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  1. Wraith420

    Realistic Wounding System [RWS]

    please add more/better gore than vanilla, blood trails for tracking would be epic if we could actually see them easier from large wounds
  2. Awesome mod! I got a CTD when reloading the AK74 GP30 launcher, but I was also running A3MP and FATA map so that may have been the issue, anyone else experiance this?
  3. Wraith420

    COOP Guerilla Grow

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=221738266 Coop mission taking place in Takistan, requiring Arma 3 Map Pack, Massi Nato/SF Spetsnaz weapons + units and the South Zagorian Factions pack. Protect the locals cannabis crop from being stolen by the bandits roaming takistan, if they enter the villiages the outcome will be much worse then theft.... head into the contested mountain ranges, and avenge the citizens of Kakeru by slaying the bandit scum. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=221738266
  4. Wraith420

    EricJ Release thread

    I would love to see some AK's Eric! Thanks for the awesome work so far!
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I promise you it will be nothing like Altis Life however. I am not a fan of going to a designated area of a map to simply push a button to "Stealthly" grow weed, as everybody knows where it is grown. Players will have to hide them staggered under foliage, behind walls, under lights or behind a well loaded gun and patrols. Freedom Fighters Versus Tyrannical Oppressors is the name of the game with it all being funded by who ever controls the most weed, as they can buy the most armor and equipment to fight with. The weed will have to sit around for a day or two until it can be harvested, giving some seeds with each harvest unless they randomly grow "The Dankest of the Dank". I will have alot of time starting on Friday to get this project going, graduating from college on thursday :)
  6. Wraith420


    Awesome idea! I always thought arma would benefit from mech warfare :D Best of luck to the project I cant wait to play!
  7. WEED WARS This is my first modification for the Arma series, something I have always wanted to learn to do. While this mod is inspired by persistant game modes like Life and DayZ I hope it to be a truly unique and educational gaming experience for players This modification will hope to simulate the funding of insurgent warfare through smuggling the rewards of dedicated and discreet farming In 2024 Altis legalized Cannabis, leading to 10 or so years of prosperity until Iran invaded. freedom fighters grow weed out&indoors after setting up hydroponics hidden from opfor so they can smuggle it to buy weapons. CSAT is tasked with eradicating the freedom fighters so they can steal Altis's Cannabis crop to make the cheapest hemp burkhas for their women after a scandalous visible ankle and knee incident in Teheran’s largest Mosque. Planned Features: -How many times have you and your battle buddies been sitting on the ground together waiting on transport white eyed & bored? How many times have you failed to shoot a combatant before they shoot you because your muscles are sore and shaky from general fatigue or injury? Cannabis can be used as a “Power Up†or medicine with subtle but useful effects, munchies will increase rate of hunger briefly however, but food will heal you more when stoned. -Players will have to transport water to their grows discreetly, especially if the grow site is indoors. Rain if it comes will keep your outdoor plants happy and healthy. Otherwise you will need to water your plant every day or it will grow cheap buds or start to die. -The best Weed sells for the most to the foreign arms dealers used to higher prices back home living in Prohibition. Swap your bhang for bang. -CSAT will be outnumbered but will have better resources and equipment from the start. By taking funds from large movers and arms traders they can buy more supplies and expand operations. -More to come as the project grows and evolves any help will be greatly appreciated and the project needs help growing off the ground :) Video is a good teaser of many fire fights to come :)
  8. Wraith420

    Tactical AK-74 With Magpul Gear

    Its not on the wrong side, it is just a custom Kalashnikov for left handed shooters :P (Which by the way do exist)
  9. Yes this is an ongoing issue, I would really love to see fixed because this is such a fantastic weapon model.
  10. Wraith420

    Nikonov AN-94 Pack

    There is a pack for Arma 2, works great with AllinArma running :)
  11. Wraith420

    Nikonov AN-94 Pack

    Hey Mike its Wraith, thanks for bringing the AN-94 to Arma 3 I have been waiting for this for awhile :) However there is one issue bugging me, the weapon does not function like its real world counterpart, it should have select fire positions for semi, 2 round burst (1650-1800 rounds a minute rate of fire) and a full automatic setting. Also the first two rounds fired on full auto will be fired at the high cyclic rate then dropping down to 650 or 800 rpm for the rest, if that is possible to code in I wonder. Il open up the .pbo and mess around with it and send you the results on your skype next time your on if that is ok. Take care bud -Wraith
  12. Wraith420

    Is This A Record (for hours played)?

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/wraiththedayzbandit/ well you can look at my profile there is proof on there :P
  13. Wraith420

    Is This A Record (for hours played)?

    Makes my 1104 hours look like casual play...
  14. Wraith420

    Some comments on the new pistols

    well finally then, a gun in arma that acts like someone loaded a round into the chamber, then seated a full magazine, which is like 99% of the time due to reloads :)
  15. Wraith420

    RH M4/M16 pack

    I think it is great the way it is, it is my favorite red dot for arma :)