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  1. You need to include Zen_FrameworkLibrary.sqf. #include "path\to\Zen_FrameworkLibrary.sqf" Like that, but with the relative path to that file.
  2. Hey, I think I found an issue with your infantry spawn function. I am not exactly sure how you intended this to work, however, it is extremely unlikely to spawn the maximum number of units. In Zen_SpawnInfantry you do the following to determine the number of units to spawn. _c = [_cMin, _cMax] call Zen_FindInRange; I believe it should be so it rounds to the nearest whole number. This would increase the change of it generating the maximum number of units. _c = [_cMin, _cMax, true] call Zen_FindInRange; Correct me if I am wrong, I have just started using it.
  3. albertfish

    Menu Extension

    Hello, I just released version 2.1! This version adds the ability to supply a function that will be called when the button is pressed. This allows you to pass in a script that will create the dialog, instead of having my mod create the dialog for you. This should make it a lot easier to integrate this mod with other mods. You can download this version here.
  4. I am having the same issue. We tried for about an hour to join each others server with no success. Multiple people tried hosting, and forwarding ports. Nothing seemed to work. I tried a dedicated server and also tried creating one from the ingame menu. Seems every time we want to play we need to make a sacrifice to the gods before we can join each other. When GameSpy was around we did not have a single issue. Seems like something needs to be fixed.
  5. albertfish

    Map Wake Island

    Great island, very nicely put together! @Dav Have you seen their other island Imrali? It is definitly worth checking out as well.
  6. albertfish

    Menu Extension

    You could check to see if the mod is installed if (isClass(configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "af_MenuExtension")) then { // Add stuff to menu } else { // Add stuff to support menu }; I have not checked, but the only conflict I can think of when running two instances is that the one that is loaded first will get overwritten, which shouldn't been an issue. Another option is to just include the .pbo with you .pbo files. That way people don't have to download another mod. I'll have to see if there are any issues when multiple instances are run.
  7. albertfish

    Menu Extension

    @kecharles28, Thank you! @Foxhound, thank for you updating. In the last update I removed CBA from the requirements, but it is listed as a requirement on Armaholic. Would you be able to remove that please :).
  8. albertfish

    Get road type?

    I think that is because the surfaceType gets the type of the ground. Road are separate entities and not actually part of the ground.
  9. albertfish

    Menu Extension

    Hello! I took a hiatus from Arma to deal with other priorities. As a result this mod was not updated to work with newer versions of Arma 3. However, I am back, and I wanted to get this mod updated and working again. Sorry for the delay. Changelog 10/11/14 - Version 2.0 Updated to work with the latest version of Arma 3 Removed the pages when more than 10 buttons are added and replaced it with the ability to scroll Empty menus will no longer be displayed Now works in single player missions Removed the CBA dependency Changed function names to better follow the BIS convention Please let me know if you come across any issues with this mod.
  10. albertfish

    Help my MP money script

    You can check if the unit is a person by using if (_unit isKindOf "Man") then { // Unit is a man } else { // Unit is a vehicle };
  11. You are parsing the text twice. Ret doing this _text1 = format ["<t size='0.85' align='left'>You killed: </t><t size='0.85' align='left'>%1</t><br/>", _textKilled]; _text2 = format ["<t size='0.85' align='left'>You gained $</t><t size='0.85' color='#ff0000' align='left'> %1</t><br/>",_amount]; _text3 = format ["<t size='0.85' align='left'>Cash Remaining $</t> <t size='0.85' color='#ff0000' align='left'>%1</t>",_money]; hint parseText (_text1 + _text2 + _text3);
  12. Where did you put the extension that you are trying to call? Also, have you tried writing to a file or something to see if the extension code is executing?
  13. albertfish

    Help my MP money script

    I see now that you said you made the hint function a separate script. Did you the compile the script? This function will need to be defined on all the clients, so put it in the client init. fnc_hint = { hint _this; }; If you saved it as a separate file, you will need to execute the file in the client's init code.
  14. albertfish

    Animal Animations

    animals_f.pbo and animals_f_beta.pbo. For example a3\anmials_f_beta\Dog\Data\anim\dogBark.rtm