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  1. I think i have this figured out now thanks to both of you, i think i am able to load from the folder and not the pbo but i can only load it once in Virtual Reality editor how do i quickly reload the mission i tried making a new VR mission and placing down a new asset to test the helmet on and it just showed the old one.
  2. OK thanks ill try that i appreciate all the help you guys are giving me.
  3. I am totally lost I have figured out how to link my P drive but the best info i can find on how file patching works is CMA:DevelopmentSetup and they are talking about double Arma installs and unpacking every pbo in addons and dta folder to P is that necessary ? also i am confused on the PBOPREFIX the example they use is x\myMod\addons\myAddon is x suppose to be the P drive ?
  4. So i need to add the config.cpp into the $PBOPREFIX$ i guess i don't understand what your telling me
  5. I am attempting to change some textures on a few pilot helmets and stumbled across file patching in parameters to allow me to live change the files without needing to repbo,load arma, load the mission repeatedly. I am unsure on how to get it to work i have the mod in the arma 3 folder not in a pbo and i have a $PBOPREFIX$ file that says prefix=arma_3\12thACG but i am unsure of how to get it to load into the launcher so i can test the textures to make sure things line up. Any help would be appreciated or if i am doing it the hard way and you know another way for me to be able to view textures that are on the model so i can line things up easier please let me know thanks
  6. tibador

    Laser Designator mods

  7. If android is out of the question then Win 7 would be absolutely a godsend.
  8. tibador

    Real time Browser Map

    Any news on this i am really looking forward to the GPS mode
  9. tibador

    Real time Browser Map

    Absolutely great work.
  10. tibador

    Real time Browser Map

    Sweet you are doing a great job DemoCore absolutely amazing.
  11. tibador

    Real time Browser Map

    Is it possible to use this map as a real time GPS where it shows your current location and tracks with you so you stay centered?
  12. Do i hear HD maps into your Apache's in arma 3 hehe /beg to start working again on them
  13. tibador

    Real time Browser Map

    How hard would it be to make altis with the ability to turn Enemy's on or off and Friendlies on or off with the option to maybe show only your squad i am just thinking from a Pilots standpoint see other Heli's on the map would be nice but seeing every ground unit might be considered to powerful.
  14. tibador

    Mobile Arma 3 Map Viewer

    Sweet looking forward to your first release cant wait as a pilot this would be invaluable.
  15. tibador

    Mobile Arma 3 Map Viewer

    So how does this load into a browser from the game server and how does that affect performance ?