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  1. HJohnson

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    From the steamworkshop page: Let me focus on the part that I think many people miss: Never once did I or anyone else claim that Blastcore was anyone else but Opticalsnare's work. Stealing someones work without credit is what the Arma 3 Life people did. I took a mod that needed bug fixing, and bug fixed it. Thats not stealing. He refused the bugfixes. So I uploaded those bugfixes for those who wish to have it. Initially I respected OS over the good work that BC for Arma 2 was by offering to help him. I communicated on these forums that I wished to help him as it was obvious that he couldn't do it himself. After OS's childlike response to someone offering a helping hand (communication) and obvious incompetence when it comes to the maintenance and releasing of mods I lost respect for him. Similar to how I lost respect for the JSRS dev after he threw a tantrum with his personal situation. I wont have people like you warping the story to fit your narrative.
  2. HJohnson

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Okay, have fun with your mod then. I'll go back to being the GREAT SATAN evil-doer of the Arma community.
  3. HJohnson

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    So do you want some help? I'm offering. I took Blastcore RC2, the bug ridden release, and bugfixed it for my private group. I later offered the bug fixed version to Opticalsnare so that he could put it into the official version. It was on github, an opensource website, because that is the easiest way to collaborate on Arma code. If he would have said "no thanks I got it" or something similar, everything would have been fine. I would have kept the bugfix private or in the very least not advertised it here. However, he went on an internet tirade about * Someone would ever dare try to help him improve his work. * Acted as if Blastcore was originally his ( of which is isn't ) and he is the only person who can edit it * That multiple people working together hurts the community instead of helps them That was a drama storm and a half but everything was resolved. If you wanted to use Blastcore with all the bugs and frameloss and support Opticalsnare you could. If you wanted to not have the bugs you could download Hopecore to run along side Blastcore which fixed those bugs among other things in a mod-dependent patch. Everyone went there seperate way. Now, Opticalsnare has released another version plagued with problems which is understandable. Neither RHS, Robert Hammer, Toadie2k, ACE devs, JSRS guy have avoided this. And like before I've offered to help. Not to fork it, not to release my own patch, but to help him directly. And his response was "this is why I want to stop modding,because people like you". "This is why I want to stop modding: I release mods that have bugs and then people offer to help me fix those bugs" ~Opticalsnare 2015
  4. HJohnson

