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  1. Hello LtShadow, are you still working on this great Mod? Since one of the latest updates of the original Mod by Firewill, the interior sound isn`t work anymore. Cheers
  2. Tanks for you quick respond Moon. The targets are always big buildings. One thing that I have noticed, is that sometimes I see a red dot on the Radar, where I've placed the and sometimes it isn't there. Here are two Videos, where i try to lock a GPS Target. https://youtu.be/w6P6POSA-uo https://youtu.be/jTVbEneBf1Q
  3. Hi Moon_chilD it is not exactly what I meant. I get in to the Jet, open the GPS Target System and set a Target for a JDAM Bomb. After the takeoff, I go up to 2000m, fly in to the direction where I've set the target (named GPS Target or something else), lock the target by pressing the "R" or "T" button on my keyboard (could`t remember exactly), see the square, wait until the point where I see the diamond to drop the Bomb and it goes in. And now it is not able for me to lock the next Target, although I do it exactly the same as before. I know I have to clear the first target in the System, before I set the next one in the computer, what I always do.
  4. Does anyone else have problems with GPS Targeting? When I set a first target, everything works fine. I´ve set a GPS Coordinate, can lock the target, drop a bomb and the Bomb goes in it. But when i set second target, i can´t lock it. FYI I´ve only used the FA-18 Mod, nothing else.
  5. Hi Massi, as it is possible to place ammo from your weapon pack in vehicles and helicopters? I tried it with the "this addMagazineCargo" command, but this only works with the Vanilla ammunition, but not with the ammo from your Mod Great job, thumbs up
  6. cabi1984

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    At first, thanks Benny for your great Work. I loved to Play your Gamemode at Arma 2. I have exactly the same problem as Keyrion