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  1. Hi guys & girls, we wrote a small script about a radiation-area and came across with some ideas and sounds that will simulate small radiation zones with a geiger counter sound. You will find 3 zones. zone 1: Big and less geiger reaction + small eyereaction (ppeffects) zone 2: Medium reaction + medium eyereaction (ppeffects) zone 3: high reaction + change color of the world, reaction with the eyes (ppeffects) If you want to add damage, its up to you. We chose a script without using triggers. Examplemission: Download First we wrote a function: "function" Folder in your "Missionfolder" Themissionname / functions / fnc_RADSi.sqf /* Author: zinki && Cigaro Description: Simulation of radioactive areas, [getMarkerPos "Radiaktiv1", 500, 400, 200] Parameter: 0: Position (i.e. getMarkerPos "markerName" or getPos ObjectName) 1: Frist distance/Radius in meter 2: Secound distance/Radius in meter 3: Third distance/Radius in meter Execute:: init.sqf: TSS_fnc_RADS = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "functions\fnc_RADSi.sqf"; radio.sqf: _handle = [getMarkerPos "Radiaktiv1", 500, 400, 200] spawn TSS_fnc_RADS; _handle = [getMarkerPos "Markername", lowredarea, midradare, highradarea] spawn TSS_fnc_RADS; */ if (!hasInterface) exitWith {}; #define __DELAY getNumber (missionConfigFile >> "CfgSounds" >> _sound >> "delay") #define __DISTANCE (player distance _pos) Params ["_pos", "_dis1", "_dis2", "_dis3"]; waitUntil {sleep 20; __DISTANCE < _dis1}; while {true} do { if (__DISTANCE < _dis1 && {__DISTANCE > _dis2}) then { _sound = "RadiationLow"; playsound _sound; _ppradlow = ppEffectCreate ["dynamicBlur", 20]; _ppradlow ppEffectEnable true; _ppradlow ppEffectAdjust [0.4]; _ppradlow ppEffectCommit 2; sleep __DELAY; }; if (__DISTANCE > _dis1) then { _ppradlow = ppEffectCreate ["dynamicBlur", 20]; _ppradlow ppEffectEnable false; }; if (__DISTANCE < _dis2 && {__DISTANCE > _dis3}) then { _sound = "RadiationMedium"; playsound _sound; _ppradmid = ppEffectCreate ["dynamicBlur", 21]; _ppradmid ppEffectEnable true; _ppradmid ppEffectAdjust [0.9]; _ppradmid ppEffectCommit 3; sleep __DELAY; }; if (__DISTANCE > _dis2) then { _ppradmid = ppEffectCreate ["dynamicBlur", 21]; _ppradmid ppEffectEnable false; }; if (__DISTANCE < _dis3) then { _sound = "RadiationHigh"; playsound _sound; _ppradhigh1 = ppEffectCreate ["filmGrain", 23]; _ppradhigh1 ppEffectEnable true; _ppradhigh1 ppEffectAdjust [0.1, -5, 0.1, 0.01, 5, false]; _ppradhigh1 ppEffectCommit 4; _ppradhigh2 = ppEffectCreate ["radialBlur", 24]; _ppradhigh2 ppEffectEnable true; _ppradhigh2 ppEffectAdjust [0.01,0.01,0.15,0.15]; _ppradhigh2 ppEffectCommit 4; _ppradhigh3 = ppEffectCreate ["ColorCorrections", 25]; _ppradhigh3 ppEffectEnable true; _ppradhigh3 ppEffectAdjust [1, 1, 0, [0, 0, 0, 0.72],[5, 5, 5, -0.48],[0.2, 0.59, 0.11, 0]]; _ppradhigh3 ppEffectCommit 4; sleep __DELAY; }; if (__DISTANCE > _dis3) then { _ppradhigh1 = ppEffectCreate ["filmGrain", 23]; _ppradhigh2 = ppEffectCreate ["radialBlur", 24]; _ppradhigh3 = ppEffectCreate ["ColorCorrections", 25]; _ppradhigh1 ppEffectEnable false; _ppradhigh2 ppEffectEnable false; _ppradhigh3 ppEffectEnable false; }; }; Next step: init.sqf TSS_fnc_RADS = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "functions\fnc_RADSi.sqf"; execVM "scripts\radio.sqf"; Place a marker (empty) in the world. This marker should named (by example) like this: "Radiaktiv1". you should add a sqf file with this name: radio.sqf (or whatever you want) In this file, add this line: _handle = [getMarkerPos "Radiaktiv1", 100, 50, 10] spawn TSS_fnc_RADS; Radiaktive1: Name of a marker(empty) that should be a radioavtive zone 100 = big zone, 100meter, less radiation 50 = mid zone, 50 meter, medium radiation 10 = high zone, 10 meter, high radiation, high effect Ok, everything is ready. The function uses 3 sounds from the geigercountersound. These sounds will be in the examplemission. If you wanne change these sounds, just go ahead. The example mission can be downloaded on top of this post. IF this is enough for you, just play with it, use it for your missions, a small link to the real script or just a small sentence for the writer would be great. BUT, we have a small question to everyone with good knowlege of scripting in Arma 3. If someone knows how to write a function or script with a better performence, please let us know. If also someone knows a way to start this script on a server and not on every client, we would be very happy. Ok, thats it, have fun with this script Cigar0
  2. Ok just added a sleep behind it. Thank You ;-)
  3. Hey, great idea. Is it possible to aktivate just the base building? Because, there is no Special and good basebuildingmod or script.
  4. Hi guys and girls, is it possible to hide the connect or diconnect text ingame? If someone is able to write somehting to do this, it would be so great for every milsimulation mission. Because now you will just know, if a player died or not, because of the disconnet text.
  5. So, if you run this Script like in the tutorial, the server will execute it and it will work in MP as well? I wrote you a PM
  6. Maybe if !isServer exitWith {}; on the beginning of the whole script?
  7. cigar0

    Post Processing script?

