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  1. Rages123

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    on the insurgents T-72 with the flag (which is cool btw) is there a way to change the flag texture? just want to do it for a picture
  2. Rages123

    UH-1Y Venom

    will this have a service menu in the future?
  3. Rages123

    Arma 2 AV-8B Harrier II Port

    Chairborne, do you plan on adding a service menu? like the f/a18 and various others.
  4. do you plan on working with MrEwok on EOD stuff? since he made the EOD suit and a robot and some other stuff
  5. will you be upgrading the interior lighting/huds to arma 3 type lighting for night? like this http://www.helis.com/h/ah1z_cabin.jpg also do you plan on adding a "Service Menu" later on? like the F/A18
  6. Rages123

    United States Air Force

    MCC its at the bottom under USAF/ or Air Force i forgot exactly the name of it but its near the bottom in MCC
  7. Rages123

    EWK EOD Project

    Looks good!!
  8. Rages123

    EWK EOD Project

    Nice, do you plan on doing the EOD suit in the future? https://warosu.org/data/cgl/img/0064/16/1352970831416.jpg
  9. Rages123

    United States Air Force

    Perals A-10 is released http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24582 the HH60 Pavehawk i saw a few pages back heres a pic i guess they are working on it also http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/155/2/5/2014_06_04_00003_by_atinakiri-d7l2yxu.jpg and dezkit is making the F15 Strike Eagle http://i.imgur.com/A1hbiiA.jpg
  10. Rages123

    United States Air Force

    Yeah. your right i didnt see those.
  11. Rages123

    United States Air Force

    Maybe for a future asset the MH53 Pave Low?(if you want to maybe you can PM this guy, http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13949)? i know its retired and everything but i know a lot of people like it, just a suggestion, i love the USAF mod.
  12. Nice! Since your making the 6x6 does that mean you may make the tow truck someday? like so http://www.wallpaperup.com/uploads/wallpapers/2013/08/09/130135/e6ebde5686ef4df99c03c5cfc0377aa2.jpg would be pretty cool, maybe with the new rope physx thing Bohemia is adding with the "Sling rope transport helo DLC"
  13. Nice! But question, Will it have a "Service Menu" in the future?
  14. Nice update! its epic, Do you plan on adding someday the verbal warnings for the SU35 and the F/A18?
  15. Does SOAR use the Kiowa Warrior? and if so do you also plan that on down the road?
  16. Epic! can you pull it with the hemmett cab?
  17. Will the next update support Fullers USAF Air refueling from the MC-130 and KC135?
  18. I think the tactical laser is broken i can see if but other people say they cant http://i.imgur.com/GKgUVbP.jpg (603 kB) has a little red dot thing on it aswell idk if its a new arma update thing or maybe MCC is causing it?
  19. Nope, works fine for me.
  20. Rages123

    United States Air Force

    if you have adblock disable it, i had to and it worked fine.
  21. Rages123

    United States Air Force

    only thing i found was the AC-130 weapon sounds are extremely loud also this sounds interesting http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?170227-AttachToWithMovement-Walkable-Vehicle-Interriors-and-Exterirors/page7
  22. Rages123

    United States Air Force

    will it have the small camera on the front working? i saw it in Richard's picture
  23. Mirrors are darker for some reason http://i.imgur.com/oY8B5g4.jpg
  24. this is the old topic you may want to post your question on the new one, heres the link http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?176720-United-States-Air-Force/page28