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    Altis Life RPG

    hey tonic, corey from day0. sorry i missed you on our ts last night i seen you there as i was logging off had a few issues with the mission if your about later today jump on our ts ill go though the issues with you
  2. corey88

    Altis Life RPG

    hey is anyone having issues with the new arma update and in game menus being very sluggish. eg taking a few minutes to show up. also when processing any in game item it is very slow and buggy and occasionally get a message saying servicing helicopter. we have tried going back to vanilla and a complete fresh set up with imported db rpt is giving no errors same with arma2net. edit: this dosent happen immediately after a reset but after about an hour. also some player have reported relogging helps
  3. for the HC you need to log in to the steam account its attached to on a local pc and join a BE enabled server with the profile name you wish to use then copy that over to your server. as you need to except the BE licence agreement to join a BE server. there is another way to do this but i cant remember what files need to be edited and where