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  1. JimiEZ

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    There seems to be a bug with the Prevent Instant Death - setting of the medical module. If I enable it, I get this when my character dies: 18:25:38 Error in expression <"AGM_isUnconscious", False]) and {_unit getVariable ["AGM_Medical_PreventInstaDe> 18:25:38 Error position: <getVariable ["AGM_Medical_PreventInstaDe> 18:25:38 Error Type Number, expected Bool 18:25:38 File AGM_Medical\functions\fn_handleDamage.sqf, line 91 18:25:38 Error in expression <["AGM_allowUnconscious", False]) then { if (!(_unit getVariable ["AGM_isUnconsci> 18:25:38 Error position: <if (!(_unit getVariable ["AGM_isUnconsci> 18:25:38 Error if: Type Number, expected Bool 18:25:38 File AGM_Medical\functions\fn_handleDamage.sqf, line 90
  2. JimiEZ

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    It's not a disk issue, it's an issue of way too much traffic for a single server. No centralized solution is going to work with this kind of demand... So, a torrent link. Pretty please?
  3. One of the biggest problems of ARMA mod community is that modders just keep making the same stuff over and over again. How many different M4s, Abrams tanks or "USMC" units do we really need? Much more would get done if modders pooled their resources, but I suppose everyone's been modding on their own with dollar signs in their eyes thanks to MANW.
  4. JimiEZ

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Err, is my mod bugged out or something, or are the weapons really supposed to sound like airsoft guns?
  5. We've had multiple occasions where TFR goes into an infinite "Waiting on a unique radio from server" message loop and the radios don't work properly. Every time that has happened, the mission maker has assigned TFR radios directly instead of ItemRadio. This has happened in 0.9.7 as well. I mean it might work, but the behaviour seems a bit inconsistent and personally I'd much rather just use ItemRadio anyway, since then I don't have to go back and change all the radios if there are changes in class names etc.
  6. Good stuff mostly, however you should never add a rifleman/personal radio by hand like that, because it is likely to cause problems. Instead, just add a regular ItemRadio from vanilla and it will be changed into the appropriate SR radio in the beginning of the mission.
  7. JimiEZ

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is there any chance of getting some sort of a rough roadmap for this mod? No specific timetables or anything, just a general listing of what you've got planned for the near/far future. Something like "Next patch: armed HMMWV, sometime in the future: Stryker and Su-34, possibly in the future but unlikely: aircraft carrier". It would be really helpful, because as a person responsible for the modset of our community, I'd like to avoid redundant mods, ie. adding an armed HMMWV from another mod now, only to have the same vehicle in the next patch of RHS and so on and so forth. I understand you might be hesitant to do this, because then entitled internet fucktards could use the roadmap to whine about all things you've "promised them". However, it's probably safe to say that such people are a minority and can be safely disregarded, while for the rest of us such a roadmap would be pretty helpful in decision making regarding our modpacks. Cheers.
  8. JimiEZ

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Are you planning to add compatibility with ASDG Joint Rails? Yours is one of the only big mods that doesn't support it and it would be really great if it did. :)
  9. JimiEZ

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Yup, there's a looping script error when you try to engage the engines and the whole startup process dies there. { _A10C setfuel a10_fuelstate; Peral_A10C_pilot action > Error position: <a10_fuelstate; Peral_A10C_pilot action > Error Undefined variable in expression: a10_fuelstate File Peral_a10\scripts\a10_init.sqf, line 180 Error in expression <sengineon _A10C)) then {
  10. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23998871/sahraniTex.jpg Is this working as intended? For me all the Sahrani ground textures look like shit beyond a certain distance.
  11. Thanks for the PW6 version, much appreciated!
  12. JimiEZ

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    Bornholm is quite a bit North from Kandahar, the light *should* be completely different, as most of the year the sun is at a much shallower angle in the latitudes Bornholm is located at. I think Bornholm's lighting is just fine.
  13. JimiEZ


    AGM is made by the same guys as BWmod... Yeah, they are compatible.
  14. JimiEZ

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Would it be possible to extend the weapon quick selection keys to cover planes as well? It's incredibly inconvenient having to mash the "next weapon" button in the middle of a strafing run.
  15. Looks fantastic! Could you please release this outside Steam Workshop as well?