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  1. Sorry I missed that thread :( but after looking at the thread I kind of do not regret that I didn't post it there..... "no discussion allowed" and stuff like that..... then why would I post screenshots? I post it because I want to share the fact how awesome ArmA3 looks :) and maybe you guys want to request a certain screenshot? If so, I'll try and make it happen if it's not too complicated because I can only make them with max 2 people at the same time.

  2. The file might be corrupt. Try and rsync the file in question from another pc/mac using Putty(Windows) or the regular Terminal(Mac).

    Before you do this, make sure that the file used for rsync to your server is not corrupt of course. Best would be to copy the file from a steam version. (after verifying game integrity)

    rsync -rvv /location/of/modules_pmc.pbo yourserverusername@yourserveriporaddress:/opt/arma2server/pmc\addons\

  3. I have never seen this issue before so there could be a graphical issue. Try it by changing your graphical settings for terrain to see if it changes.

    And is it only in the editor? Or can you also see it when you are in game walking/driving/flying over that area?

  4. whatever you do stay away from 27" monitors below 1440p, the pixels will stab you in the eyes til they bleed ;)

    seriously though anything below 1440p on 27" will be a lot more pixelated than on 24", it's very noticable

    I can't say more than: this is very true. If you buy a 27", something in the range of 2560x1600 would be ok.