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  1. I used to love wasteland on chernarus but having come back recently I cant see any servers? There used to be plenty, CCG(?) and others but as far as I can tell its no longer a gamemode that people play, is this the case? I know it sort of went downhill some time ago but thats a shame if it is the case.
  2. What mods would people recommend in conjuction with unsung. Also, and recommended missions for 2 players? Only got myself and 1 mate
  3. mattldempsey

    Map Bozcaada

    Is a new version being worked on? Having tried on multiple terrains it seems missles from planes make no sound when they explode on impact with the terrain.
  4. mattldempsey

    No sound on bombing runs?

    Wipeout Plane CBA, CUP, Battle Royale Terrain: Bozcaada No sound on impact. ================ Wipeout Plane No Mods Terrain: Altis Sound works as intended ================ I retested on Bozcaada, with no additional mods except Battle Royale and the sound did still not play. I guess this is a problem with the terrain itself..
  5. Ive been trying a few CUP planes, as well as the ARMA3 variant of the A-10 and when on bombing runs, none of these missiles as they hit the ground make an noise at all. This a known issue and is there a fix? Further more when I request CAS they only drop their missiles, how can I get them to use the gun on the front?
  6. My understand is that to a certain extent, Arma like's fast ram. Price/performance on DDR3 seems to peak around 2133 Cas9 I am looking to upgrade my system to DDR4 in the near future but I want the RAM to perform better than the above. I guess I will have to wait a little as there doesnt seem to be any out at the moment. 15CAS/3000Mhz doesnt beat 9CAS/2133Mhz Thus DDR3 is currently better for Arma..
  7. I will look into this thank you! ---------- Post added at 19:56 ---------- Previous post was at 19:52 ---------- Zeus is an excellent idea! How did I not think of this! Cheers mate! Whilst I am here asking. Obviously I would be running this off of my computer. I can play Arma fine. Just looking for a heads up but will there be much of a negative effect running as a server? I would not have thought so, and as it will most likely just be as and AI my internet should cope fine as well.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions guys but I should probably explain myself a bit better. I would prefer something Scenario based rather than typical multiplayer 'gamemodes' such as KOTH, Wasteland, Battle Royal. I want to slowly phase my mate from these typical 'gamemodes' into co-ordinated objective based gameplay. I'm sure he will take to it and love it as long as I don't just thrust him in head first. He will be all for co-ordinated gameplay, I just dont want to scare him off with prolonged running across vast area's and long periods of no interaction. I actually looked into Insurgency, I used to play it a long time ago on A2 and BF:PR, however when I downloaded the ALiVE Insurgency and tried to host it, you get no AI on your team. Seem's a bit silly 2 of us vs an entire army! as you may have realised by now I am not totally familiar with all the mods and how they work. I preach about co-ordinated gameplay however never really get round to it, until now hopefully! ---------- Post added at 22:07 ---------- Previous post was at 22:06 ---------- I think he will really appreciate missions where CAS and other support roles play a big role. It's great to see all the aspects come together!
  9. The only thing with Wasteland is the gameplay is generally shocking. People tend to just run around aimlessly for hours. I'm looking for something a bit more warfare orientated. I was planning on keeping him away from Wasteland and Life if possible!
  10. mattldempsey

    Insurgency | ALiVE - Official Release

    Downloaded ALiVE which included Insurgency however it doesnt show in Altis and Stratis, the other two do, Ambush and Sabotage
  11. So my console buddy finally got a PC. I am hoping to get him into Arma however I dont want to just stick right into it, I think the pace and complexity will put him off? Can any suggest some fast paced missions we can play together? By fast pace I mean action orientated. I want to wow him.
  12. I guess so, think hes going for 16gb now anyway! As for the GTX yeah I have informed him, 3.5GB still seems like a massive amount of video memory though so cant see this being an issue at all. Could you expand on your point about the CAS? are you saying that it could save up to three frames choosing 9 instead of 10?
  13. This may seem stupid but I only thought there was one editor. I didnt realise there is a seperate one for MP where can I find it? I usually save as MP mission in the editor. Thanks for the info, especially that last link!
  14. Sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum. User Missions didn't seem to be a good place to post. I am quite new to the editor, I have dabbled but never really made anything properly. I have a few idea's but rather than being concerned about how the editor works I am more concerned about the work flow. Like I say I have all these ideas for a MP mission but dont really know where to start. I dont really know what part of creating a mission you would consider the foundations. Or does it not matter that much. Could I just start anywhere such as creating base building functions and go from there..
  15. Intel Core i7-4790k 4GHz Asus Maximus VII Hero ATX LAG1150 Corsair Vengeance Pro 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3-2133 Seagate Barracuda 1TB MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB Twin Frozr V Corsair CW600W 80+ B Cert SM ATX Power Supply Not currently overclocking so no cooler. SSD will come shortly 2133 RAM because of the gains people have seen. What do you guys think about this build for a friend who is looking at getting into ARMA coming over from consoles? Seems solid to be, I assume 8GB ram is enough for the time-being, I was more concerned about good speed and latency (9 CAS) than actual amount.