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  1. I have been playing ARGO just a short time, but I've heard several teammates complain about one person or another with high ping and how they seem to have a jump on us because of connection vs skill. Is this true or possible?? If it is a possible side-effect in the game, how would limiting Max-Ping to 250 or 200 for most servers to keep players on an even lag-advantage? AV8R Bravo Zero One Support Team Virtual Test Pilot/Military Advisor
  2. Thanks for creating Project ARGO...what a great game. Where is it going and what will we see next in this adventure? Cheers, AV8R
  3. I am a supporter and have been commended by Guests daily for helping them learn the game. I play ARGO for the teamwork and tactics and not to troll noobs! BTW, Noob is a good teammate! To increase the player base, we will need to convert the guest into regular players and supporters ;^) What's your ARGO name, what level are you, are you a supporter, are you military, how many friends have added you because of ARGO, what times do you play GMT, have you ever had VAC ban on steam, are you a troll? Just asking. Cheers, AV8R ArmA 3 JETS DLC Dev ARGO Supporter MSgt, USAF Ret.
  4. John_Spartan/Saul F/A-18 SuperHornet MOD
  5. Others have observed this, but here's how I see it from the West Coast of the United States. I log into ARGO, view the server list, the premium servers at the top with no players in any of them the majority of the time. I'm retired, work from home, and jump on ARGO, ARMA, DayZ, and DCS at various hours here and there, and in ARGO much of the time I see no players using the premium servers. When I do find players in the premium, it's one or two servers with maybe one full server of Combat Patrol and one server of Link with 2 players in that . Now the Premium servers from my client connection point offer about 9 servers with green pings of less than 100, many of them in the 50 ms range. When I scroll down to the first public (non-premium) server, the lowest ping (I always sort by ping) and it's 135 at best. I have asked friends from around the world about this, and most observe the same thing. My friends in Australia and New Zealand say they have the fewest good-ping choices and would like to see more quality Oceania servers. As for your view on Guests...I agree, it's frustrating to play with noobs that don't know what to do, hang back or run out and die early. But I started out as a guest, and a good team-player guided me how to setup the ARGO account through my existing BI login, and another good team player, helped me learn how to gain points by staying in the circle, opening boxes (<--make those first-aid please), and eventually, I became a supporter and enjoy ARGO with the right team of tacticians and good sports. The guests just need guidance. We can be their mentors and make them into quality team players. Help them out.
  6. I'm not part of the ARGO team and the public posts are for the benefit of the community. Really Eric...the feedback I place in any public forum is never my own opinion but a recommendation based of of a collection of feedback from hundreds of community players who have shared this info with me but aren't inclined to report it on the forums. I encourage them to submit their ideas here, but they don't feel that it will be taken seriously and they say there's always a guy name Eric that says 'naw, that will never work!' but not your personally, but there's always someone who promotes their opposition to an idea for whatever reasons. I amended my original post and reply to you, sorry I got sarcastic with you as we're are friends and I am one of your two followers in the community. Your feedback is valued. That said, so where do you thing ARGO is going? What will we see next, will we grow the player base? BTW, I have noticed three categories of players in the ARGO community: Supporters, Players with Accounts Login, and Guests...I'm seeing fewer and fewer Guests which indicates many players are signing up for accounts and progressing through the levels. I have many friends that are supporters and to be honest, I paid $10 USD to support ARGO development. Ironically, I received a Christmas Bonus from B01 and BI, the complete 2016-2017 Bohemia All Games Steam Key. But I already own all the BI games and DLCs I use. Does anyone need this Steam Key to get all the current BI games/DLCs?
  7. Hey Eric, what server are you in and when do you play ARGO the most, I'll join you!
  8. AV8R_Six

    Argo Videos

    Awesome work!
  9. AV8R_Six

    Argo Videos

    For all of those who think we have an AIMBOT, try using your weapon optics and sights...you'll have the same AIMBOT we do! Good video RS!
  10. Just a quick survey...how many of us have actually downloaded the ArmA 3 soundtrack to USB or CD to take on the road in our cars? I'm enjoying mine! Cheers! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1200701526
  11. AV8R_Six

    Suggestions for Halloween

    I have my costume all ready to go! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1172516437
  12. Hey, what's the plan for those white containers spread at various points around the map. Are we going to get some medical healing or ammunition resupply in the future. I can see them giving me two more grenades when I've thrown all I have...
  13. AV8R_Six

    Ask us anything!

