is chosen), this is easy enough to do using Steam. It would be great to see as many community members also lend a supportive hand in any way possible. So again a big thanks to Dwarden <--(this man deserves raise) and the rest of BIS team for tackling this project, and best of luck in doing so! Regards :) Marko For the people willing to contribute in the discussion regarding this OA Update, join this public Skype group set up by Dwarden. Arma 2: OA pre-EOL (end-of-life) update done right: skype:?chat&blob=iRmkMwVHquGqTjcraHdsABzkSXXatQTHhm-Rv4BELk3Ai3J9PUu-MXLWHSMEy_hSuhhzoB93eftZ PS. Please if replying keep this thread clean of any unnecessary spam/hate/demands, this is simply me saying thank you for something i have hoped would happen for a long time already!
  12. Markokil321

    Bitter Chill Mystery

    This has been fixed by goliath86 in his CorePatch for OA: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?184371-WIP-CorePatch-config-patch-for-ArmA-2-OA
  13. Markokil321

    Need help, server is not responding

    The steam friend "Join Game" is broken 99% of the time in OA 1.63.125548. - Just like almost all other query related things which are different since steam-works switch (1.63). I have this issue all the time, rarely do i get a server i can connect to through steam. He should still be able to join your server by filtering it in the MP browser or through remote connect. Really hoping they address this issue in the next update..
  14. Markokil321

    Bitter Chill Mystery

    Yes i can confirm this problem is occurring with un-modded 1.63.125548 I hope BIS or someone else is able to resolve this.
  15. Markokil321

    ArmA 2: OA Pre-EoL Update - Thank you!

    I heard this too (and this is great). Also hoping many of the other community put through issues will be addressed and that this update is done properly so we can all have a proper closing. :)
  16. Markokil321

    drag and drop

    And thank you very much also for posting in the wrong section. :rolleyes: If you require help with Arma 3 it can only be logical to post inside the A3 sub forums... Also, a very quick google search of "Arma 3 Inventory" would have almost certainly resolved your problem, so GG. (you say drag and drop wasn't working for you yet that's mainly how i do it.)
  17. Despite this being an old thread i have up-voted both on this poll and the A3 feedback tracker. This would be a great feature and it's a shame it hasn't been added to any of the ArmA's by now. (6 years..) If this does get worked on for A3 i believe it should be a necessity to add it for the A2: OA/CO EOL patch aswell! :cool:
  18. Hello (haven't had time to read through whole thread yet.) We are seeing an impact/destabilization in server FPS when either of the Amphibian cessna's are spawned in or used ingame (MP). (Effects: GNT_C185E, GNT_C185F) The out traffic also greatly increases if a player was to get into either of the Amphibian planes and would stay this high until the vehicle gets deleted. This does not happen if any of the other cessnas are used or any other non modded vehicle is used. Without cessna (1 player ingame no ai): http://i.imgur.com/KWgxFbi.png (269 kB) With one amphibian cessna + me inside it. (1 player ingame no ai): http://i.imgur.com/YhWD7Xo.png (283 kB) I have heard of other people reprting performance related issues while using the amphibian cessna's, is there anything that could be done to prevent this? Great mod either way :)
  19. Markokil321

    The Username Change/Merge Thread

    Hello, Please change my username to: Markokil321 (capital M, was a typo of mine ;)) Thanks
  20. Great job dudes! :D Honestly it's awesome there are people still willing to fix problems for A2/OA and then share them with everyone. Keep it up!! (May want to fix small typo: v1.0.0.18 (07/01/2014) as it's 2015 already hehe)
  21. Markokil321

    Arma 2: OA not launching at all.

    I heard this was a temporary issue on BE's side? Has the problem fixed itself for you?
  22. Wow this looks very nice man! :)
  23. Yes this is part of the new BE update. Maybe consider contacting BE through their site and see if he will prevent that if it is causing you a big inconvenience
  24. Markokil321

    How does BIS treat a loyal customer?

    I have always gotten a reply from Bastian (BattlEye) whenever i sent him an email with a question or issue. (never been globally banned though) so i wouldn't believe he purposely is not replying to you. Anyways BE bans are clearly mentioned in this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?145530-Globally-banned-by-BattlEye-See-this I also heard BE now bans across games? (A3,SA?) I am yet to find someone who got global banned without any reason at all, however anything can happen i guess.. You are the only one at loss for getting steam to remove your games from your account.
  25. Markokil321

    Offering help

    If there ever is another beta patch that gets released... I'd me more than willing to do some hardcore testing with a couple of mates, got populated servers and too much free time on my hands :cool: