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  1. For starters, I think this is very much a concept ATM. Secondly, there's been multiple lists of potential guns/vehicles/whatever... of which none did include stuff from exactly all current EU members. I agree though that it would be wise to include something at least from every EU nation. (otherwise there will be tearz, infact it will probably end in tearz no matter how you do it)... A third minor note. "Former eastern bloc" countries lacks quite a lot of non-soviet origin stuff and they have there after replaced some of it with american stuff. Hence if you want to do something that really feels like EU, you might want to consider stuff that was actually designed in EU too...
  2. Hi DL:ed this yesterday and are having a blast! Thanks! (The "Tiger" A7 is awsome!!) Anyway, so far my only complaint is the handling of the Mirage, it's a bit too responsive, it throws itself into a barrelroll waay to easy. The F 4 is better but still a bit too responsive for my liking. The A 7 and F 16 handles like a charm though! Oh and the M61s have a quite low RoF too (donnou if intentional or not but it should have a bit higher RoF compared to the DEFA 551 IMO). Otherwise like I said I have a blast playing with these! THank you! Also:
  3. zervostyrd

    CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    It's your mod as always, but, IMHO. AFMC not only gives you guys more freedom of choice when you want to add anything to that faction. It also kinda adds more to the bluefor side compared to the quite generic US Army/Armed forces. BAF is another story, but then what about the M113s or the LAV 25 and so on? Anyway it's again you decision to make, but please consider the above ramblings... Otherwise, thanks for a great mod in A2 and I love to see it again in A3!
  4. Yes it is BS, Soviet command structure DID allow for tactical desicion making, the whole "Rigid command structure, Red tide-swarm-meat grinder-tactics" are a lie and a propaganda move to make the Soviets look cold and without mercy, and to "comfort" friendly troops and NCOs that the Soviets couldn't do tactical stuffs at all. The Higher ups in NATO of course knew better, but what they told everyone else have of course been imprinted in everyones mind. Hence the Stereotypes.
  5. zervostyrd


    Beautiful work on a beautiful Aircraft!
  6. 1: While a T72 mordernization would be "Realistic" (Since there is quite a few countries in EU using them) There would be 2 problems in my mind; 1st one is "What model to chose", although this problem is present with the (IMO) most prominent contender, Leopard 2, The issue is remedied somewhat due to the original Leopard 2 creator is an EU country (as is not the case with the base T 72), and that the common L44 Leopard 2 variants doesn't really differ alot visualy (well the 2A4 is a bit "old" nowadays so). The second problem is what I was previously going on about, It's not an original European Design. It was meant to meet Soviet deamands, and the current users was more or less left with the choice of either buying the T 72 or stick with their T 55s, or develop one of their own (which wouldn't be highly endorsed by the USSR, nor would the economies of the other eastern bloc nations defend the that.) But if the Author would find the time or are given permission to use someone elses (mordernized) T 72 model, I'm not agaisnt it per se. 3: The easiest way to go about it is simply by having each and all soldiers having an European star roundel on the shoulder, nobody can really cry then... Note on the Gripen vid. People are uneducated, and never bother reading the comments on Youtube since nobody really have any idea what they are talking about and trying to educate them is like teaching a Penguin how to fly... Anyway, Source on Su 35 being so superior to the Gripen? IIRC there's never been a real test, and saying such a thing is.. Well... Uneducated, since no one knows how a (real) Fight between any modern day Aircraft would end. It's like arguing wheter an Imperial Stardestroyer (Star Wars) would win VS the "Daedalus" (StargÅte With an å for som reason...) in a one on one fight...
