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  1. In that case, here is what you can try:

    In your mission's init.sqf, put this in it somewhere at the top: (free from other if checks of course)

    call compile preprocessfilelinenumbers "compile\missionInit.sqf";

    Then create a file called missionInit.sqf and put it inside a folder called "compile" (without the quotes). Place that folder inside the root of your mission.

    Put this code inside missionInit.sqf:

    fnc_PlayDatSound = { nameOfObject playSound3D"nameofsong"; };

    And then put this inside the script that activates when you press the action on the object that should play the music/sound/song/whatever:

    ["","fnc_PlayDatSound"] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;

  2. I assume you have script that runs when player is detected? If so, put this at then end:

    if (isNil"gotDetected") then { gotDetected = true; publicVariable"gotDetected"; };

    Create a trigger too and put this in it's condition:


    Then synchronise that trigger with a task succeeded module and you're done :)

    (the code above is meant for Multiplayer)

  3. you can make a trigger and put this in it's ON ACT:

    nameOfObject playSound3D"nameofsong";

    And this in it's condition:

    !(!isNil "thisPlaySound");

    Then put this in the script that executes when a player clicks the action:

    if(isNil "thisPlaySound") then { thisPlaySound=true; publicVariable"thisPlaySound";  } else { hint"sound is already playin"; };

    that should work :)

  4. All I can give you is a little advice: do not expect too much out of those tweaks even though they sound promising.

    You will come to a point where your ArmA 3 just will not perform better even if you push your pc to the limit.

    And example is my own PC: I have an i7-4770K, Asus Maximus Formula VI, GTX670 4Gb, 16Gb DDR3-1600 and very quick ssd. And frames in cities still suck. Especially in MP.

    That is with all of the bullshit graphics turned off.....

  5. Ok, there's no need to try to imitate being a smartie-pants when you obviously don't have what it takes. There's definitely no need to call people out on having 'shitty routers or firewall settings'. Such things are extremely trivial.


    Hamachi just makes it easier to play over lan using a sort of emulated network which lets you bypass annoying issues like port forwarding and firewalls so to speak. You can use it if you want and yes, hosting a Listen Server (you are the host/player) and using it to host alongside hamachi for like less than 10 people, as long as you're personally not getting strained on your own computer, should be absolutely fine. Hamachi isn't really a factor, it just makes it easier for everyone to set it up without running into firewall problems.

    It isn't worth hosting a dedicated server most of the time. A lot of people who buy dedicated servers for co-op end up with an empty server 70% of the time while they aren't using it either way, so even if you wanted to set it up then it's better to set it up yourself just to play with friends or have a sort of event, etc.. At least that is what I think.

    Using Hamachi for ArmA 3 is not needed if you have the proper internet setup. (Router for example)

    One of the reasons for it to not work could be a bad router or a bad config of the router.

    So, "smartie-pants"; you go ahead and do your maths now on who is the one "that has what it takes".

  6. Hmz... maybe you should try and get the function name for the module and trigger it using onPlayerRespawn.sqf?

    Though I did read some stuff that the menuPosition is broken atm. The reason why it is broken is because players get the spawn menu even though they did not die. Which is exactly the thing you do not want.

  7. It's not just clouds. Clouds consist of 2 things: 1. cloud without texture, 2. cloud with texture.

    The cpu does 1, gpu does 2.

    So, the clouds are a part of the engine, but are rendered at a different level within the game. All of the important calculations by the engine are done by one core.

    The rest of the stuff is done by other cores. If you see even performance on all of your cores; then you have set the in game settings to a certain level that it keeps your other cores busy too. But it does not mean that ArmA 3 is using all of your cores for the main frame: bottom level calculations.

  8. You're saying that the usage on other cores is something other than Arma? Don't think so. I see the A3 process using all 4 cores.

    Ok let me get this straight: ArmA 3 UTILISES only 1 core. That means that it will use only 1 core to provide all the calculations that the engine is using.

    All of the other things in ArmA like clouds and grass or whatever are being processed by other cores. So, ArmA itself IS only using one core for it's main frame: the engine.

  9. I guess that you just want to have a unit respawn on a place which you created with the editor?

    If so, do it like this:

    1. Create 2 markers named it respawn_west1 and respawn_west2. (put the markers on the map where the units should respawn)

    Done! all blufor units will now respawn at those markers (randomly selected) without any spawn or spawn selection stuff.

    I hope this is what you wanted.

  10. Has been debated over and over again, and you ARE wrong. Simple as that.

    Precisely measuring on my end shows pretty even spread on all 4 cores (measuring by processes and per core), with threads spawning all over the cores nicely. The cpuCount parameter is however useless, but for the simple reason that the engine assigns the threads automatically.

    To return on topic, i am seeing slight changes in FPS as well, but not as major as described... Have anything else changed in your setup recently?

    ArmA 3 is not the only one using your cpu...