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  1. IT07

    Can't connect to my own server!

    Adjust the bandwith settings in your basic.cfg they are probably set too high.
  2. IT07

    Splendid camera, I like you.

    Sorry I missed that thread :( but after looking at the thread I kind of do not regret that I didn't post it there..... "no discussion allowed" and stuff like that..... then why would I post screenshots? I post it because I want to share the fact how awesome ArmA3 looks :) and maybe you guys want to request a certain screenshot? If so, I'll try and make it happen if it's not too complicated because I can only make them with max 2 people at the same time.
  3. IT07

    Splendid camera, I like you.

    I must say, yes.
  4. Hi there! I made a few screenshots of ArmA 3 and I would like to share them with the community :) Full-size 1080p high-quality PNG download link: ArmA3screenshotsByIT07.zip Enjoy!
  5. Trash the JIP scripts. PublicVariable method works the best as described in my post here.
  6. IT07

    Debug console on admin?

    do you mean by "join server on admin" that you entered the password using #login?
  7. Best would be to use hint or hintSilent and then put some coloured and sized text in there to make it more fancy and more appealing to the eye. Some people would totally not see the hints if left on default styling and text sizes.
  8. Even if you would watch movies on a 16:10, who gives a shit about those black bars anyways??
  9. Hmz... You can check if this fits your needs: http://www.brainless.us/
  10. Allowing this via webpage is not very safe to be honest.... The best way would be to actually start the script via a terminal. If on Windows, use Putty. If on Mac, you can use Terminal.
  11. The file might be corrupt. Try and rsync the file in question from another pc/mac using Putty(Windows) or the regular Terminal(Mac). Before you do this, make sure that the file used for rsync to your server is not corrupt of course. Best would be to copy the file from a steam version. (after verifying game integrity) rsync -rvv /location/of/modules_pmc.pbo yourserverusername@yourserveriporaddress:/opt/arma2server/pmc\addons\
  12. IT07


    I have never seen this issue before so there could be a graphical issue. Try it by changing your graphical settings for terrain to see if it changes. And is it only in the editor? Or can you also see it when you are in game walking/driving/flying over that area?
  13. I can't say more than: this is very true. If you buy a 27", something in the range of 2560x1600 would be ok.
  14. Try this: Go into a vehicle that has the bad PIP quality, hold down SHIFT, press numpad - and then type FLUSH (while still holding down the shift key). Then check the PIP quality. If it is still worse right after "flushing" then it will probably not be your arma 3 hitting the VRAM roof.