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  1. Description: Gameplay capture sector located in the area marked by KM 3 sides Oppfor, bluffor and independent, get money by killing the enemy, capturing sector by maintaining the sector for more than 10 seconds, steal money to the dead after falling in combat , enemies or allies, get your money level for pdoer make buying of vehicles, weapons, and more, the map starts at 15:00 and ends when either side catch Sector 5 times minimum. features: - Menu Player and Server - Changing Areas map - Version (for lack of time, you can improve it) - Details of lighting - Vehicles dlc included - Player can now run and jump. Known issues: = Currently none, as we played our community Acknowledgements: I must thank the team for the main job wasterlad and above icaruk Barbolani JoSchaap Cassual.Kiss30 Download here: Version 4 PBO file https://mega.co.nz/#!jUBSHYjY!ipB7RjH7msIWqz4x8uMNh-MNOTCO5H_HVNlO6dfy648 Files mission https://mega.co.nz/#!zcgEUabB!nxHnnsZNxWyN636x2eFe5Weiez1Ieq0PhyR2jrYBub0
  2. Sweepstakes Game Key Middle-East-Shadow-of-M Hi everyone and reopen our website we want our community cassual warn you that we have opened within key votes to win a completely free to register and vote only one pilot on Sunday, if you enter on our website have all the information Open the Sorteo¡¡¡ want to enter the Sweepstakes Middle-East-Shadow-of-Mordor Free? enters www.comunidadcassual.es register if you are not already, go to our forum and looking for the draw and vote. We've also added our Tvonline so you see all races, events, feedback of live draw, arma3 missions, and more ***************************************************************************************************************************************************:cool::cool: Sorteo de la Key del juego Middle-East-Shadow-of-M Buenas a todos como reapertura de nuestra pagina web de nuestra comunidad cassual queremos avisaros de que ya tenemos abierto el plazo de votaciones para ganar un key este domingo totalmente gratis solo con registrarte y votar un piloto, si entras en nuestra web tendrás toda la información ¡¡¡Abierto el Sorteo¡¡¡ Quieres entrar en el Sorteo de Middle-East-Shadow-of-Mordor gratuito? entra en www.comunidadcassual.es registrate si no estas ya, entra en nuestro foro y busca el sorteo y vota. Ademas hemos añadido nuestra TVonline para que veas todas las carreras, eventos, votaciones de sorteo en directo, misiones de arma3, y mucho mas
  3. hi all wanted to know if anyone can help me with this as I do not even conosco wasterland and according to versions inidb needed and sometimes not, my question is I have the template of this A3Wasteland_v0.9g version and within the client and server folder that going into the mission or should I put in my client player and server folder within my server? then compile the pbo and put on my dedicated server arma3 can sb tell me how to install this version and it is necessary to work through all
  4. Hi everyone I want to present my first mission King Of The Hill Conquest V1 The mission is multiplayer and sides BLUFOR vs Opfor is grab the flags of the opposing team to reach 5 catches in a time of 20 minutes maximum time to capture flags if not the team with the most wins Capture. Features: Accessibility and customization: Teamwork and realism: Tested and optimized: future added: Installation Copy the .pbo file to the Mission or MPMission folder in your ArmA 3 install directory. This is by default at (Windows 7) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3. Contact the author: soporte@zona-gamer.es Mision: This mission is closed Dowloads: http://www.zona-gamer.es/Arma3/misiones/king_of_the_hill.Altis.rar Armaholic mirror: - King Of The Hill CTF-x I put the link to my download so fast facilitated DISCHARGE. Outspoken views, if they see such improvements'm open to accept improvements and ideas, remember that it is the V1 version, which later beareth the final version, as mentioned, I just need time. The credits of this mission is to give Cassual.Kiss30 as the creator of ideas and assembly, to Icaruk, Barbolani and Tonic mission can try putting the filter [ES]Zona-Gamer
  5. hi all we introduce ourselves as the Spanish community cassual arma3, where we have several servers arma3, among others, we are a group of gamers as arma3 simulation. A little about our community, founded in 2003 by a well known player in the game Day Of Defeat Source, where the clan as it was before, was born after all these years became a large community as it is now, with over 120 players from various online games and official clothing store, mostly Spaniards, foreigners like us mexico, usa, etc, but the great Spanish party. We own you can ask for Ts3 private message besides being public, anyone who wants to connect, always with respect and good royo, We have game servers that arma3 can search by the name of our community, to make the search easier. so a big hello to all.
  6. zona-gamer

    Custom Map Marker Config

    you think that line of work markert consigio hello? could you help me with that, carry on trying unsuccessfully days
  7. hi all wanted ask you a question about the eject option for units, and searched many script where everyone drives any vehicle can jump independently either pilot, co-pilot or passenger, and tried many script and seen but none works, I would like to know if anyone knows of a script where any player can jump from any position with option eject from any air vehicle. I do not use some predetermined aircraft in the mission menu and I use automatic creation of vehicles, so my choice is a script that only fucnione for each unit placed on the editor. groups using either alone units. Thank you
  8. hello I'm looking for something like this that look just by the side amrcadores west, east, independent labels like this in blue, only sees his side some script like this http://www.comunidadcassual.es/Errorarma3/localizadorequipo.png (513 kB)
  9. hello as you run the method got killed when you kill an enemy unit or kill you? could tell me how to do it thanks, if you can private message then I see this post
  10. zona-gamer

    [Request] how to set watermark

    Hello I run? code arma3 water? can you tell me in a private message if it was successful for you and tell me where to place this code and the text you want to add text watermark on that thanks
  11. hi all i am doing a mission where players want to see their own symbols BLUFOR see whether you see your teammates as enemy if one symbol in the head and found this Military Symbols activating within the editor Modules (F7)> Military Symbols and activating the module the following military symbols setGroupIconsVisible [param1, param2]; but the problem here esque out very ugly and big icons, I want these out of here it would be better to opfor and BLUFOR https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/File:APP-6.jpg and also found that I can add the name of the player so that players from the same side they see his name on the map and your same facion
  12. problem solved steamcmd servers already running thanks
  13. hello friend you know if an api changed the weapon id 3 to update servers This longer works *** 233780 validate app_update
  14. hello after the upgrade of my servdor arma3 not updated or new files are downloaded to the api changed steam ID?
  15. zona-gamer

    Revive Script?

    hello SoftAct'm using one that goes well and does not fail in anything, look for it in google for this name thorf_revive arma3