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    Didn't read all the posts, but I guess nobody asked yet. I like this mod, but what I really hate are these zombies. I just want some post-apo SP map, with enemies trying to make my life harder. So, the question is, can I somehow get rid of all the zombies? I don't want them to spawn, I don't want to see them and I don't want to kill them anymore. Is it possible somehow? Why every survival mode has to have zombies?
  2. So, can I have my accounts merged?
  3. Hi, merge my account with another, please. The second acc is Tejkr. I obviously made two similar accounts awhile ago and when forum upgraded, I couldn't login, but I "accidentaly" recovered pass for my older acc with no posts. Tejkr is acc with my addon I'm working on and I need my private messages. I can't recover its password, because email is maybe like deactivated. Thank you!
  4. Yes, I was wandering if it's game thing and obviously it is. I get used to just press the key and get down again, but they should probably fix it.
  5. Finishing the mod, just few more quick missions to do and I could just send it. What I have to do: make proper quadbike texture, improve huntcam (the orange digi camo) SUV texture. First, these boys in orange digital camo clothes will be released, with littlebirds, some cars and black mk20s. Pack of mission with Stratis Hunting (training) Grounds and some Altis direct action stuff. Next there is my SWAT, called TRU (Tactical Response Unit) with some black machinery and gear. Another addon to release is Field Team, altogether with Altis Digital Camo, highly effective ingame. After that, I will release other camos (woodland, desert, winter and urban) with even more camo vests and helmets (like mountain, clay brown, vegetation desert, industrial city...) Field Navy will be the last addon to release. Then there are growers and green squad, just humble reskins, but they will be send out too. That's the plan. Now lets stick to it and get some work done.
  6. Tejk

    New forums, you decide

    Like the design, hate the performance, the fact that all my PMs were deleted, "you don't have permission" for stuff I should have permission for, log in, reset password issue, and since I'm logged, reset works (but I've just reset it to same pass), but man, I wanted to learn Koran so someone will give me a bomb to express my hate on this update. I needed the forum yesterday, it didn't work. Today, links didn't work and I couldn't log in. I can't edit my old topic. I can't look at my likes :( I mean, I chose "I don't care", because it will get well and I will get used to it. But it's fail right now and I want to say it's fail. Nice desing tho :D Second try: I take it all back. It's just fail. Quick posting doesn't work and what's more... when I reloaded page to see, if I did post it, it returned me back to main page, without even option to get back to previous page so I had to search for this topic again... I don't even think that the "white background/grey font" is any good idea... And I could just capture the main page and then mark every flaw in design and there's plenty. That screen would be red with marks, starting with that forum button, that stretches the whole upward panel...