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  1. pantherapardus

    Future/ Next Arma

    Please watch this- u know it already Right- This looks like the future of Arma.
  2. pantherapardus

    Koth Official server down-

    Majority servers focus only on infantry. I enjoyed the [Official] Bohemia King of the hill. All out Arma vehicles, All out chaos. What happened to those servers? Give us at least 1 server thats not infantry only, All vehicles, HC and maybe no AA missiles on jets. If I wanted to play Call of Duty I would have bought Call of duty.
  3. pantherapardus

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    A small fix needed for the RAH 66(commanche) 20mm gun doesn't zero properly between 1-2km(max range) Could u please fix this?
  4. Ok not that. 50% of player's get the Arma3 stopped working error after the mission starts. But its so random, Arma 3 was reloaded on the server, everything from scratch, then the mods was added and its a Linux server? there we get the game crashes. We tested on a local Open server running no mods (vanilla) and no disconnects, then we tested on a Microsoft server then some of the previous players with some new players game es crashed. We compared Hardware and software but still no link to why its happening. Can it be the sever/s not communicating to steam properly? Gys but please tel me what details u need and I'll gather everything and get it to u, we're getting Milsim withdrawing symptoms. ---------- Post added at 08:47 ---------- Previous post was at 08:46 ---------- Its seems to happen when 10 or more players are on. ]
  5. Thank you Bull A,k U got me thinking in the right direction, So far I only deleted the MP game cache, and the firewall on server was switched off, one of these or both fixed it.
  6. Cpu temp is stable, Steam cache was verified, ALt/tab doesn't work, I have to ALt/CNTR/DEL I tried view settings on 3000 already, Its mainly happens on our Milsim server, funny enough, But the weird thing it also happens randomly on open servers running vanilla. sigh ---------- Post added at 15:41 ---------- Previous post was at 14:57 ---------- One other thing i noticed was when playing on Open servers, I crash when going to the map screen, sometimes as the map open and sometimes after the map is closed, but this is with out play with six running vanilla ---------- Post added at 15:41 ---------- Previous post was at 15:41 ---------- Play with six meaning with no mods lol
  7. Morning guys & ladies Thank you for the spot on BSOD problem solve (Qualcomm driver was not updated). I was hopping that the patch would fix the MP issue alot of people have. "Arma3 stopped working" while in multiplayer and usually when we start a MP mission some of us also get this error. any suggestions? I've devoted the whole day only to see what I can learn around this problem At first we thought it was our mods from the milsim community repo via Play with Six- started vanilla and some players had the same problem. I don't get this..... please advise ---------- Post added at 06:33 ---------- Previous post was at 06:29 ---------- We are the only milsim group in south africa, small only about 30 dedicated players, but its falling apart currently, Should i maybe gather everyone's hardware details to see if there is a sequence?
  8. bhaz you're a legend :D I did manage to not update the Killer E2200 driver. Thank you and where can I rate u?? 12/10
  9. Operating System: Windows 7 GTX 670 App/Game Name: ARMA 3 Error Code/Message: Blue screen of death mutiple times when clicking multiplayer on main menu. I launched the game, clicked multiplayer, got a BSOD. All my drivers are up to date, infact i played before the update and it was fine. After the update I could play everything except Multiplayer. Please assist in this matter. We have training 11 hrs, and i never missed a single one :D Kind regards Panthera