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  1. Can you not already do this via the vanilla action menu?
  2. Alternatively you could get the player to find the charges? From a hidden crate? Meeting an informant? Would give the player more tasks, up to you! :)
  3. Hey, Been playing Arma since A2:OA, 24 and from the UK (so EU units preferable although wouldn't mind an NA unit if the times are cool). Looking for a group that: - Runs a variety of scenarios - Uses realistic tactics (Don't want a group where people just run around like headless chickens) - 1st Person Only (This is preferable not a requirement) - Would prefer if roles were fixed but rotated every campaign (Structured training would also be a plus!) - Must use realism mods (e.g. ACE when its released) and a radio mod such as ACRE or TFR - Don't mind if its just an infantry unit or combined arms. - Has FUN (Don't want to be addressing people by rank or sir) What you'll get in return: - Active and experienced player - Can squad lead if needed - Some experience in making missions - Just a chilled guy looking for some peeps to play with PM me!
  4. Will test it today. Thanks for your help!
  5. Would this have to be ran via .sqf?
  6. Hey guys, Recently I've had some trouble when removing/adding weapons/items/magazines etc from crates using an init line. The games we play at the moment are MP and hosted on a players PC rather than a dedicated server. When I use this additemcargo ["whatever item", 5] it only adds the item for the player hosting the server and not all the connected clients. I thought I could solve this by using additemcargoGlobal ["whatever item", 5]. Now this works but the problem I have is, is that it duplicates the items for every client connected to the game. So for example, if the crates init had additemcargoGlobal ["GPS", 5] and there were 5 players, it would put 25 GPS in the crate. For balancing/realism reasons I was wondering if theres a way I can get this to work in multiplayer without it duplicating for every client? Thanks
  7. eXpouk

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Loving this so far. Is it possible to add the option to remove keybindings?
  8. eXpouk

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Is there any chance you could put "Use Earplugs" in the Self Interaction menu instead of just having a hotkey?
  9. Thank you so much for this! Works perfectly!! So much better than the original units!
  10. Hey guys, This is probably a really noob question but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Basically I want to spawn a unit at the start of the mission at a random location that I've chosen using SetPosATL and not markers (so I can get a precise location inside buildings etc) For example a mission where you've got to find and kill the HVT but he could be in a few different buildings just for some replayability. I know how to get a PosATL for a certain position (I use it to place units) I just dont know how to make it so it selects one at the start of the mission. Thanks
  11. put "this setcaptive true" in the init of your playable units, also give the units a name (p1 for example). Create a trigger around the area where the car will be thats activated when OPFOR are present and OnAct put: p1 setCaptive false; p2 setCaptive false etc. Make the trigger area small enough so that its only activated when the guy is close to car. I'm a editing noob though so might not work properly! If you want to get fancy you could attach the trigger to the car using trigname attachTo [vehiclename,[0,0,0]]
  12. I had the same problem with my friends but we managed to find a solution. Open up all the A3 and Steam ports, all UDP. 2302 (Arma3 Game port) 2303 (Server reporting for both Gamespy and Steam) 2305 (Von) 8766 (Steam port) 27016 (Steam query port)
  13. eXpouk

    adduniform doesnt work right?

    This is a known bug especially in MP situations where players spawn with no uniform because the addUniform command is local and not global.
  14. Is there a way to assign the CAS system to a backpack so the user of said backpack will be able to call in CAS? I put the code in the init field of a backpack which works when its on the floor but if you pick it up it disappears from the action menu. I'm aware this thread is quite old but thought I'd try anyway. Great work Thanks