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  1. Astro, I had the same prob but Dram and the team are aware of it and are on the case. In the meantime he suggested hitting the "reset settings to default" button in the TKOM loader. That did the trick for me. Note: Instead of the left mouse button, you'll need to use the 'E' key to grab objects.
  2. Thanks for the info, Cvrnda. Loads of really exciting stuff to look forward to. I'm itching to get started on all that lovely sandboxyness :)
  3. Mlstwalker

    Upcoming Main Branch update

    Fixxerdot, try going to the '3d Resolution Scale' in the top tab of the options panel and dropping it down a touch. This has helped with a number of graphics glitches in the past. Just a very small drop is sometimes all it needs.
  4. Mlstwalker

    Upcoming Main Branch update

    Excellent work, guys! These new additions really add a lot more to the players workload, especially in the thinking department. Great stuff :)
  5. Mlstwalker

    Upcoming Main Branch update

    Now that IS impressive! Things are really moving along. Great work. :)
  6. Excellent news! Looking forward to seeing all these new additions. :)
  7. Development is really moving along at a pace. Great work!
  8. I'm going to try that in my local streets. I could use some extra cash. :)
  9. Mlstwalker

    Take On Mars - Steam Trading Cards

    Now if I'd known that I'd have put it on sale for 50 bucks.
  10. Mlstwalker

    Take On Mars - Steam Trading Cards

    I think Dram is buying up all those cards. We may have to get the monopolies commission to investigate him. ;)
  11. Mlstwalker

    Take On Mars - Steam Trading Cards

    Excellent! Lots of new goodies coming our way :)
  12. Mlstwalker

    Announcing new sub-forum for editing!

    Niiice! There's just no telling where this sim is going to go.
  13. ooh! That all sounds like more added fun to this already enjoyable game. The start of trading cards is something else to look forward to, then. Thanks for the info, guys.
  14. As this mission doesn't add to the monetary totals or tech lvl, would it be an idea to set all the rovers, buggys etc to zero cost? At the moment you have to spend money to launch a vehicle with no gain for completing the missions.
  15. Mlstwalker

    Edge of map

    As opposed to an invisible barrier? No.