    Hey EricR...Eagle Scout is from St John, NB...you are correct about Enfusion Game Engine and DayZ. Thanks for being earnest and accurate in your inputs. You are a valued Thread Contributor!
  14. AV8R_Six

    Ask us anything!

    Hi Eric, responding in order to your returns...cheers! 1) Of course I have respawned back at Base in lieu of 1B or 1A...there's really not an issue most of the time, the capability to make areas off limits like in the other two Game Modes is there, and I'm just suggesting it. Wait a minute...your one of those "it will never work!" type of guys aren't you. Eric, is your glass half full or half empty most of the time? 2) Awesome, new game modes coming, can you confirm this? 3) Good! It's a broad area of control...hacker vs troll, racism vs general misconduct, but most of us just want to play a fair game with civility where as we do have all kinds in the community. 4) VR4...Is that brand new or what DayZ converted to last year? <--- New Discussion Altogether! 5) Feedback Tracker - I tried to get that to work, I'm logged in, and will try again. The website is in English with a few mis-translations on it. And I'm not picking apart little things like Color vs Colour...the My Statistic button could be renamed "MY STATS" or My Statistics as there are more than 1, Plural. I had a lot of corrections work I did for ArmA 3 Jets DLC as we had many DEVs on the team with English as a secondary language. EricR, where you from? DW West Coast US
  15. AV8R_Six

    Ask us anything!

    Firing away...but not in full AUTO! I've been playing ARGO for only a few weeks, but from other gaming experiences, I have the following questions in the form of recommendations. - There is nothing to keep people from Spawn Killing say on LINK at 1A or 1B Nodes but generally, we as a group agree that Node 2 is the closest we should go toward the enemy spawn when engaging them. This is a Gentleman's Agreement rule that is accepted by most but not all of the players. You politely ask someone to stop spawn camping and they usually respond with an exploitative and their true "Troll" nature is revealed. But, just as in RAID and CLASH where you have area restrictions on where people can exit or intrude, LINK can have the same areas that retard the ability for enemy players to invade the spawn zone. Can you look at this as a possibility and test it out with a future release? - Several people I play ARGO with, are asking about a "Battle Royale" style of game play. Are we going to see one of those introduced in the future? - SERVER ADMINISTRATION: Now I'm not referring to the mission development and maintenance, I'm talking about general babysitting. Yes, it's unfortunate, but we do have babies in the server. Is there a plan to select ARGO community members or Supporters with integrity and reputation to be Server Admins to counter the Trolling, Racism, Hackers, and Dirty Diapers? - Is ARGO on a different game-engine than ArmA 3? - Were is the forum to suggest spelling corrections on your Statistic (Statistics) page? AV8R_Six JETS DLC Development Team Fighter Pilot/Military Advisor
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    Combat Patrol Missions

    This was the only forum post I saw covering Combat Patrol unless I missed it somewhere else. Didn't want to start a dedicated thread for just this input.
  17. AV8R_Six

    Client Ping and Lag Advantage?

    It makes sense...that's probably why competitive server arena matches are on a LAN in the same room. ARGO SERVER ADMINS could regulate ping and it would just force people to play on a server close to them thus removing the international appeal. When we host an ArmA 3 server, we set high-ping=250 for Wasteland and =300 for CO-OP games.
  18. AV8R_Six

    Combat Patrol Missions

    On the Topic of Combat Patrol, does it seem like the AI are Juiced Up a bit? It wasn't as hard a week ago when I started playing it.
  19. I think at this point, we're not able to have enough players in ARGO to support your need to play a well developed game, but if you feel like contributing to the development process through feedback, ARGO might become the game you want it to be. AV8R JETS DLC Support Team Bravo Zero One Test Pilot/Military Advisor
  20. I am hoping they don't use 4 or IV in the title but come up with something sexy like ArmA Extreme, or ArmA Hero, ArmA-Elite Task Force...or something along that line!
  21. No need to react or respond...just my two cents worth. I voted YES and I would like to see ArmA (next version) be a version of VBSII on Steroids. Sandbox, Combined-Arms MIL-SIM with realistic flight models for both Rotary and Fixed-Wing aircraft, naval surface and surface vessels that you can drive and launch torpedoes, cruise missiles, and large gun rounds from. I'd like to see working RADAR and SONAR, along with the outstanding ground troop capabilities of ArmA III. Or, I'd like to see a retro-ArmA of WWII, KOREA, and VIETNAM on an official development status. Either way, the opportunities of limitless! AV8R B01 Dev Team Support Squad