    All you need is here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Post_process_effects put it into your init.sqf and everything is okay
  8. cigar0

    [WIP] Video Streaming Mod

    This would be so great.
  9. cigar0

    Play 3d sound

    Add the Sounddata in the mission folder. open discription.ext and add somehting like this: So, you see the example with 2 Sounddatas. Now you build a trigger ingame and open up a sqf file in the activation line. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/execVM Build a Gamelogic with a Name. In this sqf file you start it with the cba playsound3dglobal function. [Gamelogicname, "Data1",10000] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d; PLZ youse cba, its very important for just...everything. :-) Try
  10. cigar0

    Play 3d sound

    May i hep you :-) The ogg from Audacity is a little bit.... naaa i've no idea why the ogg from Audacity is not working with arma 3. What i know is that you can upload your ogg here: http://www.online-convert.com/ And convert it again to ogg file. This file always work correctly.
  11. cigar0

    [WIP] Video Streaming Mod

    Hi, sorry but, is it possible to read maybe something new about this. I love this great idea.
  12. cigar0

    Vehicle Towing Script

    Attachto is by far not the best way to do this. I remember, there was a script for A2. It was very good, don't know the name.
  13. cigar0

    [Release] Bens Drag&Drop

    Ah very good, was trying this also but have no time for updating my Drag&Drop Script. Nice work !
  14. Drag&Drop System --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- v 0.2 Multiplayer: Yes by [TSS] Cigar0 Download ExampleMission You should drag bigger objects. http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/201403160000nd4bm72v6f.jpg http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/201403160000823rb0tzx1.jpg http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/2014031600006cjnsazf38.jpg http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/201403160000e04zxf2yod.jpg http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/2014031600000hx1qf7yzs.jpg You can see, it works together with igiLoad ;-) That the goal. Small Objects will be attached on the back. Its possible to edit every position of all small carryable objects. http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/201403160000jeui2yto0k.jpg http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/201403160000ce0d9ji7zo.jpg http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/2014031600002d854kt63h.jpg http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/201403160000ew08f3no1k.jpg Install: 1) Place a object on the map, best way is to place a object that supports igiLoad: By example: Box_NATO_Ammo_F Objectname: Chest1 2) Write this in the init of the object: You see, we will performe a addaction on this object with the Text "Drag". Its also possible to put a Icon instead of the Text: "<img image='Take.jpg' size='4.8' shadow=1 />" 3) create a folder "Objects" in you missionfolder. 4) Now we need a sqf file, called "Attach_big.sqf" Attach_big.sqf: 5) "Detach_big.sqf": --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Attach_small.sqf: Detach_small.sqf --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- changelog 0.2 - added statusicons in the left cornor (dragging, carrying) - small codechanges --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Okay, now a question. I'am busy and someone with the possibility of scripting could do something very good. We need to implement the whole script in one init.sqf. We need to activate the classnames with addaction. Othervise you see: You need to create 2 sqf file for one object. If you try to do this for 10 Objects, we need 20 sqf files. We need a better way to do this. If you like this idea, you will find maybe good information on this site: TSS Forum Its in german, i know ;-)
  15. This is only possible if i try to connect the classnames with the drag & drop script. I'am busy, so there is no new version, but in the future i will try for sure.
  16. cigar0

    =BTC= Logistic [A3] - BETA

    Drag & Drop, a simple Script, still in development, but useable.
  17. This should help: You can put your camara script after this.
  18. Nice work. Good idea.
  19. cigar0

    placing a desk

    init of the desk: this enableSimulation false;
  20. AddActionLaptop = Laptop addAction ["<t color=""#1"">" +"Start download","execute.sqf",[],1,true,true,"","_this distance _target < 1"]; instead of #1 its possible to add all different colors. You mean the distance _target. Just change it to the distance you want.
  21. Hi, i wrote a very small script. Its like the C Tab. But: GPS_Script Now its possible to activate the GPS on every object. Its up to you. Maybe a laptop or a radio,... You activate the GPS via small addaction and the gps shows you the vehicles with gps inside on the map after a 30 seconds delay. Also you will hear a small beep and see the GPS Icon. Downloadlink The Download includes all files and data you will need in your missionfolder. Just read the "Readme" in the folder. 5. Place a Marker with a Markername. Maybe a good idea to name the Marker like "Marker_VehicleName" 6. Open the TSS_GPS_Script.sqf Use: GPS=true; /////////////This is the publicvariable of the GPS_activation PublicVariable "GPS"; ///////////// while {GPS} do { ["<img size='2' image='scripts\TSS_GPS.paa'/><br />",(safezoneX- 1.45)/2,-(safezoneH-3.45)/2,10,0,0,3054] spawn bis_fnc_dynamicText; [GPS_Radio, "TSS_GPS"] call CBA_fnc_globalSay3d; while{not isnull vehiclename} do {"Markername" setmarkerpos getpos Vehiclename; sleep 30.0;}; //////////30 seconds until the GPS is sending }; }; 7. Open the TSS_GPS_Script2.sqf You can see the publicvariable for deavtivating the signal Hope you can use it in a mission. Feel free to use it and modify it. ;-)
  22. If we play on a server, should we edit this: if (!isDedicated) then { TCB_AIS_PATH = "ais_injury\"; to: if (!isServer) then { TCB_AIS_PATH = "ais_injury\"; ? Because now we've got the addaction 20 times if someone is hurt.