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  1. Yes, it's just a little misunderstanding about multiplayer section contest.
  2. You mean that 10118 downloads on Armaholic is a proof that it's not interesting?. That shows again the incoherence of BIS: a contest for the community, but also totally doens't care about the community experiences.
  3. I agree with the fact that a lot of people don't understand the choices of the jury. For me here are the variables that BIS should have taken seriously: - Originality - Code-scripting - Supporters - New gameplay added - Optimization - Popularity (steamworkshop, youtube) That's why I don't understand why MOCAP or Armageddon were not in the finalists. For example, when I see every videos on Armageddon (even some with 100.000 views), every players are having a lot of fun. You can not ignore that. I don't know why this proves that it's not an acceptable mod. Maybe BIS is not aware of what players are experiencing ingame... I haven't seen videos of airsoft multiplayers having so much fun... That shows there is a difference of mentality of BIS and the community... It would be great if some finalists can give their opinions about that. An important thing: be careful no to blame the finalists. Congratulation to them. What's the community wants is some explanation from BIS' decisions.
  4. Yes, I've updated pictures with comparison.
  5. Sorry, didn't see it was only for the contestants. I leave.
  6. Yep, because it was a topic about servers lists, not focusing on Topic in particular, I made a mistake on the title. Well, have a good day sir.
  7. MSO, Patrol Ops, Insurgency, Domination, Warfare, CTI... I've had many hours of this in ArmA2 and I'm sad that it's dying. I'm sad that now people want to mow the grass and collect peaches than have tactical coop gameplay. But, time changes...But that doesn't matter. What matter is that many of the new generation of ArmA are profiting and don't care about any rules of licences. I don't recognize myself with that kind of mentality. And you?
  8. "blaming" No, I said an ironic thank. I did not blame. Don't exagerate. There is a difference between making an irony and blaming. It's is me. And now I understood that I have to keep some opinion in me. Because when you start to have an opinion wich is not going well for the majority, you become an animal and all the people are charging you because when you make an irony, for them it is a total insult or blame. Maybe it's because in Belgium we have a lot of irony and self-derision... I think it is better to love everyone now for the eternity and never make ironic thank again.
  9. I don't want to create issues about communities. Just to point the fact that many people are not respecting the rules and are profiting and that many people are respecting the rules. This is real. And the debate is not if there are players who prefer playing this or that, but the substance is that there are people behind that, and they don't care about anything just because they saw that something is becoming popular and if many players are doing that, I can do that too. It's not the content of the mission, but the way to think of those players.
  10. I don't care about game mod.... that's not the point. "Altis Life as a game mode is not a problem. It's how these people are exploiting various aspects of it to make money." Well that's I'm trying to tell since few hours... If you read my words I totally said that. "The game mode isn't what people are upset about, it's the profiteering". And again, that's what I'm focusing. Well, ....nervermind.
  11. "It has nothing to do with the game mode itself." I'm sorry to teach you that the most servers profiting with a donation system are Altis Life servers, not Dominations server or Insurgency servers... They are doing it by a donator shop ingame. I didn't see donator shop in domination, insurgency, ... http://arma-france.com/illegal-servers/ "This would be just as outrageous if they were profiting off of a military-style mission/addon" Yes I agree, but they are not doing it. With "IF" we can imagine everything, I'm talking about facts.
  12. Ice9

    Weapon Sway Inaccurate

    It would be nice to have more comments of real soldiers, not to say that ArmA is not a real simulator as we all know, but to compare the sway of ArmA (trying to bring the "real stress feeling") and the reality of the soldier and the control of his weapon sway in the battlefield. ps: I know, if I want a real simulator, I can join the army, blabla, what I'm saying is a simple comparison, not a total exam of ArmA vs Reality, just this particular point. I can add the opinion of a weapon technician of FN Herstal wich a part of his job is to show-teach clients, soldiers the way to use and fire SCAR, Mk3, F2000, P90, Mag... And after doing that for 8 years, he said that the sway is far from the reality. This is one opinion (not with the stress of the battlefield added) but it is a good opinion to me. Also when he said he can shoot standing up with an AK47 at a target at 300m with the iron sight and hit. I know the stress is not there, it is not the same situation, I understand, but what about soldiers who are a a bit prepared (they are trained in stress). Even that we can not totally be prepared at war...
  13. I was sarcastic if you didn't see it... And please feel free to clarify: First, I think my comments fit perfectly in this topic about people profiting from donation system (Altis Life is in the same situation with servers doing a pay to access content, wich is illegal if you read the rules) Secondly, I find sad that we (community of military style), respect the rules of Bohemia, but those (A3L-Altis Life) don't care about the rules and are making money by doing pay to access. Situation seems obvious to me...
  14. Well, it's not important anymore. If Mattlightfoot says that Bohemia can do nothing about it, it's not a problem anymore. The point of view of Bohemia: the community has to deal with it.
  15. I did that but I'm a bit confused and lost. Thanks for the answer by the way.