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  1. Looks ugly as hell... :) Never liked those A2 "malnutritioned" models. Rip-stop texture scale is wrong (too large) also too pronounced (idk if you put it on normal map it wasnt supposed to end up there ;) Or maybe - its just optical effect). And - did you messed with rvmats? its looks too shiny for a cloth material. I suggest to forget thos stupid knee-pads and move on to better models. Some past reskins of yours were way better looking than this.
  2. In a "Blackfoot Down" mission ACE3 explosives doesn't work. A script or a trigger do not recognize placed explosives and mission fails. I know that ACE3 is a odd kid in the block, but having in mind that definitely i'm not the only one who doesn't want to play at all with vanilla arcade stuff - maybe it would be possible somehow address it if practically possible? Also I noticed that some if not all AIs doesn't have muzzle attachments on their AKs.
  3. Why not to use RHS russian vests for e.g. Flora and mountain flora? (and leave uniforms, or change then to russian or even US - many armies, specialy irregular, in the world mix and match theyrs) and I bet their configs balanced enough with US counterparts. Sry about offtopic Misty :)
  4. ok so far bug reports: RHS weapons vs vanilla armor - bad idea. I'm getting killed in one shot - AI can take a mag or too and still going. This thing was known ages ago - dont mix modded and vanilla vests. There's still many time-travelers. Also instead of AW-101s why not Mi8 or Mi24? Idea is nice, but until all wrinkles will be ironed out... Btw Misty I know that Hemtts aren't finished - but stairing wheel disconnects from base and rotates on completely separate axis.
  5. Noticed that if playing civilian (SP) there's no self interaction menu (you can see pointer when press self interact, but nothing else) even if you have medical items, explosives or misc stuff on you.
  6. nsnipe

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    IDK if it was mentioned before but: CH47D can't lift GAZ-66 (its ~4t what is quite within 10t max load limit), but can lift HEMTTs (18t>) and vanilla Kamaz'es (~12t). Is it oversight or can't be fixed? Mi-8/17s can't lift GAZ-66 either.
  7. nsnipe

    Scope Mod A3

    good luck with that dude (I hope u meant m not km) - its indirect fire, not sniping anymore :) My best was 1700 with .408 and NFBeast (Of course it was with ace weather, adv.ballistics and random wind and on) and it happen only with 3rd follow-up. Nonsense in combat conditions, but fun anyway. Notes on the NFbeast - so far its best LR scope in Arma3 so far - with ace its adjustable to ~30 mils elevation and 10> mils windage while LPRS only to +-6 for windage. For the cons - would like a tad sharper reticule and Ace pip on the sides (imho Ace pip is only good for LR scope, but not anything else).
  8. Oh - I have and use RHS ones each day - but I saw people talking about ACE3 pip scopes mentioning ace_optics_pip.pbo can't recall where but definitely it wasnt a dream :) Maybe it was a dream after all. But it was so lucid...
  9. Everyone is talking about pip scopes, but i havent seen one since the release. I don't see optics_pip.pbo even on github. Can someone elaborate?
  10. Whats the reason may I ask? Isn't PSO-1M2 Elevation adjustable in RL?
  11. RHS PSO-1M2 scope's elevation is not adjustable, only zeroing. Is this intentional? Also - when resetting zeroing with self interaction menu - its somehow screws up zeroing (not sure but imo it sets zeroing to max value) - have to take of and re-attach scope to use adjustment normally again.
  12. Would be nice if Iansky's Scope mod A3 NF beast would be added as a compat - sry cant post in github my acc got jacked...
  13. nsnipe

    Scope Mod A3

    yey! what about scope adjustment configs? :) Sry - barking at the wrong tree I suppose - prolly should nag at the ace thread...
  14. 1. Bug. - disable prevent instant death in medical module. 2-5 might be features or indeed bugs. Wasn't hit yet with ACE3 on :) 6 - Do you mean delay on self interaction or interaction - its not a lag. At least for me its a feature to prevent menu from popping up all the time I hit interaction key accidentally.
  15. nsnipe

    Scope Mod A3

    I suggest you to redownload - reflections are fixed on all rds'ses in updated file.