  7. Fair enough, For the record, I think that both the CV90, Puma and Anders are the most likley candidates due to modularity. Something countries today seems to be very interested in... Yeah thanks for the Anders pic! Anyway I did say "as of now". I'm aware that they are leaning more towards the "west" in more recent projects. But those are still in concept studys or prototypes. Not something the Polish army have accepted for service IIRC.. As of today they rely on (often heavily) mordernized Soviet era systems and imports from NATO as well as Finland. Nothing wrong with it, but the mordernized soviet systems aren't Europy enough IMO :p and the NATO&EU imported stuff (even modified stuff like the Rosomak) are still IMO better represented as the country of origins version. On note about Poland though, that W-3 Sokól (So-cool?:cool:) Would be nice as a "utilty helicopter á'la the KA 60" or something. Besides it's quite modular and you could have it as an Attack version too :p Yeah.. On the other hand, What modern vehicles that are in concept or in service today will still be around in 20 years? It's still quite a modern system, the only real break through made after their inclusion are more advanced Fire control systems, something that I can't imagine is such a terrible thing to retrofit such components. Other than that, the Zuzanna 2 (featuring improved Fire control systems and a NATO caliber cannon) didn't pass Slovakian army trials until 2009. They probably plan to keep them in service at least until the 2020s.
  8. 7.62x39 are still employed widely across the globe, easy enough to find if the Finns are low on it. Besides Russia aren't considered the same threat to northern (or main land) Europe anymore. Not that I'd sell out all defence material á'la Sweden anyway for that reason... With the situation in and around the North pole I'd rather be safe and paranoid á'la Sweden and Finland during CW then being sorry, lazy and wake up Waaaaay to late (á'la Sweden WW1 AND WW2) :p
  9. "Well, its important to remember that there were lots of swedish volunteers that fought with the finns, and Sweden helped Finland economically. " Well as exposed and damaged they got I consider it understandable though. And really most people, here anyway, aren't offended... The French certainly did resistance worthy the spelling... They still get dung thrown their way.. I leave it at that.. I like to say that considering that the soldiers are supposed(?) to be deployed on Altis, Woodland might be a bit out of place. I'd check what the Italians are wearing for example: http://www.androidsteam.com/IMG/gallery/softair_358.jpg (249 kB) The Dark green might not suit itself in a southern European setting.
  10. Ah that one too :p Yeah thought in the context of the Finnish winter war as well as the Continuation war. There's a bit of resentment towards us, because of the fact that we had a Pact which we didn't honour (the one where we were supposed to declare war on the USSR when they attacked Finland :/) As well as denying Brittish and French troops to occupy our northern mineral deposits, thus denying them to help Finland fight of the USSR... Oh and I can swear on Finnish! :cool:
  11. My theory is that it's because the half forced on treaty they signed with the USSR. Hence why they also use much of former PACT equipment blended with a few domestically designed stuffz as well as Swedish stuff and only recently taken to use NATO things like those F 18s and Leo 2a4s (both post Cold War procurements)... However they can switch out PACT designed vehicles today without much debacle. (although some are quite good traversing the northern parts of the country MT-LB's per example, as Swedes also taken to use). Any way, switching out the main rifle cartridge is just silly, Enourmus cost for honestly low gain. They probably rather stay with their current caliber. Everyone knows it works, there's plenty of it, and there's otherwise no really good argument for doing so as far as I can see. Besides that, I doubt that Finland really wants to get to comfy with Russia today. Back in the CW they weren't exactly best palls, nor were they puppets (although, there's no doubt that USSR would have ROFL stomped Soumi conventionally no matter how much Sisu they have.) The treaty they signed speciffically pointed out that Finland was free to defend itself from any invasionist force (including USSR) But they were obliged to halt any "Offensive operation towards the USSR through Finnish terretory by Germany and/or it's allies" (Fun considering that the USSR were allied to the DDR :confused:) As for that "you know what they say about us (swedes) in Finland. YA thanks WE know! (We're with the French in "being picked on" for "Being cowards" but we suffer even more because WE actually HAD a Tank that COULD drive as fast forward as it could reverse...(with a rear facing driver too)) BUT, then again, as is the case about France, there's a lot of things to consider but it's so much easier to just call us Rats and poke us.. :cool: (I mean Ruotsi and Rats see the connection?:p) Anyway on the subject of EU armed forces.. How about the CV 90? IIRC it's the European designed and manufactured -tracked- IFV that is used by most countries in the EU, Doesn't have to be the 40mm version though. Leopard 2(variant) is given as MBT. I do however wonder what a good AA system could be? Gepard? Realizing of course that these things are a bit further down the production line. I'd also want to wish the project luck..