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  1. Yeah it's weird - same thing here, however I can spawn ground vehicles on the deck in front of me, no issues. Just anything that flies doesn't spawn there
  2. I wonder if this is an infistar thing? I guess that'd make sense seeing as infistar is there to block that sort of thing (i.e. menus being added by hackers to the mouse wheel option), and we haven't updated ours (not sure if a new update is out yet?) As far as I know the catapult is the only thing on the ship that creates a new mouse wheel menu option too? please correct me if I'm wrong about that though. EDIT: Well, I spawned in a couple of jets to be persistent, restarted the server with no infistar loaded, landed on carrier, still the same thing. No mouse menu for the catapult. So I don't think it's infistar.
  3. We're also encountering the same issue on ours, we run A3 Exile on Tanoa, also using infistar, and have this in the init.sqf: if (isServer) then { private _carrier = createVehicle ["Land_Carrier_01_base_F",[7577.91,2066.26,0],[],0,"NONE"]; _carrier setPosWorld [7577.91,2066.26,0]; _carrier setDir 270; _carrier enableSimulationGlobal true; [_carrier] call BIS_fnc_Carrier01PosUpdate; }; We thought we'd try adding the 'enablesimulation' part but it doesn't seem to have any effect, carrier still does the same with or without it. The carrier spawns fine, the arrestor cables work fine, auto landing works fine, doors work fine, just nothing comes up in the mouse menu when you get near the catapult in the plane.
  4. drunkenjawa

    How to make task to heal ai?

    You could check the AI for damage e.g. if (ai_name damage < 0.2) then "aihealed = true"; and then make a trigger with the condition 'aihealed' that sets the task as succeeded. Obviously I'm not the best at this lol but that would be what I tried to do anyway.
  5. drunkenjawa

    Randomize Units Script

    Thanks a lot for this, using it now in a mission I'm making, very cool and handy, and has saved a lot of time and effort for me so far! Thanks!
  6. drunkenjawa

    Make AI Pilot not react to enemies

    For the flight altitude, you can use 'this flyinHeight 500;' in a waypoint perhaps. That will make that vehicle fly at an altitude of 500m (or at least, try and get that high - with planes you have to give them enough room to be able to climb to that height before they get to the waypoint, otherwise they just start doing random turns etc and really annoying. Not sure that this applies to heli's though since they can potentially just hover in place till they get to that height) You could also try 'this disableAI "FSM";' in the units init line and set the units behaviour to careless to get it to ignore everything. Then run your script to move it.
  7. Awesome, thanks for doing this IndeedPete! Very much appreciated
  8. http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=21026 This thread might help with that!
  9. drunkenjawa

    AI hunt player lag moments

    Thanks, I was looking for something like this, to simulate a car chase in a mission I'm in the planning phase of making. I'm assuming it'd have the same ultimate effect? I'm just wondering how intense the chase would be though - every 30 seconds, wouldn't the AI stop their car, to get the new position? Not really sure how that'd work when pertaining to a vehicle chase. It's a SP mission. Preferably would like to have the cops chasing you, pretty close to you all the time to simulate a proper chase. Preferably also at top speed. I have the right music for the chase, at least! (Black Betty by Ram Jam)
  10. Maybe try this command instead? : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setObjectTextureGlobal
  11. Works perfectly, thank you very much! Just for my info, is there any reason we're using {} instead of ()?
  12. Hey guys I've run into a bit of an issue with the mission that I'm making - basically, there are a whole heap of ammo crates that the player needs to load into a nearby truck - he is stealing them. While I know about the not present trigger, which would be perfect and simple here, I can't seem to get this to work for objects as opposed to units. Basically I want to make it so a trigger fires after a player picks up and loads an ammo box (or, preferably, the whole lot of ammo boxes that are in a certain area, I'm using R3F for that) into a truck. I thought the best way to do that would be to place a trigger on the ground which fires off once the ammo box is not there. Is there some way I can do a 'not in thisList' type trigger, that's focused on objects and not units?
  13. drunkenjawa

    United States Air Force

    Where did I put my time machine..... DO WANT! Any chance of the F16 in the 0.4 as well? I hate to ask because it's probably been asked a million times already. But I'm an F16 freak.