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  1. -rageQuit-

    OFP Addon request thread

    Read post made on the: 16th day 12th month year 2014 Idiot.
  2. So long as you're sure this refers to OFP/CWA, as what I'm going to point to is over a decade old. From description.ext you can choose to: show/hide the time and date with OnLoadMissionTime display your own title (without any animation) with onLoadMission What you're probably seeing are the effects of scripts that run at the start of the mission before the player is allowed to take control and the screen shows the players view. You can see how advanced it is from what Blanco at OFPEC needed: description.ext - defines the sounds and a dialog for the text's position scroller.sqs - manipulates the text while playing the sound (and is in turn called from...) scrolltest.sqs - launches the whole thing and includes the text to be shown as an array
  3. -rageQuit-

    OFP Materials

    If you made the original videos available, could someone edit them together to show the effect in split-screen? Pleeeaase...
  4. -rageQuit-

    OFP Addon request thread

    Doesn't the link on the page for SGH Mogadishu work for you? Reworked Meekong I think is going to be called HellsCircus_SE_Asia_Island_Pack_Version3 and, according to my notes, requires VTE Objects and Unsung Objects (same as Pacific 44 - called HellsCircus_SE_Asia_Island_Pack_Version1). Let's see what I can find... SGH_Mogadishu.zip 298kB Hang on while I find the other CD... Reworked Meekong 6.37MB
  5. -rageQuit-


    A known bug as far as I recall: the airborne AI doesn't like pathfinding over such long distances. It has been overcome with scripting but it's going to take a while to think who might have written it or what they called it.
  6. -rageQuit-

    How can we make Fuel Air Bomb?

    The original WIP thread related to this is here (in Russian) - (use a translator of your choice eg. Google or Bing). I believe the downloads in message #24 on the second page still work. The aircraft it's shown alongside in the first video is some beta version of Footmunch's Mig-27 Flogger. From what I can gather in the thread, the author has configured it as a weapon for that aircraft alone - that is, it's not a stand-alone bomb that can be dropped from anything.
  7. -rageQuit-

    Help needed with "tracer" object.

    This is going to take more brainpower and sobriety than I have to spare at the moment, but I think it should be possible. Commands in OFP should tell you the positions and velocities (in 3 dimensions) of the vehicle and fired bullet. This gives you two lines in space (that ought to be parallel at the moment of firing). You should know the relative coordinates of the gun muzzle to the centre of the model. Apply that to the other side, relative to the model's line, and you have the trajectory of the second beam. (This assumes that one of the guns on the model fires actual bullets, because how else are you going to inflict damage on anything?) ((Though I suppose you could spawn rockets that look like energy beams.)) (((But then again, you couldn't set them to point in the correct 3d direction.))) Regarding your script: there's no point defining _pos1, _pos2 & _pos3 if you're not going to use them with setPos you don't need to loop it: once created in the correct place and given the correct velocity, it should be able to take care of itself. Actually, I'd probably scrub all that, apart from the bit about me needing more brainpower and sobriety. Since this is an aircraft, configure them as FFAR rocket pods where one side fires then the other. Then it's a matter for the config: it may be possible that one trigger pull could cause two rockets to be fired (hopefully one would emerge on each side) OR ELSE put in an eventHandler so that when the weapon is fired it automatically triggers a second time.
  8. -rageQuit-

    Libmod to 43

    @dukestyle The answer is, inevitably, Zulu1 did it just over a year ago.
  9. -rageQuit-

    OFP Addon request thread

    @SupportGunner Most recent upload in this very thread: by FOXlauncher! Or else FileFront
  10. -rageQuit-

    OFP Addon request thread

    Zulu1 posted a link just over a year ago in this very thread: Here is the complete HS package This assumes that v1.2 is the same as v1.2b, just dropping the beta designation. It has the same filename as that given by General Barron in the Handsignals thread.
  11. -rageQuit-

    FADE kicked in on Steam and GOG versions.

    The AI is pernickety about the positions taken when mounting a vehicle. If you intend to command a tank, only assign your team-mates as driver or gunner and make sure you get in as commander. Switching position in a tank may change your seat, but doesn't alter the command structure. So, if you get in as driver and order two team-mates to board before 'switching to commander', you will not be able to act as commander.
  12. -rageQuit-

    OFP Addon request thread

    @Capjerahya There's also Sanctuary's Modder Resources, which is a lot of the stuff used to make WW4 in an editable format. It's based on Hyakushiki's models, but the textures have been stitched together (and probably some other optimisations also). All sorts of clothing patterns are already included, but it's relatively simple to add your own (just apply the template of clothing style you want, wrinkles, and so on). It's intended to be low on resources, so you shouldn't expect the highest level of detail. Best of all, you don't need to ask anyone to make use of it.
  13. -rageQuit-

    forest sloping and make model disapear?

    I'm not sure about the first half of your question, but I'm fairly sure that no-one really understands LODs as they're implemented in the game. If anyone does understand them, they've immediately given up all their possessions, taken a vow of silence and gone to live in a former wine barrel. The game seems to see the LOD value only as a suggestion. The 0.1 = 10metres approximation I don't think even qualifies as a rule of thumb. Binarizing (converting from MLOD to ODOL) sometimes even changes the value. You could try a geometric progression: 0.1, 0.2, 0.4 Is it actually giving you problems in game? Your computer may be so powerful that it doesn't feel the need to reduce the LOD.
  14. -rageQuit-

    multiple groups in vehicle trigger

    If they're all going to be aboard the same helicopter, you can add the additional groups to the left side of the equation: "alive _x" count (units a1 + units b1 + units c1 + [driver choppy] + [gunner choppy]) == "alive _x" count (crew choppy) (on the presumption that you didn't leave out Group Charlie on purpose).
  15. -rageQuit-

    OFP Addon request thread

    From the same page as Franze's F/A-18, perhaps?