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    I am deaf with secondary English grammar with America Sign Language.
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  1. DeafSoul

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    I would like suggest the idea to add on fire or the fire after smoke on the building's window when it damaged, also add huge fire on the hills where trees should be possible to destroy.
  2. Squad Name - XIG | Xtreme Multi-International Gaming Timezone/Location: USA and UK Gamemode: COOP/PVP/TVT Contact Email: deafsoul1@aim.com Website Address: New website will coming soon. Short Description: Xtreme Multi-International Gaming is actively recruiting at North America competitive and casual with mature player for the Battlefield 3, ArmA 3, and other online gaming experience you can find. [XIG]'s founded in February 2013 with small close friends search for a place where we could come together online. [XIG] is accepting applicants for members & admins. [XIG] team involved in numberous multiplayer games on the PC. This is a community that make up this fun and exciting together. We are bring to the best cheat free online gaming with providing you with best gaming. If you are interesting in becoming part of Xtreme Multi-International Gaming please join us in XIG's TS3. We look forward to all the great game to come Language: English
  3. DeafSoul

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hello My name is "DeafSoul". THB, I am deaf with secondary English grammar in America Sign Language for the deaf and hard of hearing and lated deafness. My both ear is 95 percent unable to understand when you speak the word of sound. But in the game I can hear loud when bomb and shooter only 5 percent to able to hear but most of killed me a lot. That is ok. I do enjoy playing ArmA 3 and most learning quickly about weapson and terrain and other things. It's a new experience for me to learn wow. I love ArmA 3.