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  1. lkincheloe

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Presumably, your cleanup script init starts by checking that it's on the server with !isServer. This works fine for 90% of implementations, but we're in the 10%. So we need to modify it. According to the isServer Wiki Page, the most likely best solution is to initialize the cleanup script globally, but run a isPlayer check instead of !isServer and if true, exit the script. This should cause it to exit on the player machines only, leaving the Server and HC machines free to delete empty groups as they encounter them.
  2. lkincheloe

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    I've had that happen before, I don't believe the script is deleting the groups that are losing units due to being despawned properly. So eventually it'll run out of groups to work with. Like so: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/deleteGroup With 650(!) zones, it's no wonder you're running out of groups quickly. I've used various scripts in the past to constantly clean the groups up, assuming you run something like DMZ Delete where you're spawning the units (server or HC) it should work.
  3. Most likely you'll have to write a script that initiates the feed for each player locally, start by copying the module code and initializing it per player.
  4. A simple procedural script that uses bis_fnc_destroycity to, well, destroy ALL the cities on an island! It's designed to simulate prior war damage, scaling up depending on how large the city is. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/d49pr53zz348eyr/War_Torn_Map_a1.zip
  5. lkincheloe

    Update broke some stuff -- what's changed?

    Where'd the Taru Pods go? Not the helicopter + pods but just the pod models themselves?
  6. Classic locality issue, in order to strip items from a unit, the code has to be executed to where that unit is residing. For Single player that just means you can execute the script and it'll work because everything is local to the player. On MP however, units attached to a client are local to that client, which can be a player unit or units in the same group. And units not attached to a player are either local to the server or a Headless client if present. To start, look at this article from the wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/isServer
  7. Did that, but unfortunately now if I #include it anywhere except RscTitles it'll CTD on server start saying that IP_BOX is undefined. I tried removing that section just for kicks and the next item down also reported as undefined.
  8. Fixed that bit, the conversations was mistakenly included inside the RscTitles class. Now what occurs is I get the action, but I get an error stating that IP_DLG_CONVERSATION cannot be found when I try to use it. Currently here's where I have includes at, most other combinations result in a CTD when I start a local server: class RscTitles { #include "ais_injury\dialogs\rscTitlesAIS.hpp" #include "conv\cfg\defines.hpp" #include "conv\cfg\dialogs.hpp" }; #include "conv\missionConversations.hpp" class CfgFunctions { #include "VAS\cfgfunctions.hpp" #include "conv\cfg\functions.hpp" #include "ais_injury\cfgFunctionsAIS.hpp" }; And how they're being called in script, executed locally to the player: nul = [_target, "Hey, what can I help you with?", "Direct"] spawn IP_fnc_simpleSentence; nul = [_target, "opener"] spawn IP_fnc_addConversation; Where _target is the civilian. Sorry for all the poking, I'm not used to working with .hpp files.
  9. Trying to implement this into an MP scenario. Currently receiving this error on IP_fnc_addConversation: Error loading control C:\Users\Lynn\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\Kinch\mpmissions\co08_tf_titan_x1.Altis\description.ext/RscTitles/IP_DLG_SIMPLESENTENCE/Controls/IP_BOX_MAIN/ and in-game I receive the "Conversation has no sentences!" hint error. Even though I'm pointing it to the default opener conversation. Only changes I've made thus far is removing RscTitles from dialogs.hpp since I have RscTitles brackets already defined in description.ext and having MissionConversations.hpp inside the conv folder. Any idea what might be messing up?
  10. lkincheloe

    Defuse the Bomb

    What you could do is run the code generator only server-side, then when the players find the laptop send the code over as a public variable. Then when a player inputs the code, is returned back in a bis_fnc_mp call to the server. If correct, disable the bomb and whatnot, if incorrect, KABOOM!
  11. lkincheloe

    [R3F] Logistics

    Is there any way of changing the values assigned to items in the creation factory?
  12. You'll need to add an event handler to each civilian spawned, which when killed adds 1 to the counter. This can also allow you to check for who actually killed the civ, so if one decides to be stupid and jump off an office building. You don't have to count it against the player side.
  13. Got a little issue here: In my mission I have your wounding system and a gear-saving script working independently and automatically, and whenever someone goes down, your script removes their medical gear as intended (to prevent self-heals). However if the player elects to respawn, they do not receive their medical gear back because the gear keeping script sweeps through and detects that it's gone, and doesn't reassign it. My question is there a variable from your script that I can pass to the gear keeper script in order to keep it from nomming on the medkits while the player is down? (i.e. if player is in downed state, don't save their gear)
  14. lkincheloe

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    I'm alive. Version B.64: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5pgatccg3o9e90k/co_36_resistance_b14.Altis.pbo Changes: Added DMZ Delete in effort to ensure OPFOR spawns later in mission Tweaked AISpawnScript Pack to not spawn heavier vehicles on patrols (anything armored). Added a ton of Vehicle Ammo Boxes at base to put gear in Added John's solution to missle-lock glitch
  15. try adding a if (!isServer) exitWith {}; at the start.