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Seems that you have some problems with this release. Would you like some help fixing these errors?
  5. The following code is what is necessary to animate any underslung grenade launcher in Arma 3. This stops the "weapon magazine animates while the GL animation plays" bug and it also allows you to animate the ugl in general (tube moving back and forth, pseudo shell being inserted,etc. Essentially you duplicate the the parts that you need to move in the GL and the Magazine giving them the proper named selections. In the example below, GL_TUBE_DUMMY is visible when the muzzle of the gun is set to 0 and MAGAZINE_DUMMY is set to visible when the muzzle is set to 1. The dummy parts and their named selections do not move and have no animations outside of disappearing when required. Since these are offset, the moving GL parts are not visible when you are using the rifle and the moving rifle reload parts are not visible during GL usage. In this case example, this code is used to animate the FNGL on an Arma 2 scar port: //Reveal the non-moving UGL related reloading parts when muzzle = 0. Hide them when its is = 1. class gl_tube_dummy_hide { type="hide"; source="weaponMuzzle"; selection="gl_tube_dummy"; minValue = 0.0; maxvalue = 0.25; hideValue = 0.01; }; //Reveal the moving UGL related reloading parts when muzzle = 1. Hide them when its is = 0. class gl_tube_hide { type="hide"; source="weaponMuzzle"; selection="gl_tube"; minValue = 0.0; maxvalue = 0.25; hideValue = 0.00; unhideValue = 0.01; }; //Reveal the non-moving magazine reloading parts when muzzle = 1. Hide them when its is = 0. class magazine_dummy_hide { type="hide"; source="weaponMuzzle"; selection="magazine_dummy"; minValue = 0.0; maxvalue = 0.25; hideValue = 0.00; unhideValue = 0.01; }; //Reveal the non-moving magazine reloading parts when muzzle = 0. Hide them when its is = 1. class magazine_hide_2 { type="hide"; source="weaponMuzzle"; selection="magazine"; minValue = 0.0; maxvalue = 0.25; hideValue = 0.01; }; Results in something like this. (I'm using Toadie2k's animations for the magazine reload until I get around to making my own).
  6. Did you find an animator for those weapons yet? I'm available and have some spare time this summer.
  7. I updated PboProject to the latest available after the recent Arma 3 tools update and it has stalled my modding attempts. First and foremost I cannot pack files without having each and every single extra mod file that is referenced unpacked. This is ridiculous, my P:\ drive isn't that large and I don't need to have additional gigs wasted on external references. Anyone know why we can't uncheck that box now? Also, PBOproject used to be able to detect what is binarized and what wasn't. I help with the content pack with my group and we will routinely compile mods to save space. This means we could have newly made textures an models along with unpacked ones in the same pbo. Pboproject would binarize what needed to be and skip everything else. Now, with pboProject. it throws the error every single time I try to binarize a model. Even if it was a simple cube made in oxygen. HK23E.p3d scanning... ****warning: p3d format is unknown file cannot be checked***** HK23E.p3d.dep : ignored or merged cube.p3d scanning... ****warning: p3d format is unknown file cannot be checked***** Even the vanilla builder for Arma 3 in the Arma 3 tools still shoots up an error. What error could I possibly be getting from a self made cube within Oxygen? Edit: I can't even binarize old mods that used to be able to be binarized and hadn't been modified since then. Edit #2: The current project I am working on is a new factions, I decided to make one unique weapon for them. Since it was only one weapon I just put it in with the faction. This was giving me the error above. No matter what model I put in there, it gave that error. Yet when I put the model in a different mod folder, it worked fine.
  8. After a massive amount of editing, I've gotten this mod to work on a server. However I ran in to some problems. Maybe you or other users can give some input. I was able to have Bcombat running efficiently on a dedicated Linux server and people join and play. Only afterwards did things get funny. With how you have built the mod, would each user need to have the mod running as well, or would it be server only?
  9. Okay, I have created a mesh, made it's textures, etc. However, for whatever reason the normalmap created by xNormal is not only not working properly, but it is being randomly applied to the mesh. Here is the normal map applied in blender : http://i.imgur.com/NJDkRGq.png (210 kB) Here is what it looks like in in buldozer: http://i.imgur.com/ujIsqlj.png (185 kB) some random faces are flipped upside down, others are pure white, others have the specularity on the wrong side. I've tried "recalculating normals" and reversing in O2 and I've made sure that blender is exporting the normals properly. I've also exported the file as a 3ds/obj/fbx and they all have the same results. What is causing this? I've tried applying rvmats from other mods to the model and those normal maps work properly (abiet wrong UV) and my normal map looks the same as theirs.
  10. HJohnson

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Its almost as if Arma simulates your arms being able to move independently from your head and eyes instead of you being a rotate-a-turret like in Call of Duty, Battlefield and Counter Strike. I'll just do it myself I guess.
  11. 1.3 gigs for a single map is bad form *cough* Borhnholm *cough*. I mean, who is going to download this map who doesn't already have AIATP for cherno,taki,fallujah, etc. A.I.A. variant when?
  12. HJohnson

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Two things. 1. Sway has nothing to do with the scope being 2d or 3d 2. If you aren't a casual you play with aiming deadzone on so you can manually aim your gun all over the screen without rotating your character anyway 3. Your "reticle" isn't moving. Your gun has inertia. Surprise surprise. Arma isn't like COD where everything is perfect 100% of the time.
  13. HJohnson

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is there something I should be seeing in that image?
  14. HJohnson

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Will the ACOG/Elcan be 3D scopes in the future?
  15. HJohnson

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Small issue with the 1x scope in one of the distance lods. The "make the 3d scope work" part of the ACOG doesn't have the proper transparent texture applied. As a result people at more than 20ft look like they have a long white styrofoam cup around their optic.