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  1. Hola Gents, I wrote this guide about 3 years ago, but since have moved it to a blog site that is dedicated to providing the best quality content on the market. (shameless self-promotion) This guide is to help teams get better at communicating with each other and develop good communication habits. There are many other blog posts all based on items and strategies that I learned while playing Arma 3. I hope you enjoy them all. They apply to pretty much any FPS game out there and it is good tools to put in your team's toolbox. Hope you enjoy them. TwistedxVs www.fpsgamers.co
  2. twistedx


    So I have read all the topics in this thread and I have an interesting issue I want to share with you guys and see if I can get some assistance. I have 2 computers. One I game with and One I stream with. Last year I built a new gaming rig and turned my old one into a full time streaming rig. Here are the specs Gaming Rig i7-4970k OC to 4.8 GHZ 16 gig 2133 DDR 4 GTX 980 Asus Swift Rogue with G-Sync Enabled Windows 10 SSD and storage disk Stream Rig I7-3770k oc to 4.3 GHZ GTX 960 32 gigs of ddr3 1800 mhz SSD and Spinning storage When I run my old one running the same mods both characters standing next to each other I get better frame rates on my streaming rig then I do on my gaming rig. I have tweaked everything that I know how but with this new powerful gaming rig I shouldn't be getting such LOW FPS. I know arma isn't optimized etc etc but meh.
  3. Ill like you to my post on the exile webpage. http://www.exilemod.com/topic/13673-a-challenge-to-competitive-clans/
  4. twistedx


    Also with exile your script wont work as an #include in the initplayerlocal. We had to get very creative in how its executed to get it to fire. We did end up getting it to fire but it might not be the best way.
  5. twistedx


    Shuko love the script. Added it to our exile server. What about Spy Rigging? If you dont know what that is here is a clip Can we add this to the already existing script?
  6. twistedx

    Roadside Bombings and how to survive.

    I get your point but he's referring to the videos that were use as educational tools. The blog itself was written for the Genre of First Person Shooters. Meh take what you want from it or don't. The choice is yours since the info is free.
  7. twistedx

    Roadside Bombings and how to survive.

    m8 all is well here
  8. twistedx

    Roadside Bombings and how to survive.

    Take the information for what it is, or don't. That choice is yours. It's free, doesn't cost you anything so enjoy it or don't. Personally I could care less if its hardcore first person or limp ass third person. I prefer third person because that is my choice. If you prefer First person, then good for you. Go write a blog about advanced tactics and team play then post it here so I can criticize it.
  9. twistedx

    Roadside Bombings and how to survive.

    New blog posting up about Planning. Check it out. www.fistfps.blogspot.com
  10. We are looking for large clans to PVP against. We are Iniquity and we have a long history of beating other clans in Arma 3. If you feel your clan can take a spanking than please come on over and join us. Filter Iniquity in the A3launcher or in the server browser. We are running the latest version of EPOCH and have custom missions etc. Looking forward to fighting you guys! X
  11. twistedx

    Roadside Bombings and how to survive.

    Expanded this topic into a new post! Fresh from the publish button to you. http://fistfps.blogspot.com/2014/11/ied-placement-and-putting-your-eggs-in.html
  12. twistedx

    LOSounds2 Release Thread

    You would love that!
  13. twistedx

    Roadside Bombings and how to survive.

    Why is it people take something and pick away at the positive nature its intended to be, to take away some negative. Look forward to life don't only find the bad things. OK i get it, you hate the name. I have an idea, write your own in the future and don't read mine. Sound good? I'm over the third person nazi'ism and I am intending this to help other gamers. If you want to chirp off over stupid $hit take it somewhere else. If you read the lessons and don't watch the videos it is applicable to any genre out there.
  14. twistedx

    Roadside Bombings and how to survive.

    Thanks for the reply but if you read the lesson plans it can be applied to any game mode. No one has ever heard of a third person shooter. FPS is the genre of game that we all play. On to more important information where did u get the tutorial for your latest intro? I want to check that one out.