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    [Release] Liberation RX

    Hi pSiKO, Yes, it is one of the original secondary missions,SAR. The marker is disappearing. Had a quick look in the scripts that handle these originals, but have not found the cause yet. Thanks for the reply. Muz. PS: joined your discord but i suspect we are going to have problems with the time difference. I am in New Zealand 😏
  2. muzashi1964

    [Release] Liberation RX

    And thank you, good sir! However, that issue with the The Aircraft Wreck Search and Rescue/Downed Chopper secondary mission has reared it's ugly head again. 😞 The Search and Rescue secondary mission spawned near Zeloran Military, together with the mission marker as expected. We did not request this at FOB - this happened automatically as if it were an a3w sidemission. None of us were even near the FOB. The timer timed out after 60 minutes (we think) as we were busy with other areas, and the mission marker (Red Diagonals in a Circle with a Question mark at center) disappeared. We did not notice if the mission had failed or not, but the marker was definitely gone. When we had finished what we were busy with, we tried to start another secondary mission (FOB hunt) at our FOB, but were unable to do so. The Secondary Missions were greyed out =disabled. Luckily I had taken note of the area that the mission had spawned, and was able to use Admin menu to travel there and check. Sure enough, no marker, but the Wreck (on fire), pilots, and Enemy all spawned in and were all still active. This seems to indicate that the triggers are working and the mission itself is fine. We then did the mission (no marker for the entire time) and once that was done, secondary missions again became available at our FOB. I have not checked through the scripts for the mission and so am not sure that the above behavior is as designed. If this is the case, it may warrant a selection setting in the config to select whether the marker stays or disappears. Thank You Muz
  3. muzashi1964

    [Release] Liberation RX

    Hi pSiKO, Thanks for the reply, but this is what happens:- The mission spawns, with a time limit, but after the time limit, the sidemission marker disappears. The sidemission stays active, so trying to start a new one is impossible. I have to try and find the mission with no marker, and then do the mission. This only seems to occur with the Aircraft wreck/pilot rescue missions. All the others fail after the 60 minutes time out, and a new sidemission then spawns, which is normal behaviour. Playing on Altis btw. Standard Nato and CSAT Mods: CBA_A3, Cup, JSRS, RHS, NiArms all in one, SMA. Hello pSiKO, whatever it was, seems to have sorted itself out. I restarted the server and it has not re-occurred Thanks I do have another question. Is there any way to turn off the redeploy and HALO for human squad members? Human players spawn in the air with no parachute when I HALO in as squad leader, I would rather have the human players pick their own deployment or HALO sites. Cheers Muz
  4. muzashi1964

    [Release] Liberation RX

    Hi pSiKO, really having a great time with your updated RX Lib. However, I have a question - when the Sidemission (Wrecked aircraft - pilot rescue) spawns, after a while the marker disappears, so we cannot find the mission on the map. (We were busy taking a town, so did not take notice of the location of the Sidemission). It has happened a few times now, so it locks Sidemissions until we find it. Is there any way to find this mission or re-trigger the marker? Maybe put the location in a briefing? And sorry if this has been asked and answered.
  5. muzashi1964

    Reality Check

    Not my first post (I lost my login, and the email addy I used before, thanks HOTMAIL:j:) What most of you fail to realise, is that BIS has delivered on it's promise. ArmA 3 IS an excellent simulation. It delivers a life-like simulation with all of the necessary assets. For what Arma 3 is, it cannot be faulted. It is beautifully crafted, and promises much more. The error you guys are making, is in thinking it is a military simulation. It is not. It is a game developing simulation. ArmA 3 is aimed squarely at all the modders and scripters. When they have finished modding and scripting the bejesus out of it, ArmA IV will come along.:cool: