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  1. What interface size do you use? I've tried normal and large at 16:9 1600x900 and the UI is still cropped. Selecting already placed objects is extremely difficult compare to how easy it was in v0.6 alpha. The Ctrl+LMB for height was more responsive when it was LMB+RMB. It now takes meany mouse slides to get the desired height. Although the new Fencing feature is outstanding along with the drop down objects list.
  2. Does IFA3SA have all of the assets as this terrain pack minus the maps/islands? For example. When other maps require AiA_TP. Is IFA3SA enough?
  3. Is eye positioning done in the config or in the model editing?
  4. This is one of those moddes that someone would make a mod to remove if it was a default feature in the game.
  5. I know it's just a visual animation and not actual recoil. Does anyone know where in the configs the weapons get their new recoil animations and can that feature be inherited?
  6. It would have been nice if the A3 mod kept Awar's death animations and flying helmets. The improved "rag-dolls" don't cut it when it comes to immersion.
  7. Santa Six

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    The question no one is asking is. Is this mod more optimized than JSRS? I've heard JSRS can cause server issues and lower performance.
  8. Saint-Laurent-Sur-Mer Template __________________ DESCRIPTION: For users of the Iron Front: Liberation 1944 + D-Day DLC conversion for Arma 3. Are you tired of the same old town in the D-Day DLC? Now you can use this template to add the neighboring town of Saint Laurent! Town contains a church tower and great flanking opportunities. You're free to change things to your liking. INSTALLATION Unzip file into your Arma 3 missions folder. Two versions of the Template are provided. C:\Users\username\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\userprofile\missions REQUIREMENTS @IFA3 @ArmaNature DOWNLOAD StLaurentTemplateA3.7z *Template does not represent actual location being portrayed in any way shape or form. Performance may very and I am not responsible for implosion of users personal computer.
  9. @ThatGuyHats Have you tried this? http://ironfront.forumchitchat.com/post/katyusha-rockets-barrage-script-6259185?pid=1279358493#post1279358493 @kju Will we still get the fixes in the issue tracker labeled next patch? I don't expect an answer. Thank you for all the hard work on IFA3 as well. I just read the retirement post.
  10. Santa Six

    SR-25/EC Release!

    But is it optimized? Will 10 units with this weapons have less performance then say, 10 or 20 units with default Arma rifles? I've seen a video where custom weapons lead to terrible performance.
  11. From what I can see. IF armor isn't finely tuned yet. Their team is very small. It'll be a while till tanks are done. @kju The addons in @IF and @ifa3m are signed twice. One for 2014_09_29 and another for 2014_12_27.
  12. Santa Six

    Kunduz, Afghanistan [10km] v1.20

    Here's some geological feed back/suggestion. I like the rock face south of Tal Cozar. But it's at the edge of the map. Id like to see similar rock formation somewhere in South Gerdan. Where it'll be useful. It also needs more goats.
  13. Yes, how long have you been messing with IF? http://gimpymoo.com/pictures/if4.jpg
  14. Anyone else getting a flowing bofors?