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  1. CaidKean

    Money Problems

    Did you get to the point where you got a rover so that you can drive around? If so, just drive around in that and assign it new missions. It costs quite a bit to send new rovers all the time so.
  2. CaidKean

    Traduction of text files

    It might be worth waiting with starting this project seeing as the English text hasn't been proofread yet and is full of errors. Just saying.
  3. Would it be possible to do something to improve the noise pattern that is applied to photographs when taken using the default starting camera? In several of the pictures I take the tiling of the noise just becomes painfully obvious. Like, would it be possible to instead use some form of randomization algorithm rather than just a tile that is repeated over and over?
  4. CaidKean

    Some minor Flaws

    On the topic of realism: 1.) something close to it has been confirmed here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160428-quot-Toggle-drive-quot-button&p=2455631&viewfull=1#post2455631 3.) In hard (realistic) mode speed is one third of what it currently is as confirmed here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160411-First-Impressions-folks&p=2456138&viewfull=1#post2456138 4.) Dram confirmed to me in a PM a while back that in hard mode all third-person cameras will be disabled meaning you have to rely purely on the equipment you have on the rover. Hope that helps.
  5. The rover getting ready for another sunny day on the surface of Mars! Click the images for more high detail copies, be warned though the ones that is opened by clicking is over 100kb! P.S. I really love the in-game camera's screenshots, they feel very real!
  6. CaidKean

    "Toggle drive" button

    Any chance we'll get any 'brain upgrade' like the real Curiosity is?;-) http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2012-09/upcoming-brain-upgrade-will-let-mars-rover-curiosity-decide-itself-which-rocks-zap
  7. Maybe it's already in and I haven't figured out how but when I am doing some 'freelance' exploring I found a place where I'd really like to just let my rover sit for 24 hours and take pictures at specific intervals like say once every hour or thirty minutes! If it isn't in and wouldn't be too much trouble to add in the future then it'd make me a very happy space camper when it does get added!
  8. CaidKean

    Mouse wheel not working in game

    In which camera mode? You can't zoom in using the (early anyway) cameras built into your rover etc. The scroll wheel works fine for me in the third-person camera for zooming as long as you make sure that you are actively controlling the camera by clicking the right-mouse button so that moving the mouse alters the camera perspective.
  9. Big thanks Marek, now I could find them! I am not sure but I believe that might be where Steam stores cloud save data and such!
  10. CaidKean

    "Toggle drive" button

    I share the sentiment, some way of at least partially automating transport would be nice. I wouldn't mind if it was even done with in-game technology, like say some form of basic AI navigation module that unlocks at higher tech levels.
  11. Not really discussing a specific photo but I was hoping someone could answer me if the game stores the photos you take in the game in a form that's accessible via your computer and if so where? Looked around in the main program folder but been unable to find anything. Thanks for any helpful reply!
  12. I'd recommend making the Secrets Of The Known World and the Renegade Rover achievements secret on Steam. Partly because the achievements pretty much tell you how to do these things and if you read their description you can do them very quickly and easily. Took me like between five and ten minutes for the first and around two for the second. Easter eggs aren't very rewarding when the game lists how to do them from the get-go which it might as well be doing with the current descriptions. Personally I'd also consider making Life As We Know It secret. I know it might seem a trivial thing, after all achievements serve no real point other than to give direction and self-satisfaction but I figure that these achievements are kinda spoilerific as it is now. Especially the third one I mention. Just a friendly suggestion.