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  1. Same here with Mad Catz Freq TE 7.1 headphones
  2. gunhed

    What is taking my fps down?

    It is quite surprising that with this rig (without applying improvements) , ArmA engine only provides these FPS. In short, you've got 50 fps with these graphic settings doing: -Adjust memory RAM clock in BIOS -Use custom memory allocator for arma -UnparckCPUs -Disable Hypterthreading and use -cpucount=4 Anything else? Thanks
  3. I'm asking without having tested before. This script only works when a player die?, or is it possible to enter in a game in spectator mode?. It will be very useful to create some mision captures.
  4. gunhed

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    That's increible, with that ultra rig the FPS amount is very poor!. Another example that ArmA 3 is not properly optimized.
  5. Same here, waiting the new update. Thanks for your work roy86.
  6. gunhed

    AMD Mantle Support possible?

    Come on BI Studios! yon can't miss the train, put the Mantle support in your roadmap!
  7. gunhed

    WR5 M14 pack

    +1 to add compatibility with ASDG Joint Rails and TMR with the bipod system.
  8. gunhed

    [CO16] Silent Sweep

    Besides before mentioned, the 1.41 still not starting at the proper location when you choose Pyrgos.
  9. gunhed

    [CO16] Silent Sweep

    This is a very good mission to practice CQB, thanks a lot comfyBlanket. I don't know from when, but the intro cinematic doesn't work for me. The helis just stay flying stationary. Anyone else have the same problem?
  10. Hi all, thanks Massi for this increible weapon pack. I've noticed that the 7.62 weapons like M14, G3, etc. have the tracer optional magazine. But when you load the ammo, the display in right top shows a 5.56 mm mag. Is it a bug?, o really you are using a magazine with less caliber? and presumably doing less damage.
  11. gunhed

    AMD Mantle Support possible?

    Any news, if Mantle will be implemented?
  12. Awesome Mission we enjoy a lot with our fellas, but we have two problems: one the FPS drops, and the other, when the host try to open to select missions, the host get stucked.
  13. gunhed

    Low FPS

    This is fucking awesome! it's impossible to play multiplayer with these FPs!. Just fix the problem! Altis is unplayable:mad: